David Gauke

Northern Ireland tax reform

May I be so bold as to nominate David Gauke M.P. as one of the biggest cunts of modern times?

I never thought I’d say this, but I believe he may even out-cunt Chris Huhne – such is his depth of cuntitude.

If ever a candidate for the lamp-post/piano-wire treatment were more deserving I don’t know of it. The utter, utter cunt.

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Nominated by : Caractacus

2 thoughts on “David Gauke

  1. He’s still a cunt – read a blatant lie from him in the paper last week about Varoufakis being responsible for the fucked-up Greek economy. He was advocating further financial deregulation back in 2005 along with another cunt Harriet Baldwin, ex JP Morgan, now Economic Secretary to the Treasury. This whore sacked the FCA head because he was too hard on her bankster mates – what a cunt.

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