Owen Jones double cunting (7 & 8)

I’d like to nominate Owen Jones – the champagne socialist bumboy. Not content with being an aggressive, intolerant, sanctimonious little shit, the cunt has written a column in the Guardian attacking Andrew Neil for being right wing. Neil is the only journalist at the BBC who provides a bit of balance to the left wing SJW shit that’s stuffed down our throats every day. Maybe Owen is bitter about the time he made an appearance on This Week and was exposed by Neil for being a lying piece of shit.

Nominated by An Irish cunt

Then nominated by The Empire Cunts Back.

Owen Jones, shirtlifter-in-chief, Citizen Smith parody and screeching far-left cuntwomble, is in rarified air over at Graunland. He is possibly the biggest the cunt going at that paper and boy, does it take some considerable cuntitude to climb atop that particular Mount Olympus.

Even the most ardent Labour supporter cannot describe Jones’ pitiful attempts to ‘get Andrew Neil sacked’ as the petulant, intolerant side of the Momentum-tinged liberalism; basically demonising anyone at all who disagrees with them.

More disturbingly however, is that Citizen Jones the cunt is repeating his trick of shouting something loudly, getting mucho publicity and relying on ‘the people’ to follow his rhetoric without paying attention to facts. He did this by making a huge fuss of the BBC ‘editing’ a Newsnight image to show Corbyn in a Russian-style hat (it was authentic), and he is now doing it again, this time in an autistic hissyfit about the BBC being, unbelievably, biased towards the right.

Not even a cunt like Jones can for one second genuinely believe this. It is a sideshow. An attempt at good old Orwellian Truth Ministry correction. It goes being annoying and into really dangerous politicking that simply relies more on lies and fake news than actual truth. He can’t beat brillo in debate so instead attempts a Crucible-tier cry of brillo being a witch.

Jones is pure, liberal cancer.

Owen Smith

Owen Smith is a odious cunt in a party of cunts in a Parliament of cunts.

While spending his spare time grabbing the coin from Pfizer for lobbying, the cunt then demands that Labour policy is changed to reverse Brexit, stay in the singe market and turn their back on democracy. This even seems depraved to Comrade Cuntbin who has sacked the welsh prick although I surely remember that Labour have just changed their policy to stay in the single market….

This is the cunt who spoke out in favour in 2006 that the removal of dictators (Saddam) was a noble left wing tradition and then later argued he was always against it. Cunt.

Nominated by Proper Cunt

Owen Smith [4]


Owen Smith is a thick cunt. He was interviewed by John Humphries on his radio show and despite all evidence to the contrary, he claimed the UK was heading into a recession because of Brexit.

He also insulted the majority of voters by haughtily announcing that we didn’t what we were voting for. Which in Owenspeak, means we were too thick to know what we were voting. The problem Smith has there, apart from being a patronising cunt, is that we knew EXACTLY what we were voting for.

I didn’t think Labour could come up with a candidate who was worse than Corbyn. The lesson there is, never underestimate Labour’s ability to find a leadership candidate even shittier than the current/previous one. Even the Welsh hate him.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Owen Smith has found the answer to the homeless crisis in Britain – built lots of houses and give them to the homeless.

Brilliant! They won’t be able to pay rent, light or heating but at least they’ll have a roof over their heads.

And the money will come from central government via the local council – or in other words from the likes of you and me.

A plan so frighteningly simple that even the homeless charities think it’s complete bollocks. Nice one, Taffy…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Owen Smith [3]

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Another Labour cunt is Owen Smith.

Another regressive lefty cunt making pronouncements about women making up 50% of the shadow cabinet. Fuck off with this shit, pick people on their merits you cunt, not their genitalia. We don’t need politician cunts who have been chosen becuase they’re cunts with cunts.

You cunt.

Nominated by: Chris Horner

Owen Smith [2]


I would like to nominate Owen Smith for a richly deserved cunting.

This faux socialist, Johnny-come-lately, “nomark” is the so-called Blairite alternative to Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party Leadership.

Firstly he’s an undemocratic cunt – wanting to stifle and prevent the new Labour members who joined recently from voting in the leadership race (knowing full well the majority of them are no doubt Corbyn supporters).

Secondly – and more importantly – he’s already pledged to spend £200bn in “Investment in the UK”. This is before even being elected as leader of the Labour Party, let alone they into government.

And where, pray-heaven, is this £200bn coming from exactly? Why the usual Labour favourite of taxing the top 1% of UK earners. The thing is, Owen’s maths are a bit suspect because even the most vociferous tax on the top 1% would only net him exactly 1% of that £200bn total! So Owen, where is the other £198bn coming from? Surely not government borrowing, eh? In true Labour fashion, this cunt has already got the knack of spending other people’s money before even having the remit to do so!

And finally, if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s backed by that other “3 times a loser”/”EU gravy train” Labour twat Neil Kinnock! Which automatically must make Owen Smith a cunt of monumental proportions.

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!