5 thoughts on “Ed Balls [6]

  1. Ed Balls (100 and 10% psychotic) is a bigger cunt than Katie Price’s gaping scabby diseased stink-hole (and that’s a giant cunt if ever there was one).

    (nom nom) William Hague is shitty cunt. 95.5% of people in Crimea(river) have voted to return to Russia. This is on an 82% turnout, and with 97% of people in Crimea being ethnic Russians.

    The rent-boy sodomizing shitty cunt, William Hague, says the referendum was a “mockery of proper democratic practice”.

    Shut your face you evil sodomite shit-cunt. You wouldn’t recognize democracy if it fell out of your arse into the mouth of your mincing father at bed time.

    William Hague is utter perverted filth cunt shit.


    The cunt beast William Hague is only in politics for sodomy and fuckmupery.

    We have the worst collection of shit in parliament ever at presnet, but the evil sodomite beast shit-cunt William Hague, is the worst of the worst.

  2. Hague is indeed a cunt of gargantuan proportions.

    Hague and Duncan Smith are the two biggest cunts in Britain right now.

    Although Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and that witch, McVey aren’t far behind….

  3. Cyril Smith was a cunt, and a fat 100 stone perverted sodomizing kiddy fiddling bottom bandit of a cunt. Rot in Peace fat cunt.

  4. Fucking hell. If anyone ever went near Cyril Smith’s arse, they’d never be seen again….

    As for Ed, Balls by name, balls by nature… New Labour Cunt!

  5. Ed Balls is a whingeing cunt. A whingy whining, Tax and spend, Hitler look-a-like of a cunt. Don’t believe me? Scroll back up to the picture and felt pen in a small black moustache…Hitler!

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