Ilhan Kyuchyuk

Ilhan Kyuchyuk is deserving of a nomination for anti-Brexit cunt. Kyuchyuk is a Bulgarian ‘liberal’ MEP, who is currently recruiting fellow bell-ends to form a flash mob who will dance, hold out banners, hand out leaflets and generally show the world how much they despise democracy by bringing attention to Kyuchyuk’s own anti-Brexit crusade. It will be staged in Brussels at the EU summit on 28th, and will involve having to spend one evening a week for the next three or four weeks being professionally coached.

Being an MEP, it’s hard not to suspect that Kychyuk is nothing more than a puppet, albeit a willing one. He may be the face of the latest act of democracy denial, but Juncker, Barnier and the rest are very much the puppet masters. And a flash mob? For fuck’s sake! Flash mobs are for retards and dipshits, so I guess it’s the perfect thing for anti-Brexiters. This is the thing that makes me the most angry about the endless attempts to subvert the democratic will of the British people, foreigners sticking their noses into our business. He maybe an MEP, but our decision to leave has got fuck all to do with Kyuchyuk. He has no right to try to stop Brexit. And has been pointed out already, neither do Miller or Soros.

The EU is dying, and it fucking deserves to. It’s an evil organisation, led by evil scumbags. Hopefully, Italy will deliver the coups degras, because there’s fuck all chance of May the Meek doing it.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw