Mohammed Akunjee

A peaceful but legal cunting, your Honours for this nasty piece of trash who is the “lawyer” for the family of the 19 year old whore and Jihadist fancier, Shamima Begum. Apparently the little trollop has now dropped her baby (a boy the poor little cunt) and is clearly working to rehabilitate the strumpet. “It’s a boy” says his recent twat:

How could any decent person have sympathy for this girl and her rancid family, even if being paid for legal services.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Ailing MPs

A gentle, RIP cunting please, for those “honourable” members of parliament who really do feel they are a special case and the usual rules of employment don’t apply to them.

These thoughts are bought on by the death yesterday of 84 year old Labour MP, Paul Flynn, who, by his own admission, had been bedridden for some months. He has been described as a “principled” man, yet it seems his principles didn’t stop him from claiming his £77,000 a year to do a job he was apparently physically incapable of doing.

Mr Flynn is by no means alone in continuing to get paid for political work long after he was incapable of doing it – so many MPs of all parties seem to keep their seats only to expire “after a long illness”.

Mr. Flynn was going to stand down when “the time was right” and he was a Remainer who wanted a second referendum. Sadly, like so many of them he believed rules were for other people.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs



Officially The Confederation of British Industry, in reality Cunts, Bastards and Idiots.
The relentless Remain agenda and threats to their comfortable boardroom lifestyles on the backs of the workforce. Of course it’s in their interests in Free Movement allowing them to import an endless supply of cheap foreign labour and maximise their obscene bonuses and share options.

Big business in this country has become synonymous with tax avoidance, speculation, over-remuneration ….. all cushioned by a declining Exchange Rate allowing them to export ever more cheaply.

The CBI are no more than the association of spivs in suits designed to lend them an air of respectability.

Nominated by Isaac Hunt



I’m surprised no one has already cunted this.
The highlight of the evening was Andy Sirkismyass, stating “film without music is like Queen without Freddie Mercury”……..Funny they’ve toured several times as Queen without him. Anyway he then made a weak reference to Britain without Europe or some such bollocks.

At the end of the day just by looking at the nominees you knew it was either going to be the black person, the woman, a film no one has heard or or some Johnny Foreigner.

BAFTA, acronym for


Nominated by Halloween Cunthook

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson the latest to nail her colours to the genderless narrative deserves a cunting.
Quoted as stating this about her newborn baby with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, that she doesn’t Know which gender her newborn daughter will identify as, so she and her boyfriend are taking a ‘genderless’ approach to raising her.
She’s a girl you cunt, she’ll know she’s a girl, like practically every other little girl in the world. She’ll only get confused about her gender when you weird cunts start messing with her mind and introducing this third fictitious sex. Fuck me this baby should have every privilege in the world being born to you, yet you decide to leap on the gender express and ruin any chance she has of a normal stable life you total cunt.
A sub cunting to the boyfriend who chose to blow his beans up this fuckers chuff and not having the balls to tell her she’s a fucked up, media craving sorry excuse for a mother.
Incidentally Hudson now has 3 kids by 3 different fathers and no doubt we’ll see all of them in some sort of therapy before they hit adulthood. God help any other kids this cunt manages to produce.

Nominated by Bellendiousmaximus