The French [3]

EMERGENCY cunting for French “authorities.”

Apparently, they are insisting the luscious Marine Le Pen undergoes psychiatric “evaluation.”…

Why ?? Because she DARED to post images of DAESH executions on her website.

The Frogs really are the most cheesy appeasers. Snail-eating toerags.

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard

63 thoughts on “The French [3]

  1. I’d like to give her a through, all over evaluation on my couch. She can post on my website any time *phnarr phnarr snuffle*

      • A lot of right leaning birds are, JHB and Isabel Oakeshott to name two, the sort you could listen to about a hard Northern Ireland boarder or the Customs Union without wanting to off yourself.

      • Fucking bliss LL
        A fivesome with Victoria oakeshott jhb and the le pen ladies all in the sack , whilst hanging out the back of Marion Maréchal jhb talks hard brexit filth in your ear!

  2. Churchill should have let Hitler have the shithole. He couldn’t have made a more untrustworthy neighbour. We also should have parachuted (sans parachute) that disgraceful old Cunt De Gaulle right into the Fuhrebunker. Deceitful,ungrateful Cunt, a perfect example of a typical Frenchman.

  3. Stalin would be proud. We really are sleepwalking into a sinister serious battle, leftie identitarian feminazi islamofascist aggressive cunts who will stoop to anything, lies, manipulation, to get their own way. Snowflakes? Are they fuck. Nasty, spiteful, vile, aggressive little shits, happy to turn up in standard terrorist balaclava, hoody, screaming hysterically how offended they are. Fuck off, this offence stuff is bullshit. A game. Power, control, all it is. A generation of two year olds trying to take charge. It’s mass hysteria. Fuck em.

  4. I was going to leave a witty reply, however I won’t.
    It seems to me now that.most business political parties are fronted by “yes” people, I think the lady in question has pointed out the obvious and has now come under fire from the uber rich persona in the back room who control government and there own version of scare mongering and finger pointing.
    Very few people seem to understand this.
    Fucking brain washed sheep the lot of them.

  5. My dad used to hate the French. Me, I couldn’t give a fuck back then.

    Now it’s my turn.

    Cheese eating surrender monkeys!

  6. Ha – you must have posted yours while I was faffing about composing mine (below) and making coffee while getting an earful from the wife for spending too much time on ISAC, blah blah blah.

    Anyway Cuntflap, great minds think alike etc…

  7. I’ve always had a sneaking admiration for the French. After all they have revolution in their history and lined up rich cunts to chop their fucking heads off!
    They have the most stirring anthem in the world and I like their arrogant, fucking rude attitude towards foreigners. (Even when it’s me!)
    However, history tells us that when it comes to a real fight they shit their pants……

    1968 (bottled it)
    2017 ( elected a Rothschild puppet granny shagger )
    I hate to see a beautiful country like France trashed by filthy A-rabs but these are friends we don’t need.
    Haven’t got the bollocks.

    • Believe our way of doing things was till recently better…

      However, can’t help but think it’s time a considerable number of heads rolled here too.

      • I agree but at least we voted 52% to get rid of the cunts. Two years and 3 months later we are no fucking nearer to what we voted for.
        I can’t speak for any other cunt but i’m as angry as a Frenchman who has just had his lunch interrupted.
        It’s easy to take the piss out of French history but we have our own Vichy government now.

      • We English can be pretty ruthless when needs arise.

        Not convinced being angry like the French would necessarily get us anywhere – just look a the state those cunts are in now!

        One angry Englishman is worth a dozen belligerent French fuckers.

      • There was a documentary on HMS Victory last week, Nelson handing the Franco-Spanish fleet their arse back to them on a plate. Don’t make them like that anymore.

  8. To be fair, there’s a shit load of people in France who would rather die than surrender….


  9. Lipsmacking, thirst quenching, cheese eating, Nazi helping, student rioting, big nosing, sheep scorching, garlic stinking, Joan burning, Kraut licking, granny shagging, always surrendering, soap dodging, never smiling, beret wearing, onion smelling, peaceful loving, EU fucking, gun dropping, tanks reversing, Concorde ruining, airport striking, truck halting, Le Pen hating, blambo sucking, cool fizzing Frenchies….

    • Oh, I forgot… Snail scoffing, dog bumming, frog eating, never washing, Hilter welcoming. horse eating, Argie helping…..

  10. Untrustworthy feckers to a man, I’ve said it before but the Falklands war reinforced my opinion of the mal-odourous twats, our nearest neighbour shat on us from a great height, the feckers hate us and we them and thats the way to base any dealings with them, frightful bunch.

  11. Terrible tsunami in Indonesia! Hundreds dead!
    Be prepared for The Hunchback giving away our money to court some popularity and dozens of charidee volunteers jetting off to fuck some children.
    Every cloud…….as they say.

    • No doubt Lilly Mong will position herself in front of the TV cameras giving it large by saying the UK isn’t doing enough and “not in my name” shit before pretending to cry blah blah.

      Well all she has to do is fly over to Indonesia and adopt a few of these poor sods and let them live in her home along with those Syrian refugees she was crying about last year.

  12. Not so long back the EU fuckers we insisting we renamed Waterloo Station and Trafalgar Square because it was unkind to the Frogs.

    We told them to fuck off and now we have Place Jo Fucking Cox FFS!!!

    The French? Been our natural enemies for centuries so nothing new today.

    Fuck ’em all to hell…

    • Thankfully Place Jo Cox is in Brussels where it belongs.

      Interesting fact: if it wasn’t for Jo Cox’s last minute nomination of Jeremy Corbyn in his original Labour leadership contest, Momentum and the hard-left would not be in control of the party today.

    • Perhaps our Europals could have a Rue de la Brendan Cox where all the Romanian prozzies can ply their trade?
      I’m all for this cross cultural bollocks me.

      • Oh but I’m sure Brendan apologised. Regret is felt if some individuals experienced inappropriateness. It has encouraged me to reflect deeply on issues around gender experience in the workplace. I would ask for forgiveness at this difficult time. Yep.

  13. as per usual those affected by natural disaster stand in the wreckage of their surroundings and ask God for help . or here we have Muslims declaring ‘ God is Great! ‘. yeh thats rights, that would be the very God who you fuckin insist ‘ created’ the Earth which obviously means that same God must have been responsible for the carnage you find yourself in the middle of, you fuckin dumb stupid fuckers!

  14. France’s greatest ever Military Leader was an Italian (Napoleone di Buonaparte) so is it any wonder that the Froggies are considered a bunch of shirkers and cowards .I mean the Italians themselves have always been a military laughing stock so to have one of them considered your greatest general must be humiliating.

  15. Everyone know the story of Lord Uxbridges leg. End of Waterloo, Uxbridge has had a bad day but we’re winning with the Prussians. Uxbridge on horse next to Wellington, last canister shot of the day hits Uxbridge. He turns to Wellington and says, ‘by god sir, I seem to have lost my leg!’ Wellington replies,’by god sir, so you have!’. That my froggy friends, is a stiff upper lip! He he

  16. Baby born to a transgender man could be the first child in Britain to not legally have a mother…..…/Leading-judge-rule-transgender-mans-baby-not-legally-…

    Absolute madness. The degenerate can waste as much Court time and taxpayer money as it likes,but no legal ruling,surgery or self-delusion can change the fact that people can not “change” sex. It is just not possible.

    It,and it’s ilk, need commmitting to a mental’s prison,not indulging in their sheer lunacy.

    Fuck Off.

    • Link hasn’t worked,but you probably get the gist….woman has baby,becomes a “man”,wants to be registered as Father. etc… nothing unusual.

      • All very run of the mill in today’s Britain… Fatherhood soon to be abolished anyway, so surprised it bothered.

        Anything to wind up normal people I suppose.

      • We’re all fucking toxic mate dontcha know. Unless you want your bin emptying, your house building, your bog fixed, your electric reinstated in a snow storm, your road built, your alternator replaced, your fucking food grown, your tele, phone,plane,car fucking invented. Nope, still a rapist in waiting.

      • We should all strike, see how long the country lasts. See how many women go do the jobs men do. For instance working in a sewer, oil rig you know the dangerous jobs.

      • If I went outside now and cut 2 wheels off my car it wouldn’t then become a motorbike, and conversely if i put 2 wheels on my motorbike it wouldn’t be a fecking car.

    • It’s probably better off not being associated with its deviant parent.

      Dominic Grieve, the odious little arsewipe (that looks like some sort of Hairy Prostate perv), needs Grievous Bodily Cunting urgently. Has stuck his upper part above the parapet, and is whining for another referendum. He is a gobshite wot should have been dropped on his head at birth.

      Hold a spot on the Wall of Cunt… He’d fit in well between slimy Salmon and the Five Gates of Hell

  17. Just watched that slimy useless piece of snot Appeaser May on Andrew Marr this morning. Looking and sounding ever more deranged, NOT ONE question did she deign to answer. Must be the only cunt in the cuntry who still doesn’t know what the EU wants.

    It’s to punish us you stupid bitch, and fleece us of £billions for fuck all in return. Got it?!

  18. Mavis doesn’t understand that her attempt to please everyone is total bollocks. The Chequers shit is hated by the leavers and the Remoaners. More importantly the EU fascists aren’t interested……. they are going to piss on everything because they only want to take our money, tell us what to do and funnel as many immos and Eurotrash cunts our way as they can.
    They are going to say no to everything because they want a second referendum. They have pulled it off in the past so why shouldn’t they do it again?
    I wish I could say that I don’t believe we will swallow their cocks but I live in a society where millions of cunts piss their pants with excitement watching sad fuckers baking cakes.

  19. And the latest in a long, long line of Presidential cunts is – Macron The Grannyshagger!

    This Concorde-nosed Blair lover / Johnny come lately is barely out of nappies yet manages to upset even his own cuntrymen with his high-handed entitled behaviour.
    Not content with lavishing millions on some godforsaken abandoned seaside palace he truly demonstrated full cuntery by upbraiding some overexcited kid for not calling him Mr President.

    The garlic munching cunts are welcome to him.

  20. Yes the French are cunts for electing Macron, a boy sexually abused by his teacher such that he has Stockholm Syndrome, and who defends her to the point of marrying her and shagging her into grannyhood. How cuntish is that?

    • Madame “strap-on” Macron. Not difficult to see who wears Le pantalon in that relationship.

  21. The Frogs have never, and will never, get over the fact that English has become, for many reasons and a few accidents, the language of the World. They cannot understand or accept it. It infuriates them every minute of every day.

    Personally I don’t mind them. Sure they’re lazy, incompetent, smell sourly of toilets, have a ridiculously overrated view of themselves, have average food, moan and revolt about everything, have historically-miniature testes, are lackadaisical in morality, have piss-poor timekeeping, can’t play cricket, own the sense of humour of a cat, use irony as often as they use toilet paper, expect the World to continually bail them out, have shit plumbing systems, never created a Shakespeare or Dickens or even an Austen, think music started with Charles Aznavour and finished with Serge “Yewtree” Gainsborough, kissed Yank arse but despise themselves for it, had a leader as sappy as D Gaulle (like a “startled gazelle caught in the bath” – Churchill), overuse the subjunctive mood, belong to the worse strain of Fairy-believers (Catholics – psh!), wear berets, play boules but not darts, drink foul aniseed-flavoured concoctions, lost Agincourt despite five times the Albion army, endlessly boast about their 1000 types of inedible cheese though are unable to perfect Cheddar and have a National Anthem that’s the aural equivalent of chewing cabbage. Nonetheless, I don’t mind our haughty neighbours.

    • I’m given to understand that whilst English is the universal language for hairyplanes, the frog Paris ATC refuse to speak anything but French. Dunno if it’s true.

      • Oui, c’est vrai Antoinne. Mais c’est evident pour les ognion mangeurs, et les moutons encoulers, n’est-ce pas?

      • Every week in the 70s French at school the ex war teacher would tell the same joke. Bloody RAF, if they survived landing in France would rush up to the nearest froggie and exclaim, je suis anglais et j’ai crashé Mon avion. Always always funny.

    • Don’t forget post modernism came out of France, so all this lazy entitled millennial snowflakery, transbenderism and bumfoolery is all the fault of the French. Oh, and Marx was heavily influenced by far left French cunts so indirectly they are responsible for 100 million communist deaths too.

      Fucking French cunts, why they didn’t just keep on rummaging in their trousers and shrugging their shoulders and leave the rest of the world alone I just don’t know.

  22. There’s a story that might or mightn’t be true but it’s brilliant:

    To celebrate their alliance with Turkey, they took the croissant (Austrian invention, though Frog-claimed) and magnified it to supreme importance. The shape was a crescent (hence “croissant” moon, like the Turkish fuckers’ flag.

    The Brits, always wanting to insult the Les Grenoilles, stuck a sausage in it and, Le voila! The sausage roll was born.

    • Sausage roll my arse! That was toad in the hole.
      Either way we invented both of them so the Abduls and the Frogs can fuck right off.

  23. I recall a small disagreement on here a few years ago when, in a prior cunting of the Frogs, I admitted that French women do it for me. It was with Birdman.
    Alas, poor chap. Some fine cuntings from that fellow.

  24. Was in pub beer garden a while back in Hereford. Big group there, obviously some froggies, earwigged they were over for wedding. Now I’m an ugly old git, I smoke, and youngish totty wanders over and asks for a light. Naturally, I’m all bien sur in my best schoolboy. Cheeky cow says, it’s la feu actually (maybe le, I forget). I was only trying the Entente cordiale but I think she thought I was coming on to her.

  25. I used to date a French man. DIRTY fucker in the bedroom,lounge,hall,lift,etc. Nympho fucking maniac he was.

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