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Phil Neville – the useless, gurning, pumpkin headed chimp has ruined MOTD… OK, having a smarmy cunt like Lineker hosting it doesn’t help, but MOTD2 has improved, thanks mainly to Mark Chapman (not the one who blew Lennon away)… But Phil Neville is by far the worst football pundit in living memory… I have never heard such drivel and shite on any football show… Phil wasn’t as good a player as his brother, Gary, and he isn’t as good a pundit as Gaz either… Gary Nev has his faults, but Phil is really the bottom of the barrel… Is this really the best the BBC can come up with to replace Alan Hansen? Phil Neville makes Jamie Redknapp look like Einstein….

Also the endless bitching at Man United by Nev the younger (and that fucking ginger gremlin, Paul Scholes) and their endless ‘Class of 92′ bullshit is getting on my knackers… Only Scholes was world class out of them (Giggs was before 92: making his debut in 91)… I can’t imagine Duncan Edwards, David Pegg or any of the other lads who perished at Munich trying to undermine a new United manager and tell him how to do his job… It also makes me laugh that the runt of the class of 92 (ie: Phil Neville) is the most vocal… When he also turned us into a laughing stock, along with that Beaker lookalike knobhead, Moyes…. Fuck yourself, Philip Neville… You cunt!

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Sky have the excellent Graham Souness (who knows his shit), Gary Neville (probably the best pundit on TV now). Jamie Carragher (not bad at what he does, but that fucking Scouse accent!) and Dwight Yorke (I’ll always have a soft spot for ‘The Smiling Executioner’ for his major part in the 1999 treble, and also because he’s a bit of a lad)

    The BBC have Alan ‘Lex Luthor’ Shearer (see Gene Hackman sans syrup in the Superman movie), Robbie ‘The moron’s Bee Gee’ Savage, Martin ‘Baboon’ Keown, and the worst for last: Phil ‘Van Gaal is a cunt ‘cos he sacked me. But I won’t say that because he’ll murder me’ Neville… He is the worst television football pundit in living memory… He is worst than Andy Townsend… He is even worse than Niall ‘The Blue Donkey’ Quinn… And those two cunts are diabolical…

  2. Scholes and Keane over on itv are both shit pundits and God help us when rio ferdinand calls it a day on his career (long overdue anyway) as he’ll turn up on bbc too.

    • Rio (known in Mcr as the WGT – Wobbly Gobbed Tosser) was shite during the BBC World Cup coverage… Keano iust seems to be against everything, while Scholes is like Phil Nev: bitter and spiteful because LVG kept Giggs and kicked those two out…

      Scholes reminds me of Willie Morgan… Morgan was basically a poundland George Best. But, like Scholes, Morgan saw himself as an authority on all things United, and thought he knew how the team/club should be run. Just because he was an ex-United player… Needless to say, Willie Morgan was/is a cunt…

      • Shearer does that sideways look thing, that’s supposed to make him look like he’s a smart lad that’s sharing some wise, hard conceived pearls of wisdom. Unfortunately for him it makes him look even more of a cunt than that other sideways glancing, swivel eyed dullard, Steve Davis…The cunt.

  3. I’m a staunch United fan since the 80’s but! Both Nevilles are cunts (Though Gary makes a good pundit), Scholes an over-rated, walking-yellow-card, lazy cunt, Savage is a right fucking special needs twat-cunt who gives us Taffs a bad name and Keown, Dixon, Townsend, Jim Fucking Beglin and Shearer are such supreme cunts that death is too good for them.

    I hate seeing the likes of Keane, Gullit and Souness talk (mostly) sense only for the ilk of Redknapp and Carragher to wear much too tight trousers and question them like they invented fucking football. Ruud should grab Jamie Redknapp by the gullet and whisper in his greasy ear ” I’ll start paying attention to your fucking opinion after you’ve won 6 national titles, 2 European Cups, been a European champion and been named the best player in the world! You fucking slimy-faced, average as fuck cunt.”

    N don’t get me started on Gordon Cunting Strachan.

    • Loved Strachan as a United player (when he blew that cigar/v sign to the Kop)… But after he went to Leeds his cunt level has risen ever since…

      The great Jaap Stam referred to both Neville brothers as ‘Busy cunts’… Which saw both brothers blubbing to Fergie about it… I rated Scholes but those who put him in the same category as Robson, Cantona, Keane and even Ince (92-95) are talking bollocks..

      And of course if there is a pundit to rival Phil Neville for fuckwittery it’s that cunt, Alan Brazil… The worst United striker of all time. Even worse than Birtles, Terry Gibson and Falcao… I remember that useless bald cunt Brazil missing an open goal against Everton in 85… Jesper Olsen called him a cunt and so did the rest of Old Trafford… Oh, and his radio show is fucking shite…

  4. I humbly grant leave to cunt the city of Leicester and its inhabitants. Why ? I hear you ask. In response I will simply say Greville Janner and Keith Vaz both elected repeatedly by the incumbents of this City.

  5. I stopped watching soccer years ago until sepp blatter is dead i refuse to watch it unless my friend is watching it or occasionally i’ll check in , and I won’t gamble either its fixed , I wouldn’t be surprised Sepp was paying Teams to take a dive. Afterall his salary is secret because he’s a cunt crook.

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