Peter Gabriel and Sting


Peter gabriel and Sting are a couple of cunts!

The thick as a brick cunts are at it again but this time the bellends are gonna tour together for some easy money. The last thing people want to hear is Gabriel’s “Biko” we all know anti-apartheid is a huge lie cause Africa is worse then ever under black rule. Plus only chavs and poofs want to hear Sting’s “Desert Rose” for the thousandth time.

Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD festival is the dumbest piece of shite that he’s ever done and proves Gabriel has turned into a world music cuckold. Stop being a bloody bellend Peter and reform Genesis! at best you got 10 decent solo songs the rest is dog shit that no one wants to hear.

Also, Sting, apologise to your band members from Police. You’re not the genius you think you are your solo work is also shite. I hope the Rock Paper Scissors Tour is a huge failure and you both fall off the stage!

Nominated by: Titslapper

Sting [4]


Why Sting?

Because he’s a pompous bastard. All that pretentious bollocks he has done since he disintegrated The Police (ie: everything since ‘Every Breath You Take’). That tantric sex bullshit. That revolting ‘last Police single’ (that total turd remix he did of ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’). Carping on about the rainforests while living like a king. He’s like a Bob Geldof with a bit more sophistication and brains…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside