Lewis Goodall

Lewis Goodall of Sky News must be nominated. A sneering arrogant remoaner who used his entire report on Nigel Farage to denigrate him and his supporters. At least, that’s what I think he was doing, as he seemed to mumble virtually all the way through it.
A grade one, up-himself metro tosser, if ever there was one.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Max Wakefield


A rubber cunting please for the 31 year old man baby Max Wakefield, who has decided to bring the inflatable “Trump baby” back for the Presidents three day visit on June 3rd. The vacuous arsewipe is claiming that it is more than a joke this time:


Well, it is a joke, or, more especially Wakefield and his bunch of cretinous mates are a joke. No doubt they will be aided and abetted by the London Moron, sorry Mayor, Sad Dick Kunt, who would be better advised to concentrate on trying to run London (as much as the witless wonder can) and leave the satire to professional comedians rather than this bunch of Britain’s Got No Talent arseholes who probably wouldn’t even have the minimal amount of talent needed for that elephants graveyard of light entertainment.

If Wakefield was 18 he might be excused for being a very silly pissed as a fart student blowing his grant on stupid tricks but he is meant to be a bloody man. What a fuckwit, and shame on Osborne’s comic for reporting the story which such absurd gravitas. Let’s hope the Donald’s security men can have a quiet word with the motherfucker.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Hong Kong Police

A major cunting please for the Hong Kong Police & their nazi like thuggish brutality against the extradition protesters.

Now I know there are many injustices in the world, and people’s protests and government clamping down of such is not new, but I was watching footage of these protests today (12th June) & I was jaw droppingly staggered at what I was seeing ….

First, 5 riot police surrounded a guy sitting on a wall, who already seemed dazed & confused & was certainly no threat to 5 body armoured police – they sprayed pepper into his face 9n a steady stream and hearded him away.

Second, I saw a young teenager, standing still, filming police, no outward agression at all – 4 riot police dragged him down & threw him back into another group of 4-5 police who started wailing on this kid with battons repeatedly. The kid was rolling on the floor trying to stop blows to his head with his bare arms.

I’ve seen some shocking stuff on news coverage but this was something else entirely. The Chinese have never been champions of human rights, but Christ Almighty this was absolutely sickening.

Nominated by Lord of the Rings

Bring Me The Horizon

I would like to nominate the so called band “Bring Me The Horizon.”
What a fucking bunch of preening cunts they are.
They released a new album and it is was a load of old cunt. They sold out on theirfans and presented an album which was for cunts by cunts.
I do not know what happened to this band. Perhaps they got fucked up their cunts by music industry executives.
Also I live in Adelaide, Australia and this bunch of Bring Me The Cunts decided not to play a gig in my town. Not that I would have gone to see them again (yes I have seen these cunts twice before..when they were not cunts playing cunt music).
So fuck these cunts. Sell outs and well and truly cunted their fans.

Nominated by Jonny Cuntsville

The Australian Telegraph and Ms Eryn Jean Norvill

The Austalian Telegraph and Ms Eryn Jean Norvill are cunts

Geoffrey Rush has been one of the screens best actors of recent years famous in roles such as The Kings Speech and Pirates of the Carribean. He’s had the last few years of his life and career ruined but lying cunt of the #meetoo movement Eryn Jean Norvill and the Telegraph that printed those lies. He’s been awarded A$3m in acknowledgment of these slanderous accusations which is a lot fucking more than most victims of malicious lies made by lying bitches can expect. The judge called Ms Norvill ‘prone to exaggeration’, wouldn’t it be nice for the establishment to call fake sex-assualt-claimants what they actually are for a change? Or for lying cunts to receive the same criminal penalty as to which their intended victim could’ve expected had the courts believed their fabrications?

And this cunt of a newspaper actually argued for the right to continue publishing these malicious career-destroying lies saying ‘the injunction on re-publishing allegations could have a chilling effect on coverage of the #MeToo movement’. Truth matters nothing to some people or fair-play – just lie, grab the money and run. Fuck Off.

Nominated by MandroidZ