The Burka/Burqua

If somebody asks me directions while wearing a motorcycle helmet, I’d feel a tad awkward. Similarly, if somebody talked to me whilst wearing a Halloween hockey mask or a Tony Blair mask, I wouldn’t like it very much. The Burka has the same effect.

I don’t tell people what to wear. Never have. Yet I am allowed to express my thoughts. If a fat person wants to wear shorts in the Summer, I won’t tell them they can’t but I’m allowed to take the piss. If somebody chooses to dress like a giant baby, it’s allowed but I feel almost obliged to crack jokes.
The Koran doesn’t instruct Muslim women to cover their faces with niquabs so it’s not a religious obligation. It also can’t be a cultural tradition for veiled women, especially those who were born in Britain. Therefore why wear this horrible, self-imprisoning sheet?

Apparently the veil is a form of resistance to the West’s sexualisation and objectification of women. The “assertion” is that Western societies pressurise women into adopting forms of dress (and undress) that are intended to gratify the ‘male gaze’ and turn women into sex objects.

Psh. Not good enough.

The Burka is a symbol of Islam’s intolerance of dissent and desire to contain and repress female sexuality. It’s ridiculously oppressive and the wearers who consent to its existence are either submissive hags living in fear of peremptory reprisal or woefully repulsive crones who fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch. The only time anybody should wear this wretched, sinister fancy dress is to a Halloween party.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

A cunting for the Tory Party with reference to Boris and his burka comments.
What the fuck has happened to the Tories? Common sense and values gone out the window.
We had a fucking snowflake minister – Justine Greening- say children could self-identify gender.

Now we have call for Boris to be ejected/disciplined whatever, for perfectly reasonable remarks. He wasn’t even calling for a ban as liberal Denmark has done. And the demands are coming from Tories for fuck sake.

Where the fuck is the party going? No platforming for all but liberal views and agendas?

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The Conservative Party


The Conservative Party are cunts.

In the interests of balance, it’s worth pointing out what unimpressive cunts the current crop of Tories are. Without the twin liability of Chicken Dave and Gideon the Towel-Folder (and Aussie cunt Lynton Crosby pulling the strings behind the scenes), the Tories could – and should – be doing a hell of a lot better. Their rampant scaremongering and barefaced lies don’t seem to be convincing anyone other than die-hard Tories or they would have broken ahead in the polls long before now. It’s no surprise that Chicken Dave’s “Contract Between The Conservative Party and You” that appeared in the Press throughout the 2010 campaign has mysteriously vanished from the Tory website and has been erased from the archive too. Wonder why that could be? Almost every single promise broken perhaps? Take a look above…

Given all the shit that the Tories – aided and abetted by the Mail, Express, Telegraph and Murdoch titles – have been hurling at the hopeless cunt Miliband for months, you’d expect him to have obligingly topped himself by now, not be level-pegging with Chicken Dave at this stage of the game. I mean for fuck’s sake, Miliband is such an easy target on so many levels, yet the cuntly Tories can’t seem to hit him effectively, let alone deliver a knockout blow. In the current political climate maybe it’s impossible for any politician to persuasively claim the moral, intellectual or economic highground. It’s like asking people to choose between Ian Huntley or Ian Brady. Brady is schizophrenic whereas Huntley is a psychopath, but they both murdered children, so in the end it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Perhaps, like me, the general public despises these cunts equally. I’m hoping for a hung parliament – my definition of which sees Cameron, Clegg and Miliband dangling from a noose side by side on a specially adapted gallows built for three.

Nomimated by: Fred West