Chris Grayling

Chris Grayling

Chris Grayling – the most decietful, lying, mean, poor hating Tory cunt that wants to abolish benefits and bring back the workhouse. This man needs a good cunting!

He is Iain Duncan Smith’s vile lacky and has aspirations to be Adolf Hitler!

Nominated by : I Hate Tory Tossers

10 thoughts on “Chris Grayling

  1. Yes, not to be taken lightly when someone represents the one whom wants people to think that he does not exist?…Satan. and not what a samurai sword cannot fix in the early hours in his bedroom. Yes lets go medieval for the select , ie hamza etc. Is everyone a coward in this age

  2. mike again, I suppose I should not have mentioned that level of violence etc., but he is still a ****, and he reminds me of a particular banking boss from Barclays? Are these ***** distantly related? as they seem of a similar ilk. I can sense that their ancestors were not in charge of anything military because GB would have lost those battles; with nonsense! These are guys that are masquerading as intelligent and capable people, but their blank faces, and a I’m in charge demeanor surely give the game away. Why are we taken in, is it the man with the horns that is putting his guys in charge?
    Mr Grayling, do not think that you are being in anyway revolutionary in your ideas, it is just that other people are not stupid enough to even mention them! He is like a 3 year old telling everyone about lego for the first time.
    I feel I have dug myself a hole, spiritually, in slagging a **** as we should only be spending time correcting their mess, Also I hope that some divine intervention will break though the clouds in this current period and put his guys in charge again instead of all these people whom support OTT regulations and laws etc. etc………….
    Ok I am being bitchy, so what. Maybe it is time to start praying for them to change.
    There is a lot of bad feeling about what he is presenting and one day there may be a revolution? Where is that Les again when you need him; what’s his surname again? oh yes, Miserable!
    I’ll clear off now

  3. Ghastly fascist doctrinaire Thatcherite; I see his smug tory face and yellow rodent teeth on the TV and wish he’d have an aneurysm. On screen.Truly.

  4. I hate this man. I hate what he represents. I
    detest him as much as Adrian Beecroft. These people do not deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us.what they represent is alien to decency.

  5. The cunt, now Leader of HOC, is looking at neutering Freedom of Information, apparently because some journos are using the information (probably redacted and/or sanitised anyway) to write articles embarrassing to HMG.
    And he may have had a face-lift because he looks an even smarmier cunt now.

  6. Looking at the picture… is he a lemon-sucker? Something Larry Grayson about him… Does not deserve to breathe air full stop. CUNT. Red-hot poker up the arse.

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