Phil Neville


Phil Neville – the useless, gurning, pumpkin headed chimp has ruined MOTD… OK, having a smarmy cunt like Lineker hosting it doesn’t help, but MOTD2 has improved, thanks mainly to Mark Chapman (not the one who blew Lennon away)… But Phil Neville is by far the worst football pundit in living memory… I have never heard such drivel and shite on any football show… Phil wasn’t as good a player as his brother, Gary, and he isn’t as good a pundit as Gaz either… Gary Nev has his faults, but Phil is really the bottom of the barrel… Is this really the best the BBC can come up with to replace Alan Hansen? Phil Neville makes Jamie Redknapp look like Einstein….

Also the endless bitching at Man United by Nev the younger (and that fucking ginger gremlin, Paul Scholes) and their endless ‘Class of 92′ bullshit is getting on my knackers… Only Scholes was world class out of them (Giggs was before 92: making his debut in 91)… I can’t imagine Duncan Edwards, David Pegg or any of the other lads who perished at Munich trying to undermine a new United manager and tell him how to do his job… It also makes me laugh that the runt of the class of 92 (ie: Phil Neville) is the most vocal… When he also turned us into a laughing stock, along with that Beaker lookalike knobhead, Moyes…. Fuck yourself, Philip Neville… You cunt!

Nominated by: Norman