Clare Balding


Clare Fucking Balding, Writer (Of pretentious Shite) Presenter (Of any fucking rubbish that pays) Broadcaster (Now at the Fucking Olympics, Dear God, drolling on about fucking aquatic sporty shite ) and Shergar lookalike with disturbingly creepy lizard type eyes is a proper Grade A Cunt.

This talentless barge arsed Ditchpig of a woman should have stayed on the racing programmes talking about the horses she so closely resembles. Bad enough her cuntyness infected Wimbledon but she even managed to be the worst fucking presenter of a clutch of fuckwitted Cretins who destroyed the Queens Diamond Jubilee pageant.
A Bastard FuglyCunt who needs to be locked away in a dark soundproof cell, forever.

Nominated by : Ollie Burtons Granddad

6 thoughts on “Clare Balding

  1. Oh yes, I forgot to mention she is a fucking dyke as well. Not surprising really as no bloke would ever want to fuck her

  2. The BBC completely fucked the Queen’s Jubilee. Another reason why the BBC are cunts and don’t deserve the license fee.

  3. I literally just found this website by googling Clare Balding is a cunt after seeing her stupid cunt face in the Metro this morning! Haven’t laughed this much in ages!

    • Haha. That is exactly what I googled to come to this page. And now I’m pissing myself laughing. Love it!

  4. This obnoxious fat fuck should have been sacked after taking the piss out of Grand National winning jockey Liam Treadwells manky gnashers in his moment of glory. Treadwell now has a set of pearly whites but Balding is still a fat ugly lezzer.

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