Lily Allen (8)

Lily Allen, that popular cunting target has excelled again. Her infantile weeping and subsequent tweet about being robbed of the winning prize at the Mercury Music Awards merely confirmed her poll position of Mega Cunt. It seems this self centred little Gimp has never actually grown up,

Her performance on BBC’s Saturday morning Crispy Cooking Cunt Fest, Saturday Kitchen, demonstrated she can’t even eat properly, Queen of Cuntland, Lily Allen is an Eighteen Carat Cunt!!!

Nominated by Walrustitty

27 thoughts on “Lily Allen (8)

  1. Well, everybody knows a mong can’t use a knife and fork properly…..

    And the Spazmotron’s latest lies are whoppers, even by her stinking standards…
    Madame Spastique claims that her dad, Keith ‘Cunt’ Allen, had a cocaine induced heart attack at Glastonbury… When in actual fact he didn’t…

    Another whopper is that the windowlicking one claims that some showbiz star/celebrity/footballer popped her cherry when she was 14… Name of the bloke? Where? When? Nah, didn’t think so… No evidence whatsoever, as this mentally unstable cunt lies, lies and lies again to get attention… I hear suicide is a good way to get on the front of the papers and gain Twatter ‘followers’…. Mind you, if the ugly mong did top herself, people would only think she was lying, again….

  2. I seem to recall her banging on about the UK not doing enough to take in all those Syrian refugees, and all that “not in my name” bollox. I think she even declared she would take a few in at her home. I wonder how they’re getting on now? Someone should ask her, although I don’t expect she’ll give a genuine answer being the total vacuous cunt she is.

  3. And on the subject of lying slags and celebrities, I hope Ronaldo sues the arse off that slag in America… Does the trollop expect anyone to believe that she didn’t drop her smelly knickers for Ronnie within three seconds flat?…. Pull the other one! It’s got fucking bells on!

    And, hopefully, Ronaldo could be some sort of blessing in disguise… If he and his legal people annihilate this avaricious slag it could be the beginning of the end of those Me Too witch mobs and those Time’s Up celebrislags… A precedent is needed, so these two bit gluebags and virtue signaling Hollywood whores can’t get a man hunted down, put on trial, or sacked because they flirted, told a joke, or put their hand on some tart’s knee…
    Narcissistic cunt you may be, Ronnie… But do your bit to end this Femstapo madness and I’ll never call you a cunt again….

    • Maybe Ronaldo, James Franco, Terry Gilliam etc should form their own movement… They could call it Time’s Up For You Slags….

  4. Silly Allen.

    Not much more to add, I have no idea who this astronomical void of a cunt is so I’ll take this cunting at face value. If she’s on 8 noms then an astounding cunt she be!

  5. Fuck Mercury, fucking biased bastards. What about all the fine work she has done for child refugees and their families?

    What’s that you say? All she did was cry on the telly?
    Ok, what about all the work she has done for the poor exploited Grenfell victims?

    What did you say? Did fuck all but cry on the telly?

    Ok, you cunt, what about all the anti Trump and anti Brexit demos she goes on, standing up for poor people all over the world?
    Pardon? She gets her boat on the telly then fucks off home to snort Charlie.
    Listen you fascist Nazi bastard……you’re Hitler you are.

  6. At least Peaches Geldof did the decent thing and successfully offed herself. One can only hope Lily the mong manages to achieve the same.
    I wonder if her manky fanny would smell better after being dead for a couple of days?

    • I doubt even the most desperate of flies and/or maggots would want to crawl anywhere near her fetid flange – dead or alive!

      Professional Attention Seeker personified, and full of shit for all that.

    • She loos like the type to leave her dirty tampon floating in the urinal of the men’s toilet in a pub.

      Rancid cow.

  7. Kanye West is changing his name – to Ye…..

    Announcing the change on Twitter on Saturday, he wrote: “The being formally [sic] known as Kanye West. I am YE.”

    The being formally known? Thick as fucking pigshit in a cement mixer….
    And this knob is apparently calling himself Ye because it’s the most used word in The Bible…
    Fucking arrogant uppity deluded pretentious bone stupid clack bunt….

    • Probably trying to find the lawyer who represented Beckham. Apparently the excitement of the Village People concert was all too much for him and resulted in a series of “unfortunate events”….

  8. That picture of El Mong reminds me of that line from Basil Fawlty…

    ‘My God! You’re ugly, aren’t you?’

  9. This is another one for whom I would like to ram a splintered, dry, baseball bat deep into her anus. What a black hole sized CUNT!

    • Her only relevance is by generating controversy just like her nutcase father saying something stupid then fucking off can’t believe dumb cunts actually buy her music you couldn’t sell me her shite fucking worse then adele

  10. Lilly the talentless fucktard is someone I love to hate and it seems that I am not alone, this brain dead retard is about to launch a book of which I have a sneaking suspicion is going to be full of the kind of crap she spouts on a daily basis.
    How is it that the world is full of these so called slebs who just go around making utter cunts of themselves all the time[gold medel to lilly the mong] for making herself the ultimate repeat offender serial cunt.
    Now most slebs have their haters but she has got 10 percent fans[who must also be cunts] and 90 percent people who see her for what she really is,a joke that is only any good for sarcasm and taking the piss out of, lilly you are an even bigger cunt now due to trying to hand on to fame by your fingernails

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