“Poor” Nurses

Clap our hands, smash those bedpans together, and – nurse! – the screens as I dare to cunt those “angels”, the nurses. The poor overworked darlings with their bustling 50 inch arses, which look as if they were designed by the man who designed the Standard Vanguard Mark One, are going on strike, because the poor darlings (according to the Daily Mirror and the BBC, which are really the same thing) are so hungry they subsit on patients leftovers:

Mirror Link.

For years some of these bovine wimminz and fruity men have traded on the “angels” trademark, as though they were a cross between Mother Theresa and Shirley Eaton from Carry On Nurse (Nurse Bell, Ding-Dong, Carry On). In reality they are just as grasping as any other occupation, some are very good indeed but many of the lazy bleeders hide behind them. I have a nurse as a neighbour who never misses an opportunity to go sick, because of her menopause., or her granddaughter needs to be looked after while mum has a spa day.

As for eating the patients food, the size of some of them probably means that the Food Bank can’t fully meet their demands for filling their faces all day. How did people do before Food Banks were invented ?. After I first left the RN some of the jobs I did were very low paid, and with a young wife (who luckilly didn’t eat as much in those days and the only daytime TV was Play School, Bill & Ben, occasional racing from Kempton Park and schools broadcasts) to support and then a baby son, I sometimes had two jobs – daytime and evening, and we were poor – I am not saying that the mice went around in overalls, but we were poor, but my pride would not have allowed me to take free food or anything else off anybody. No child allowance for single children in those days. Hence the evening job.

I refuse to accept that ANY nurse has any need for these ridiculous Love On the Dole antics, unless they spend a lot of time in high end fashion outlets and buy their groceries from Fortnum and Mason.

These people are going out of their way to beg for sympathy and for that reason I cunt them as total f***ing union and political malcontents who are using strike action as a weapon to get the sodding Labourn party into power.

Nominated by: W.C. Boggs

And attending is Chuff Chugger with this:

I second this nom.

it is now a fallacy to believe medical staff are not well paid, and even if they were, then they fucking choose that career. If I complained to my mates down the pub I wasn’t getting paid enough, they would rIghtly say ‘well, fuck off and do something else then’

Here’s an NHS link to curreny vacancies and even the lowly of the low are starting on near £22k up North.


I don’t see any ‘poorly paid’ jobs there. It’s all bollocks……and quite frankly compared to the days when carry on films were made in real hospitals with real nurses all of which were minxy and wear stilletto heels and black stockings, todays nurses aren’t a patch on them.

…as for clapping people for doing the job they are getting paid for is taking the piss. But they were working during covid and putting themselves at risk I hear you say…….errrr yes, thats the sole purpose of a fucking nurse- to make ill people better. Not, I won’t be in for work today, because there’s a lot of covid around’ FFS

Finally, a haunting anecdote from Geordie Twatt:

In support of the ‘POOR’ NURSES nomination

My mother was a State Registered Nurse and member of the RCN in the 1950s at a time when nursing was a vocation and paid pin money.
This morning there’s bitter wind blowing here from the Scottish border hills where we scattered her ashes. I reckon it’s my mum showing her utter disgust at the many members of her profession who are putting their own greed above caring for others, for which they are already well rewarded today.

Broken Christmas Lights [6] And Christmas Crazies

Brief cunting here. Twice now I have bought new Christmas lights only to find, after much exasperating untangling, that they don’t work. I know, I know – you are supposed to plug them in and turn them on BEFORE you untangle them and hang them up, but our desire to see the new magical illuminations overrides that! 😀

I have banned the cunt that is Sellotape. I’ve used brass hooks to hang the lights this year, much better! 😀

No need for a link, just add this clip of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation…

(3 minutes)

Merry Christmas! 😀

Nominated by: Gordon

And on the subject of Christmas lights and decorations, check this out Gutstick Japseye

As soon as the imported overblown cash cow that Halloween has become is over, the Christmas cunts come out of the woodwork.

I don’t mean the corporate cunts who make a living out of it, I’m on about the balloon heads who go Christmas mental, and will drag out the festive season way beyond what is in any way reasonable.

I’m taking about those infantile cunts that tell you how many ‘sleeps’ it is until the big day, who put up the tree way before December, who cover their houses and gardens with all manner of cheap flashing tat, apparently to out Christmas anyone around them.

This is helped by having channels dedicated to showing Christmas films 24/7 from the middle of October. Who the fuck watches this shit?

And woe betide you question such behaviour, as then the patented cunt retorts of Bah humbug and Scrooge are thrown at you like you are the grumpy cunt, not the childlike mentalist.

There’s a house down the road from me, and within days it will be covered in ten foot inflatable Christmas shit, and enough lights that you could see it from fucking Pluto.
And they don’t have any kids, so what the fucking fuck?

I’m looking forward to the Christmas period, works do, time off spending it with family and friends, falling asleep on the settee after one rum too many.

There will be no glitter and tat in my house, I like it to be an oasis of respite from the commercialised tat fest that it has become, and for those cunts who think I’m a saddo or a killjoy for not behaving like a fucking imbecile, I will be enjoying myself, as I do throughout the rest of the year, as I don’t need a festival that is being dragged out as long as winter to be happy.

Have I Got News For You (3)

A nomination for ‘Have I Got News For You’ . Or as i’ve begun to call it, Have I got Gayblackandtokenfemales For You’

Paul and Ian look around the audience for approval. A gay guest panellist gives out a burst of camp, arse-crawling laughter.

A black guest panellist gives out a burst of faux-joyous, arse-crawling laughter.

A posh female guest panellist gives out a burst of coquettish, arse-crawling laughter.

A snarky host puts up an orange with wisps of something on top of it.
Who could it be?
Then a picture of Boris Johnson made of mashed potaro.
‘E’ looks better there dunnee? Wot u reckon cut price stormzy?”
‘Oh my days blud, dey made Boris outta mash potato, din dey? That is mental, fam!’
Audience; ‘Huwf-huwf-huwf! Aren’t we all so clever and up-to-the-minute on current affairs!’
Guest Host; ‘Haha , look at Jacob Rees Mogg! He’s a twit, and nearly as posh as i am!’

The token guests might laugh more than my dog, but she would probably say more than they do.

What a load of rancid cunt.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

And seconded by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Havent watched this for a few years, since it started with some man in a frock having a go about how Brexit voters were stupid. Tee hee.

Hislop is a smug public school metropolitan right on lefty. By god you want to punch the cunt.

Merton is not and has never been remotely funny. Guests are lefty twats unless they put on a conservative (far right by their values) type on, to be mocked.

It seems to be the Guardian’s attempt at humour.
I havent seen the show CP refers to but I suppose it is:-
Boris, tee hee.
Trump, tee hee.
And presumably Braverman tee hee.
Ad fucking infinitum.
BBC at it’s most dire.

(Here’s a taster – Day Admin You Tube Link  )

James Cleverley & Rishi Sunak [8]

A cunting for James Cleverley and may as well throw in Rishi Sunak.

Spaffing even more fucking money, my money not theirs, peoples taxes, the cunts aren’t content with pissing money down the sink at home as we have shit loads of cash may as well piss it away in Africa. (It’s all our fault, empire and all that)

Unbelievable, allegedly a black hole of 50 or 60 billion in the government finances but let’s make even bigger by awarding more money to shit holes.

It’s a good job they aren’t white, can’t have white saviours in Africa, but maybe they are only superficially black/brown.

Nothing changes regardless of leader, the only thing we can be sure of is that labour would piss even more away.


Nominated by: Sick of it

Miserable northern cunt isn’t happy with Dishy Rishi either

Tax weasel PM greasy Rishi has caught the green net zero bug that afflicted albino Boris.

The Grauniad Link.

He’s going to make the UK a green super power.
Luckily a lot of people will have frozen to death come spring,
And lost their homes and jobs,
Making space for the unchecked invasion of immigrants to replace them.

Hope they enjoy their green new world?

Fuck me.
Sat on a North sea oil field,
And buying up farmland for fuckin windmills?!!

Has it occurred to them that farmland might be better used growing food for this country rather than us holding out the begging bowl to Ukraine for grain?

Tory scum.

James Corden (11) – No Joke

Recently, we have seen this repulsive slab of lard as the cunt he really is (by being a total cunt to restaurant staff).

But now this vast sack of shit has proved his cunt credentials again. This time by nicking jokes off comedians like Ricky Gervais and Noel Fielding and passing them off as his own work.

Some knobheads might say ‘But… But,,, Isn’t all comedy like that?’ No, it isn’t You didn’t see Monty Python do ‘Kitten Kong’ or The Goodies do ‘Spanish Inquisition’. They did their own stuff and that was it. Corden is just a lazy thieving fat cunt, and even his dreadful Car Pool Karaoke was pinched off someone else.

People are seeing through this cunt more and more. And I hope this is the beginning of the end and the end of the pier for the fat shit.

edinburghnews News Link

Nominated by: Norman