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Another Labour cunt is Owen Smith.

Another regressive lefty cunt making pronouncements about women making up 50% of the shadow cabinet. Fuck off with this shit, pick people on their merits you cunt, not their genitalia. We don’t need politician cunts who have been chosen becuase they’re cunts with cunts.

You cunt.

Nominated by: Chris Horner

32 thoughts on “Owen Smith [3]

  1. Smith is trying to be the friend of female voters now, yet somehow that won’t wash given that the cunt accused Leanne Wood of only getting more TV coverage than him because she’s female, described himself as “normal” when he was competing against lesbian Angela Eagle, expressed his desire to “smash Theresa May back on her heels”, and provoked the wrath of domestic violence charities after saying (with reference to the Coalition government) ““Surely the LibDems will file for divorce as soon as the bruises start to show through the make-up?”.

    He’s just another hypocritical “say anything to win power” cunt who doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that feminists actually oppose this kind of crass positive discrimination.

    • Smith vs Corbyn is like Ant vs Dec. Which is the bigger cunt of the pair? Fuck knows. Neither serves a purpose. In fact Labour would probably fare better with Ant and Dec in charge.

      • The only slight advantage (if you can call it that..!) the cunt Corbyn has is that he actually seems to believe what he says, whereas everyone knows that the cunt Smith, if elected, would immediately ditch the progressive agenda he’s been lying about and revert to being a business as usual Blairite.

    • They can’t do anything that doesn’t accord with the reams of accepted dogma that these antediluvian morons have surrounded themselves with.
      If you exclude those ingrained ‘always vote labour’ tossers, what we have here is a party that at the top is terrified to make any statement which might excite the placard carrying dolts into calling them deniers and counter revolutionaries or whatever arcane bollocks they choose.
      It’s been a long time since any Labour politician has stepped out to make any speech which might vaguely be interpreted as intelligent and thoughtful.
      Strangled by their own pitiful view of what is needed to improve things ,they fall back on 1930’s phrases and hopelessly out of date comments that tell us they do not want power.
      These political dwarves want to stand at the back of the hall and shout slogans. That is what gives Corbyn a hard on.
      Smith is beyond help , he has no idea what goes on beyond a vague curtain of intensely discussed party aims that have been chewed over longer than Hugh Hefners dick.
      Cunting this ghastly crew of the living dead is a waste of a good cunt. ghastly

  2. “feminists actually oppose this kind of crass positive discrimination”

    Erm, I don’t think they do, Fred, I really don’t think they do. Not satisfied with equality of opportunity, feminazis now want equality of outcome too and the only way they can get that is through quotas i.e. positive discrimination.

    Anyway, the cunt wants a second referendum, you may have missed that when he was talking about lunatics, but it remains a fact that he is an arch remainiac who won’t accept the vote of the people he is supposed to represent. Very cunty indeed.

    • No Skidmark, you’re just talking about the Daily Mail’s idea of feminazis.

      Real feminists are insulted by positive discrimination, believing themselves to equal.

      • Fred, I think you are talking about sensible honest women who have striven for, and achieved equality (and more) already, not feminists.

        Feminists want domination over men in all areas, a bit like being married. I’m talking about the likes of Julie Bindel who called for all men to be put in concentration camps. ( I know her explanation; it was just a casual aside while waiting for an interview to start, but it still tells you volumes about how she feels about men)

        When only 7% of British women will identify as being feminists, that ought to tell you something about feminists.

      • Gender equality is a tool of division, men and women are different and compliment each other, trying to force people to be unisex for the sake of ideology has crippled society. Being equal isn’t being the same.

        More bullshit social engineering to divide and rule while we bicker among ourselves.

      • I’m fed up of these silly cunts banging on about womens rights and the pay gap. I am an almost fifty yr old woman who has worked full time for 32 yrs and chose not to have kids. I am fairly sure these cunts are not looking out for my interests. A study comparing men with women like me should identify if there is a pay gap or not. I am available to take part at a moments notice but doubt i would be interesting enough to these cunts.

      • Most ‘feminists’ today are not even feminists…They are misandrists: with an open and automatic dislike and prejudice of men in general… The amount of ‘wimmin’ in the press, io social media and in other places who mask all their ‘issues’ and personal vendettas under the banner of f’eminsism’ are rife… The sort of cunts who want in (or want to take over) on anything to do with men (football, working men’s clubs etc), yet they are all ‘No! It’s ours! Men have enough!’ with their own crappy activities (like Bingo and reading Fifty Shades Of Shite)… Not to mention when they call a bloke ‘sad’ ‘sexist’ and ‘pathetic’ for eyeing up a Page 3 Girl or a stripper, then they squawk like demented chickens when they see a male stripper or a Fireman… Hypocritical hags…

      • Third wave feminism has deviated from striving for equality to advocating female supremecy.A few feminists have fought against this but have been unable to take back the original narrative of the movement which has been affiliated by narcissists misandrists and angry fat lesbians.In short the lunatics took over the asylum and the staff are now outnumbered and cant fight back.

    • Smith is a tyranical cunt who thinks he has the right to ignore the democratic will of the people. He is the kind of cunt we do not want in politics. I know he is not alone and these cunts are cross party but he has outed himself on this issue and thus deserves a cunting of the highest order.

  3. New PM, Theresa May, is apparently demanding an audit on how ethnic minorities and the (drum roll) white working class are treated by public and civil services (Police, NHS, Courts, Schools, Jobcentre etc)…

    Is that the first time in years that we (the white working class) have even been mentioned by a Prime MIinister? Not counting Pigfucker Cameron’s private piss taking of the riff-raff, of course (because he did, the cunt!)… Notice that ‘ethnic minorities’ still top the bill though… But I could have told Madame May about how the public and civil services treat the white working class: like crap…

    What I want to know is when is the UN investigation into the mass deaths and suicides caused by those DWP cunts (and those pieces of scum, Duncan Smith,Osborne, and Crabb) going to happen? Probably never… The white working class aren’t ‘that important, I suppose…

      • White folk have always had equality, equal right to be dirt poor, equal right to police brutality, equal right to substandard housing, equal right to shit healthcare and education, equal right to pay for every other fucker until you can’t pay your own way,

        The people that initially claimed to be fighting for the white down trodden soon abandoned them for shinier causes, women, ethnic minorities, gay rights basically anyone who wasn’t white working class.

  4. He can pretty much say what he wants, because he knows there is fuck all chance of a. him being Labour Party leader, and b. Labour getting elected any time soon. Politics in the western world is a bit fucked at the moment, as all the main protagonists try to rebrand the same old shit as new, but more people are suffering the consequences of it, and less people are putting up with it.

  5. Who the fuck is that cunt actor who plays a taxi driver in the latest go compare advert? These shit, boring past their sell by date adverts were bad enough now they have some cuntney prick going ‘fantastic’ ‘fantastic’ when that opera singing cunt songs the shitty song. When your in a bad mood and that adverts comes on it makes you want to smash the telly. The cunts.

  6. I think Corbyn will and should stay as Labour leader. Thing is Labour have lost a lot of the core ‘working class’ vote they used to have. The country has changed massively and Labour don’t want to address concerns over immigration etc, yeah there still for workers rights and all that but they don’t represent the ‘working class’ anymore. I don’t know who the fuck to vote for now, there now eds to be a ‘new’ Labour party as what’s going on in Labour is a fucking joke. At a time when they can show strong opposition they are fighting amongst themselves. Stupid cunts. Gideon Osbourne is and always will be a cunt.

    • Corbyn has been shown to be a lying little cunt this week, if he was Tory we wouldn’t hear the end of it. Fuck him, the boring cunt. And fuck all those stupid fucking cunts who joined Labour to vote for him. £25 well fucking spent you CUNTS.

      • They are the same cunts who cry non stop about “tory austerity cuts”
        Liberals will never be happy, yet are happy to pay for that grubby commie freak ,would it kill him to have a shave and brush them yellow teeth?

      • Cuts were necessary after the end of the Warmonger/Scotch cunt governments where they shafted the country by spending money we hadn’t got.
        Remember that cunt Liam Byrnes hilarious note.

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