I would like to nominate the website BOWIEWONDERWORLD for being a cunt en masse.Whether or not one thinks Bowie himself is a cunt is irrelevant: just read the message board of Bowiewonderworld and despair of all the fuckwitted cuntery on display on a daily basis. Cunts posting youtube links of entire (non-Bowie) albums, cunts posting links to news items in the Daily Mail, fat cunts, thin cunts, mentally ill cunts who have half a dozen different log-in IDs so that they can have long conversations with themselves!

Added to which, if you ever try to parody the site, the owner Paul Kunter tries to get your parody removed with accusations of bullying or copyright breach, the whining, ginger, midget cunting cunt.

However I know THIS site will resist all his snivelling threats and therefore I say, loud and proud, BOWIE-CUNTING-WONDERWORLD AND ALL THE MORONIC CUNTS WHO POST THERE ARE THE BIGGEST CUNTING CUNTS ON THE CUNTING PLANET!

Nominated by : Zainez

4 thoughts on “BowieWonderWorld

  1. i agree after ziggy stardust bowie became irrelevant he also fucked up iggy pops career and became his butt buddy iggy should of stayed in the stooges cause when they reunited they sucked , he also screwed over mick ronson which can’t be forgiven david bowie is a power hungry egomanic who loves himself more than anyone else and has ruined others to get to the top

  2. I was partial to a bit of Bowie up until Scary Monsters… Then he got a yellow granny perm and started all that ‘slick’ 80s shite with ‘Let’s Dance’… Tony Visconti was well pissed off when Bowie got Nile Rogers to produce the ‘Let’s Dance’ album… It may have been polished, extremely 80s and very commerical, but it didn’t have what Visconti brought to Bowie’s work… Now Bowie is back with Tony, and coincidentally ‘The Next Day’ is his best album in years..

  3. Fucking he’ll at last somewhere I cam admit I couldnt give a flying fuck at a rolling donut at Bowie dying. He’s been irrelevant for the last 35 years.

  4. Hello cunts – I’m not really dead, I’m sitting here reading the Daily Mail and listening to the 12” dance remix of Dancing Out In Space, Tony Visconti gave me 2 copies, I’m playing one copy and the other copy is still sealed in my Bowie shrine (my spare bedroom). For the record (no pun intended) I admit ripping everyone off with trades and then blocking their email addresses – believe me, gastric band surgery surgery doesn’t come cheap so I had to fund it by selling all the CDs and vinyl I scammed off you losers. Loved the latest video, As Oscar Wilde said “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”. Toodle pip !

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