Ed Balls [8]


The pasty faced twat, Ed Balls, was placed (by the BBC) in the politics section of the news cheesing off about how a split party would be bad for labour should the gov’t call a snap election, blah, blah, blah, before then going on to bang on about his strictly appearance.

Ed mate, labour had no problem in fucking up an election as a united party in 2015, cunts like you and Ed RubberBand made it all too fucking easy to let Wee Bernie rob all of your Jockland seats and the rest of the UK just didn’t like you cunts!

Ed, you were a cunt before joining parliament, a cunt during your tenure in parliament, and a cunt after being booted from parliament.

So the EU gravy has run out, never mind Auntie Beeb will sort you out plenty of coin for doing strictly.

Nominated by: Rebel without a cunt!

Ed Balls [7]


Ed Balls is an Ex MP after losing his seat but he’s still a full on cunt – the pompous, fat faced toss pot. Someone needs to stick a pin in his neck and let out all fucking hot air.

And it’s so nice to see his boss Mr Milibland taken down a peg or two. A right pair of cunts. Mind you now we’ve got bacon faced Cameron for another five years. Think I shall emigrate.

Room for one more in Nuzzieland Flaxen? I have a ready supply of matches and kindling to pay my way ??

Nominated by: Fleaboy

Ed Balls [5]

I get excited imagining the sound of a massive hay-maker punch landing smack in his mouth, knocking his teeth down his throat and hearing the fat, socialist cunt choke to death on his own blood. The cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous