Vince Cable [9]

Vince cable is definitely worthy of a cunting!!

This doddery old relic has been hard a work trying to thwart the will of the electorate! Recently the unacceptable face of remain at all costs hit a high water mark in cuntitude, given cables previous form that takes some doing!

Scuttling around Brussels like a geriatric RAT he had meetings with 8-9 EU member states prime ministers, his snake oil pitch was getting them to agree with him that U.K. citizens should be given a vote on the final Brexit deal. Unsurprisingly he got words of support which in is his twisted Mind was going to translate into a BIG public statement!!

Old bald eagle got so caught up in the excitement that he went public only for the PMs to state that was never their intention!! Thus leaving cable truly hung out to dry!! The ( not so) Independent tried to smear the story and cover cables arse to some degree, the guardians magnificent headline screamed “ CABLE HUMBLED “

What this shows is Cable has absolutely no fuckin’ idea why people voted leave! The majority of UK citizens are tired of being pushed around, told what to do by unelected (by UK voters) EU Cunts!! Which ever way it played out Cable was always the fall guy!!

For a senior politician Cable is one fuckin’ naive CUNT!!

Nominated by Quislings

28 thoughts on “Vince Cable [9]

  1. What’s he grabbing for in the photo, some arse on Hampstead Heath ? Dirty old cunt.

  2. Hate this fucking traitorous doddery old fucker. His arrogance is breathtaking. He walks around like he’s got a permanent smell under his nose. Probably sniffing the crotch of his spunk stained trousers the fucking wanker. What the fuck did he get a knighthood for anyway ? Do they give knighthoods out for being a cunt?
    Sorry……stupid question.

  3. At that point on his death bed when his life flashes before his eyes, this silly old bugger must surely come to the stark conclusion that using any measure of productivity or success, that he has achieved precisely fuck all during his lifetime.

    Just like Nick “dangerous fantasy” Clegg.

    In fact like most career politicians really. But especially the Lib Dems. Annoying fuckers that serve no purpose whatsoever.

    Vince Cable. A minor irritant for over 30 years. Not much of an epitaph is it.

    • Cable’s PMQ comment to Gordon ‘bigoted woman’ Brown regarding “the Prime Minister’s transformation from Stalin to Mr Bean,” was, to be fair, quite witty and apt.

      Unfortunately that was the only redeeming feature in an otherwise wholly undistinguished career – apart from selling off Royal Mail for £1billion less than it was worth, of course…

  4. Think Eddie Izzard’s PR manager should have the decency to tell him that a man wearing stilettos, a beret, lipstick and a frock will never be taken seriously by anyone even if he does have something worthwhile to say.

    Which he doesn’t.

    • Don’t tip them off Willie… unless you happen to be a Labour supporter, of course. Whatever next – Munroe Bergdorf in the Labour Shadow Cabinet? Can’t wait.

  5. The fucking old Cunt is trying to steal my future. He’ll be dead before Brexit takes effect….hopefully.

    • I see this a lot, DF, on various forums and facebook articles. ‘They’ve stolen our future’. The sense of entitlement is insane among the millenials. Unfortunately the knowledge of history is also usually lacking hand in hand, and when this is pointed out they usually start bleating on about UKIP and waycism and Nazthees.

  6. Paddy Ashdown
    Menzies Campbell
    Nick Clegg
    Tim Farron
    Vince Cable

    What the fuck is wrong with the cunts that they elect leaders of this quality? I don’t include Charles Kennedy as I share his alcohol problem, willingly and with enjoyment.

    • I actually felt quite sad when I read about CK’s demise…
      I’m a sentimental old cunt., never too far from a bottle, or the like.

      Otherwise, CNR, your Gang of Five looks like a fine Stiff Puddle nom

  7. A political fossil from a party that represents the ‘air guitar’ of politics….

    • “Air Guitar of Politics!”

      Genius! Fucking right though! Pissed myself at that one JR!


  8. This mendacious old prick dithers around wasting proper Parliamentary time dreaming up new ways to thwart democracy instead of serving his constituents and leading his miserable, single-figure group of dinosaur idealists.

    He looks like Peter Cushing minus the talent but that’s what he is, the Grand Moff Tarquin of Remainiac losers. Here’s hoping he shuffles off this mortal coil soon.

  9. London murder rate overtakes New York’s

    Unlimited immigration from Eastern Europe including those with serious criminal records

    Police frightenef to stop and search due to the PC brigade calling them racists. Spending more time on soft crime and petty hate crimes.

    A peaceful mayor who only cares about himself, peacefuls and bringing down the government.

    The Tory government who is cutting police budgets, resulting in less police on the streets leading to more knife crime, more drug related crimes and more serious crime generally.

    Of course murders will go up. Hardly rocket science, is it.

    • And that useless cunt Cressida Dick has now blamed social media for fuelling the violence rather than addressing the knife carrying, chip on the shoulder ,invariably a cultural enricher in the room. London really has got the shitty end of the stick with Citizen Khan and this five foot nothing stack of shite.

      • Yea the rise in crime is all because of social media and nothing to do with that cunt cresida dick. Oh no, sorry .. .. it’s got EVERYTHING to do with that cunt cresida dick. … and that king of cunts sadiq khan.
        This is what happens when box ticking is more important than competence.

  10. What part of ‘we’re leaving doesn’t this piss stinking senile old cunt understand?

  11. Just like the stupid old fart ‘Minging Campbell’ with the jam jar bottom specs a while ago trying to gain a bit of favour with ‘the young’ by attempting to be the oldest swinger in town. It’s like your fucking grandad trying to break dance at a wedding and making a complete twat of himself. Fuck off you silly old cunt and go and do something useful like giving blood. All of it you cunt!

  12. Great cunting quislings, Vince cable is a prize cunt.
    An his voice is fucking annoying too.
    Every time he opens his mouth I involuntarily yell “twat “.
    I think I may have a form of tourettes. … either that or the world is just full of cunts.

  13. He looks like some shit Star Wars baddie, What a cunt.
    What is it with the Lib Dems? Tim ‘We need another referendum on the outcome’ Farron and that cunt Clegg were both useless Brexit denying cunts, so what do the Lib Dems do? Get another Brexit denying cunt in charge.
    They are a pointless party and if Corbyn and the Lib Dems get enough votes its all fucked.
    Im voting Monster raving loony.

  14. If you look up the word Liberal it says, “accepting of others point of view”.
    If you look up Democrat it says, “believing in rule by democracy”.
    As they don’t accept Brexiteers point of view at all and want to deny the majority of voters the result they voted for, that has to make them the biggest bunch of hypocrites going – or cunts to use a better word. That makes Cable leader of the cunts. Or the cunt leading the cunts.

  15. It’s that perpetual look Cable has , an awful smell under his nose, looks like he’s sneering all the time and probably is.

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