Barack Obama [15]

Just got some from my revolting armpit of an office and what do I see on the news websites? Deep joy – Trump has taken a massive shit all over the absurd rule which sought to give young ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS the right to stay in the US and a path to citizenship which they don’t deserve and should not have. YES!

And guess who has crawled out from under his rock to flap his lips about something which no longer has anything to do with him? That’s right – that massive, ocean going, industrial strength cunt Hussein Obama.

Two things:
1. Round up all the illegal cunts and invite them to leave peacefully and of their own accord within 24 hours. If they don’t send them back home in a body bag.
2. Someone please tell that cunt Obummer to shut the fuck up. You had your turn you utter turd, now fuck off out of it. Cunt!

Nominated by Imitation Yank

Paul Leighton

Emergency cunting for Paul Leighton.

Looks like a sex offender, doesn’t he? Well, he is.

Kiddy-fiddler? Rapist? Nothing as simple as that, fellow cunters. Leighton had set up between 30-40 fake teenage aliases (both male and female) on Facebook which he used to befriend young teenagers all over the world, from whom he solicited nude photos and/or compromising videos. As soon as the images were obtained by Leighton, he immediately began to blackmail the senders, threatening to send their pictures and videos to all their Facebook friends and families if they did not immediately comply with his demands.

And what were those demands? Here are a few examples –

Leighton coerced a terrified 15-year-old American girl into abusing her 10-month-old sister while he watched and filmed the abuse via webcam;

A 14-year-old boy from Florida was instructed to repeatedly rape his 12-month-old niece while Leighton watched/filmed via webcam;

A 13-year-old girl in Tennessee was blackmailed into having sex with her 19-year-old brother while Leighton watched/filmed via webcam.

Leighton admitted three counts of rape as well as numerous other offences, including blackmail, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, making indecent photographs of a child and sexual assault. Plod believes he had more than 100 victims in North America alone, but found evidence that he had also blackmailed kids in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Two days ago he was sentenced to sixteen years which to my mind seems a bit on the lenient side, so I’m inviting suggestions for more suitable punishments for Leighton…

Nominated by Fred West.

Munroe Bergdorf

Can we join in a unanimous cunting for Vogue and its first transgender model Munroe Bergdorf and the whole PC\Diversity bollocks please?

Vogue in it’s rush to be seen as diverse, PC and right on thought it was harvesting the high fruit when it hired the chick with the dick as a model. We are all gender fluid and race neutral after all.

Now Munroe spends all “her” time trying to look like a woman and despite the fact he is obviously a geezer down to heavy use of makeup and possibly a bleaching agent it’s not so easy to tell she he he is also of ethnic origin.

Geezer Munroe took her rusty but very heavy irony bar and mashed herself around the head by tweeting “all whites are racist” and the walking version of animal\vegetable\fuck knows what it is has been fired for her/his/its failure to embrace diversity.

Never mind love, if you had bothered to read ISAC now and then you would be fully aware that being a cunt has no boundaries, racial, gender or sexual persuasion.

You Mr\Mrs\Miss\Ms Bergdorf are a cunt and your name sounds like it should be German for dog shit.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

I’d like to go mano-a-mano and give a high noon cunting to gender-bender extraordinaire Munroe Bergdorf. Who? Exactly. Who. Or more specifically, ‘what’.

This fucking transgender specimen, possibly now only 5% cock but 100% prime, bullshit-reared cunt has been desperate for attention recently, by claiming that all white people are racist. Insisiting that it is ‘ALL’ whites. Not enough that ‘it’ lost it’s fucking job as a model for L’Oreal for such a divisive, neo-lib attention seeking outburst on FaceBook, the fucker is now doing the rounds and got an almighty tolchoking from cunt Piers Morgan on GMTV this morning. Now, Morgan’s cuntitude is stratospheric to be sure, but when standing up to this freak he was spot on.

Why is it that any fucker a slightly browner shade than Shakespeare’s Sister has carte blanche to demonise the entire spectrum of ‘white’? Remember almighty cunt and hypocrite Jason Osamede OKUNTdaye recently, who spouted similar on Twitter, before folding like a cheap fucking tent and closing his Twitter account to avoid the backlash, no doubt to retreat to his fucking ‘safe space’. Notwithstanding the fact that OKUNTdaye enjoyed every supposed ‘white privilege’ going, and had been afforded a prestigious position in a seat of learning from a supposed ‘white institution’.

Back to this fucking Bergdorf abomination though – the core of it’s message seems to be that colonialism (that old fucking chestnut) somehow logically means that everyone born hundreds of years after the fact is a, quote, “violent white racist”. Munroe later refined this during the Morgan interview as “Straight, white, homophobic violent white racist men.” This fucking freak has so many cards to play of course! Tell me, do the fucking Turks submit to this constant self-flagellation of old colonial guilt for their Ottoman forefathers? Does Italy have to constantly bow it’s head when reminded of the actions of the Romans?

What bothers me most of all is why the fuck are such cunts allowed a platform to spout this level of divisive bollocks? Tommy Robinson gets hauled over the coals for far, far less. This is hate speech, pure and simple – baseless, factually incorrect, totally uninformed unadulterated bollocks. Yet because the cunt ticks so many diversity boxes, they get treated as if they are expressing an ‘opinion’. Funny enough, if I express an opinion that the Pakistani community in Yorkshire have a problem sexually abusing young white girls, then that is deemed unacceptable. Why? It bears more correlation to actual events than the horse-shit spouted by this fucking creature.

Of course, any hate this monstrosity receives will undoubtedly fuel it’s confirmation bias – on this occasion though, I am happy to oblige. Fight cunts with fire!

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

Football [4]

I personally think football is totally vacuous and total Bollocks. Blokes running about kicking a ball.
Well that’s the beginning and end of it as far as I can see.
Some twits with small head get so excited when there teem hits the ball into a net more times than the other twits in different shirts do, and in reality these twits can’t see that nothing whatsoever has changed around them, everything is still the bloody same as it was before.
I recon that if the media etc spent as much time ranting and raving about tiddlywinks as they do this kids playground pass-time game you’d see the same Burks behaving in just the same fashion as they do now with this vacuum of a dead end pursuit.
Its literally become a religion with its elders, saints, heroes and sacred places etc.
You’d complain if the Jehovah’s whiteness forced there way into your home and force fed you with their religion every time you watched the news and had to put up with them suddenly appearing as you change the channels. how’d you feel if you had to listen to muggs enthusing about their peaceful religion in the cafe, waiting for the bus,train or where ever.
Well I’m not falling for it and you should see through this utter contempt and insult to public intelligence hype too , Bloody wast of time and fucking irritating.
LOL. 🙂

Nominated by Blue Van Man

Eddie Izzard [4]

I know Eddie Izzard has been cunted before, but I’ve just seen the fucktard doing an appeal for UNICEF, wearing a UNICEF t-shirt and full make-up – because of course he’s a tranny and demands tranny rights to wear make-up (and/or women’s clothes) in public because, you know, that’s his “right” as an “out” tranny.

And yet in the film clips of Izzard visiting Yemen used in the appeal, cunters may be interested to learn that there’s one thing suspiciously absent from Izzard’s appearance: no make-up and no women’s clothes (not even a sly kitten heel). So obviously the cunt is able to make judgement calls about when it’s appropriate and when it’s not appropriate to indulge his hobby of dressing up, there’s no “irresistible inner compulsion” he’s unable to control. Yet when he’s out and about doing his political campaigning or appearing on Question Time spouting his badly thought-out drivel, the cunt unfailingly turns up in a scarlet beret and painted nails. If the cunt was not in the entertainment industry, would he dare turn up to a job interview dressed like that? Of course he wouldn’t. Which leads me to the inescapable conclusion he’s just an attention-seeking cunt of the highest order who should not be afforded any special privileges at all – in fact, if any cunters ever spot him in the street, perhaps they could question him as to why he chose to forego his make-up and drag in Yemen… (and then, while he’s replying, just walk away and say “I don’t fucking care – I think you’re a cunt”).

Nominated by Fred West