Mike Ashley (2)

Mike Ashley is a fat cockney tight fisted cunt. This bloke who is somehow a multi billionaire came out a few years ago claiming he wanted to win something with Newcastle. I would usually have not blamed him for any problems that occurred after he started spending money on the club. But now the fat cunt has decided because we haven’t won anything yet he doesn’t want to spend anymore money on Newcastle. He reckons he can’t afford to giving anymore money yet Jabba the cunt has recently bought 200 million worth of property! And I wonder where it came from since he hasn’t got that money to spent? Fuck off back to your hole and sell Newcastle while your at it you lying humongous sub human tub of lard cunt!

Nominated by Lord cuntington.

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley is a morbidly obese pie eating cockney cunt. The only bloke who has a Chinook as his personal helicopter due to his immense fatness and Mega Cuntitude. Hurry up and die you bastard.

Nominated by Ollie Burtons Grandad