David Gauke [2]


I can’t remember the specifics but I saw a note on my coffee table that aid “cunt David Gauke” and he was on telly (looking and sounding like an odious sleazy, cunty, cunty, cunting cunt) which jogged my memory.

I do recall Private Eye giving him various cuntings months / years back ‘cos he was / is some sort of finance minister rubber-stamping dodgy tax deals for tory sponsors.

If he told me he loved me I’d gladly shit in his mouth.

Nominated by: Frottom

David Gauke

Northern Ireland tax reform

May I be so bold as to nominate David Gauke M.P. as one of the biggest cunts of modern times?

I never thought I’d say this, but I believe he may even out-cunt Chris Huhne – such is his depth of cuntitude.

If ever a candidate for the lamp-post/piano-wire treatment were more deserving I don’t know of it. The utter, utter cunt.

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Nominated by : Caractacus