Lily Allen (7)

Lily Allen

Lily’s new album ( out on the 8th June, I know you are all excited about it ) is titled “NO SHAME “. Oh really?
We all know she is a total cunt but I have a certain admiration for a cunt who can blatantly take the piss out of the dimmo public and keep a perfectly straight face. A bit like Phoney Tony and……oh fuck…..too many to list. Perhaps you may have come across some other examples?

Nominated by, Freddie the Frog


Lily Allen [6]

I would like to renominate the gobshite cunt that is Lily Fucking Allen again for being an absolute weapons grade, ocean going, treble cunt.

Lilly the musical mong who said she was going to let her high cost house out to refugees,has actually let it out to foreign diplomats who are now claiming diplomatic immunity and refusing to move out and there is fuck all the silly bitch can do about it. Lily is now saying she’s going to be homeless and her very unlucky kids are going to have to endure her moving in with them for Xmas ho ho ho….

What a fucktard! I nearly soiled myself laughing its made my day. I hate asylum seekers but in this case I hope these termites manage to stay there for fucking years and we can look forward to lots of news pictures of the twat in tears looking for sympathy. You won’t get any from me and if nothing else this should teach you a fucking lesson. If you go on the telly defending these fucking wasters and then making a big thing about renting them property you have opened yourself up to having them take the piss.

This is why people in the real world won’t help. That’s what you get and it just enforces the reasons for staying well clear of these cunts. Here endeth the lesson, you cunt

****** Happy Christmas, cunters ******

Nominated by fuglyucker

Lily Allen [5]

Lilly Allen has presented herself for another cunting. She must fucking love the abuse. Apparently, the criticism of the Abbottopotamus is NOT because she’s a nasty, racist, incompetent, ignorant, moronic fat TWAT! It’s because everyone criticising her is racist and sexist. Give…me…a fucking…break. Seriously, the she was conceived, her mum should have insisted on taking it up the arse.

If it hadn’t been for millionaire daddy, Keith Allen’s money and connections in showbiz, this simple minded gimp would never have been able to inflict the childish shite that she calls music on the general public. The woman is a fucking twat.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

More mongmungous bollocks from Lily The Windowlicker…. Her latest monumental online eppy is about how ‘racists’ and ‘sexists’ were to blame for Abbott The Hutt being taken out of the game… Nothing to do with Abbott being an incompetent , laughable, and totally useless cunt and a complete liability then?….. But this is, of course, typical and quintessential Megamong… Everything and anything is the fault of nasty and evil white men… She probably blames the carnage in Manchester and London on white blokes…. Yet this spaz featured cunt has the nerve to call others racist and sexist… But, of course, racist and sexist are always the classic snowflake responses when they don’t get their way or have no other answers… Fucking coked up STD riddled mong….

Nominated by Norman

Lily Allen (4)

Lily the Mong needs a cunting.The rancid bitch has said on social media and any other media outlet how much compassion she has for the environment, that air pollution is a bad thing. So when the Mong tells all and sundry that when her car lease has ended she will get herself a Prius. So instead, as Lily the Mong is so so so righteous she goes and buys a gas-guzzling Mercedes Benz so she can drive her way through London. No doubt she collects the sand-dwellers on the way through.

Nominated by Gingers Ballsac.

Lily the Alien didn’t take much of a break from Twatter. After the Westminster terrorist attack she tweeted  “Lets be calm everyone, the police need space to investigate, we need to wait for facts, digest what is happening and respect those affected” and “London I love you x”

Ahhhhh…thanks for that Alien.  I’m sure those who have now been disabled or are suffering horrific injuries will give you a big thumbs up, since a ‘crazy’ convert to your favourite religion went on the rampage. So Ms. Alien why no photo-op this time round – no tears for those dead and injured and no howls of disgust toward the perpetrator? You seem to have gone very quiet on that front, huh?

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Lily Spazmotron also dishes it out but can’t take it… The windowlicking libmong claimed she was ‘taking a break’ from Twatter because some ‘trolls’ had said some nasty things about her losing her kid… Nothing to do with her not being able to take justifiable criticism after saying things like anyone who voted Brexit and doesn’t arselick 30 year old ‘child’ ‘refugees’ is racist and ignorant, that all white men are potential rapists, and that anyone who disagrees with her about anything is Hitler then?…

I fucking loathe this spaztard snowflake cunt….

Nominated by Norman.

Lily Allen [3]


Lily Allen is a CUNT

If she is so fucking moved to tears by the Calais Migrants, then why does she not get her fucking chequebook out and feed them/clothe them.

Because she is a publicity seeking cunt who could not give a fucking shit about them, it’s all
PR to show the media how empathetic she is.

Fucking spastic cunt of a whore with less musicality than Westlife and about as much empathy as all the cunts who get on the BBC Children In Need bandwagon

Nominated by: Boaby

Dear Gypo and Pikey cunts,

I would like to sincerely apologise on behalf of Lilly Allen and the derogatory comments she made about you and your way of life.

No this does not mean that I want you anywhere near my town, schools or playing fields, for you to shit on, destroy and terrorise.

Nor does it mean that I want my driveway doing with 1/2 an inch of tarmac you nicked from your road-digger cunt cousins (who are all getting smashed in the pub at 3pm even though Balfours charge HM Gov to 5pm).

Personally I agree with everything she said I just thought I’d repay her cuntishness for apologising on my behalf to the cunts in the Calais Jungle when I actually hope they *are* living in sub-human conditions so that they get fed up with winter coming and fuck off back to where they come from! Economic migrant cunts!

The thing is that the two-faced twit will probably apologise herself within 24hrs and will no doubt dedicate her next album to your plight of being a bunch of workshy thieving cunts.

She’ll probably donate 10% of her total sales to some bollocks charity to do with your lot – so make sure you spend that £10.57 wisely, it’ll be good for a couple of bottles of Glens Vodka.

Best regards,


Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

How fucking dare this arrogant cunt apologise on my behalf! I have absolutely fuck all to apologise for – other than that this fucking arsehole lives in the same country as me and wastes our oxygen!

Fuck off to Syria, you daft cow!

Nominated by: Dioclese