Vince Cable [10]

Did anybody see ITV this morning? I generally avoid Piers Morgan like the plague but for some unfathomable reason it was on and the remote was not to hand! ( I know lazy Cunt) I noticed doddery old cunt Vince Cable on the sofa and Bernard jenkin ( leaver) on live feed , Jenkin asked Cable “ do you respect the referendum result?”

With his eyes darting from side to side the old cunt replied “We acknowledge the referendum“

That’s not answering the question you fucking slippery old wanker!!! Jenkin should have gone in on him but didn’t he did however say that he found Cable’s position on Brexit laughable as his party (himself included) had pushed for an in/out vote on the EU before Cameron!! The old fool had no answer to that!, and looked completely out of his depth when in debate…..

Leaden footed old cunt should be in a care home, not trying to derail Brexit!

Cable’s whole fucking career has been talking like some wise old sage from the touch line of British politics but put him front and centre and he is an absolutely useless 24 carat cunt…….

Nominated by Quislings

Vince Cable [9]

Vince cable is definitely worthy of a cunting!!

This doddery old relic has been hard a work trying to thwart the will of the electorate! Recently the unacceptable face of remain at all costs hit a high water mark in cuntitude, given cables previous form that takes some doing!

Scuttling around Brussels like a geriatric RAT he had meetings with 8-9 EU member states prime ministers, his snake oil pitch was getting them to agree with him that U.K. citizens should be given a vote on the final Brexit deal. Unsurprisingly he got words of support which in is his twisted Mind was going to translate into a BIG public statement!!

Old bald eagle got so caught up in the excitement that he went public only for the PMs to state that was never their intention!! Thus leaving cable truly hung out to dry!! The ( not so) Independent tried to smear the story and cover cables arse to some degree, the guardians magnificent headline screamed “ CABLE HUMBLED “

What this shows is Cable has absolutely no fuckin’ idea why people voted leave! The majority of UK citizens are tired of being pushed around, told what to do by unelected (by UK voters) EU Cunts!! Which ever way it played out Cable was always the fall guy!!

For a senior politician Cable is one fuckin’ naive CUNT!!

Nominated by Quislings

Vince Cable (8)

Sorry if I’ve missed any previous posts but yet another cunting of wankchop extraordinare Vince cable…..

Cable was quoted as saying that Brexit and the Tories were somewhat to blame for airline Monarch going into receivership on Monday morning???

Well cuntox as usual your talking out of your arse!!

Monarch have been in dire straits since 2014 when they recorded loses of £96 million pounds!! So fuckface that’s a longtime before the referendum vote!! , the company’s staff all took a pay cuts, their long haul flight program was cancelled unfortunately for them a lot of their business was now focused on Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey! which has seen a dramatic drop due to the peaceful people, this was the root cause of monarchs collapse!!, who said this?? Andrew Swaffield ( chief executive) of monarch !! That’s who!! Cable your a fucking absolute 24 carat gold plated cunt………

Nominated by Quislings.

Vince Cable’s Lib Dems

The Lib Dems need to fuck off, Vince Cable is a deluded cunt who seems to be even more deluded than Tim Farron. Tim realised when the electorate told him to fuck off that his idea of a referendum on the result of the outcome of the referendum was not what the people wanted. So after seeing close up the mistake of his predecessor Vince says the same old shit. What a drain on the taxpayer.

Nominated by Blank & White Cunt

Cable reckons his record in government speaks for itself. If it does then it’s saying ‘We’re fucking useless’

Nominated by Dioclese

Saw Sir Vince Cable on Channel 4 news earlier and he looks even more wobbly and ancient than in recent times.
After he said that bit about being the next Prime Minister and the cameras cut back to the interviewer in the studio, I swear you could see the interviewer trying not to piss himself laughing at the ridiculous old fart. Great TV.

Nominated by Ian Appropriate

I just have to nominate Vince Cable for the deluded cunt of the year, after he said this weekend that he could become the next Prime Minister.
I thought Farron was the biggest fantasist in the Liberal party, but Vince beats him hands down. What a knob head

Nominated by Iamnot

Vince Cable (7)

Vince of the globalist Cabal has been elected new leader of the Lib Dumbs.

All hail Vince!  So another political pygmy fills the old boots of such ‘giants’ as Timmy Garlic Head Far-rong and previously before him, Smeggy Cleggy. However, the only boots this trio are really keen to fill are their own. A bit like those big stockings of Santa’s, stuffed full with goodies. Their Christmas wish list has, as many as possible, of those red bits of decorative paper with the Queen’s head on them.

So, what new policy revelations and ideas can we hope for?  Well cunters, don’t hold your breaths…’s more of the same old pony. One trick and crap.

So another round of anti-Brexit and anti-democratic sabotage. What a fucking yawn. Vince, has promised to try and derail Brexit with his total of 12 Lib Dumb apostles including himself. Anyway, I have news for him and his party of poopers (especially little Timmy the Christian) that Jesus is not going to show up anytime soon for his second coming, if he knows those 12 Judas’s are waiting for him.

What’s hilarious, if it wasn’t so serious, are that these cunts call themselves Liberal Democrats.  This gives the misleading impression of them actually supporting democracy.

So, Vince me old unfaithful, buy a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word ‘democracy’ – from the Greek – and understand it means ‘rule of the people’.  A concept strangely lost on you and your fellow dumb ‘liberals’.

Lastly, Vince of the Cabal, we wish you luck in supplanting Timmy Far-rong as Cunt of the Year for 2017. You have five months to get upto full cuntispeed before the votes are counted and the winner is announced. In case you don’t get the result you wanted, would you like us to re-run it……and re-run it…..and re-run it…….until you do?

Nominated by Mike Oxard.