Jedward (4)

How come have Jedward not been cunted yet?

Last time I heard of these cunts was several years ago. When they were a very crappy Irish novelty act with shit hair. Nothings and nobodies…

But now they have resurfaced. And are spouting disrespectful shit about the late Queen. One ‘gem’ included them blaming Elizabeth II for what previous English Monarchs had done to the Irish in past centuries. Well, if they want to play that game, we could blame Jedward for all the IRA’s atrocities and murders.

The joke is those two plastic Fenian cream puffs have probably never even been near Ulster, never mind lived or served there. And they still won’t let up, as they thrive on another fifteen minutes of fame and ‘controversy’. These two semtex bummers are now calling for the monarchy to be abolished. For a start, what the fuck have British affairs got to do with two talentless spudfuckers? And the cunts are also sickeningly pro Markle. Well, that tells us all we need to know.

I thought some Irish media gobshite would put their retarded head over the parapet after Her Majesty’s demise. My bets were on Sinead O’ Cuntor, Cuntlin Moran, Bob Geldaft, Gerry Adams and Morrissey. But Jedward?!🤣🤣 Utter clowns, but I do hope that both get the hatred and retribution they deserve. The cunts.

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Nominated by: Norman

Feral Girls Attack

Two articles, same story.

The first is about a load of young girls from the caravan club kicking off inside and out of (surprise, surprise McDonalds) Assaulting people by throwing bottles of drink, abusive, aggressive- general breach of the peace type stuff. They were subsequently ejected by security for the protection of other diners, staff and the premises. Meanwhile, whilst this was going on my wife happened to having lunch in a nearby Thai restaurant with my mates wife, and apparently the male contingent were causing a ruckus in there by generally taking over the place, and some of the associated ‘girls’ who had managed to obtain food from McDonalds before being thrown out were being let in to the Thai restaurant by the charver lads so they could eat thier happy meals in the Thai restaurant- naturally it then started kicking off in there as the owners weren’t too chuffed about it.

Here’s the link to this story:

Kent Online Story #1.

A few days pass, and then we get this story:

Kent Online Story #2.

I really don’t have anything else to add, other than is it any wonder we are becoming a lawless society? Where’s the deterrent to people who cause this and throwing a drink over a pregnant woman is now not an offence?

Back in my day, if you were pulled into a police station for doing things like in the first story you would leave with a few more scuff and bruises than you had before you arrived, after mysteriously ‘falling down the stairs’ at the station whilst in custody.

Nominated by: Chuff Chugger

Fitzwilliam College and Christian Values

”Christian group blocked from holding conference at Cambridge college”

because its values were “not compatible with the values of the college”,

A college, founded on Christian beliefs and culture now finds those beliefs wrong because the Christian group believes that marriage should be between opposite sexes, amongst other things. Perfectly compatible with the bible, if not Welby, as far as I’m concerned.

But my point is:-

Would these anti Christian woke morons have blocked an Islamic conference?
And how far back do these college ‘values’ go? Who decides what they should be? Where do they come from?

This week. They may change next week, depending on who is vilified on twatter.

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Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The Death of Nicknames

I never hear people called by a nickname these days…presumably people are afraid to give each other nicknames for fear of offending someone or getting arrested for “hate-speech”.

I remember a few really clever ones over the years….There was an idle bugger whose surname was “Keane”,,,he was known as “Notso”. A landlord who had lost a limb and short-changed people when they were pissed..he was “The One-Armed Bandit”. A young ‘un called “Brown” who was known as “Strangely” due to the fact he appeared to have a touch of the tarbrush despite his parents being white. “Grizzly” who was a very plain, dumpy little woman who wore a long fake-fur coat when prowling about the village and was a maneater.

Yet none of them ever spat the dummy about their nicknames…took it all as a joke…nowadays they’d be suffering from PTSD and organising a GoFundMe appeal to send them on a holiday to get over the trauma.
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Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler..Mayor of Simpleton

The Great ‘British’ Woke Off [3]

My wife watches this shit (Honest, not me, never .No) Anyway where to start:

There are 12 cunts in the tent. By demographics this should be 2 effniks and perhaps 1 uphill gardener.
However, as usual there has been massive racial discrimination. Against guess who?

We have 5 effniks, mostly not even British as per programme title. One appears to be of the gay persuasion.
A Pole who also lifts shirts. But is white.
What may or may not be a trannie.
2 Jocks, one of whom seems a bit limp wristed.
2 ‘normal’ women. Yes, just 2.

Add the completely unfunny pair of cunts who engage in ‘banter’ One of whom looks like a victim of the gay plague. The other is simply a cunt.

And there we have C4 version of modern Britain. God help us.

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