Rose Hudson-Wilkin

Who the fuck? The Bishop of Dover and an MBE no less.

Heard her on the radio last night crying and weeping over the poor dinghy rats. Oh .. they are so put upon, oh we need to welcome them all and give these poor people succour and comfort.

Yeah, just fuck off cunt. Clearly jockeying for Welby’s job so get your money on now. This bitch isn’t even British…..born in Montego Bay. Let’s dump all these Peacefuls over there and see how they like it. In the meantime shut your fucking gob you race baiting, libtard sack of shit.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

Sheffield City Council and the Clean Air Zone

Well, I’m almost a mystic, able to predict the future.
Sheffield City Centre. Tumbleweed blows across Fargate, and down the Moor.
The recently built new market at Moorfoot is now home to several hundred rats, feral cats and junkies.

All the pubs, restaurants and nightclubs are either shut, or bring their customers to the door in armoured cars.

Welcome to Sheffield, no, no, you really are welcome to it.

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

(I suppose councillors, ministers, and assorted eco-loon celebs will be exempt! – Day Admin)

This Money-Grabbing Government

I would like to nominate our money grabbing government for trying to screw money out of any fucker they think they can get money out of.

Dirty Harriet and i operate a little garage, its just me, her and my lad who comes in to help for 12 hours a week, its cold, its hard work, there are all sorts of associated costs that means it pays a wage but is really getting to the point were there are easier ways to make a living, it honestly makes it hard for me to be sympathetic when i hear NHS staff, train staff, teachers going on strike over pay and conditions, they want to spend a year or two doing this fucking job for some clarification.

Anyway i digress, there are always more costs, the latest is for a fucking £385 licence to play the fucking radio as background music, i shit you not, as most of the time its only me listening in the closed workshop, that’s absolute bollocks, it looks like I’m going to have to sing to myself or dust off my fucking Walkman.

Honestly in a country where we rescue illegal immigrants from the channel,so they can come here and claim everything under the sun at out expense ,donate millions to other fuckers wars, charities for every fucking thing from webbed footed inbred African with cleft lip and fractured eyelash cunts to the plight of the night stalker scorpion and the box jellyfish, Food, petrol, diesel, gas has all gone up and now we are donating tanks ffs.

Who the fuck is financing this shit show you ask, it appears to be the ever rarer people in this who work, like you and me, we pay for these pontificating government cunts, to turn up at parliament, get slowly shit faced all at our expense while polishing the green leather benches with their arses and think of new ways to fuck over the little guy trying hard to make a living.

Honestly it make me think, why the fuck should i work, i can lie, con , become a leech sucking on the bollocks of all those cunts who fund this country, go on the dole, claim every benefit in the book and have the brass neck to complain there isn’t enough channels on Sky tv, while have Deliveroo drop off my pizza with extra cheese, helping me to become a burden on the health service, which a hasten to add i also pay for, but cant use because of the people leeching off it or the cunts are on strike.

Next there is going to be a sex tax, an air tax, daylight tax, moon light tax, rain tax, unwanted and unwelcome, these cunts will find a way to tax everything soon enough…

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

St Patrick’s Day

A cunting for the annual Mick-Fest known as St Patricks Day (17th March).

I don’t wish to offend any cunters of Irish heritage. I rather like the Irish, have spent a number of wonderful holidays in their lovely country and admire their literature. They have, however, been total cunts over Brexit, but let’s not harp on about that for the sake of amity. No, this cunting is for the obnoxious, fake horridness of the annual St Patrick’s day celebration, loved by Plastic Paddy’s in the USA more than it is by real Irishmen who just get drunk for the occasion.

Let’s disect this myth of St Patrick. First of all he was not Irish. He was Romano-British, most likely born in Cumbria where his father was a senator and a tax collector. Secondly, he had no cause to love the Irish and did not travel their voluntarily. He was captured by Irish pirates at the age of 16 and probably received daily buggerings from them. Thirdly, as soon as he was able, he fled the Emerald Isle and returned to the relative sanity of late Roman Britain.The clearly PTSD suffering Patrick then heard “a voice from God”, ordering him to return to Ireland to convert the heathen to christianity. In other words, he was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and, after running away, found that he couldn’t wait to get back to be abused.

Turning to the modern celebration of St Patrick’s Day, from what I have seen in the USA it is an excuse for Americans of dubious Irish heritage not only to get drunk but to utter meaningless stereotypical Irish phrases (“begorrah, tis like the Old Country again, feel the craic, I’ll have another pint of Guinness, curse the Black and Tans, etc.”). They do this whilst dressed like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, in leprechaun outfits and silly great green hats, etc. Morons.

During St Patrick’s day large areas in US cities like Boston and New York become an image of reckless intoxication, with rowdy college students crawling from bar to bar, where everyone is wearing that puce shade of green that proclaims their fake Irishness and public drunkenness, safe in the knowledge that law enforcement is colour blind in the USA (as it is here) and can only see in black and white, not puce green.

If I were Irish I would feel uncomfortable with the stereotypes on display here. And it’s hypocritical – Irish emigres in the USA were despised until Kennedy made the Irish seem cool. Their reception and treatment was worse in the USA than in mainland Britain, where the Irish were accepted as close neighbours and practically kin.

So happy St Patrick’s day – if you like dressing up as an emerald green leprechaun whilst getting blotto and urinating in public. A puce green pile of cunt practiced by cunts.

Nominated by MMCM.

Woke Censorship (4)

It seems the much loved works of Roald Dahl are just too insulting for the perpetually offended brigade.

“Publisher Puffin has hired sensitivity readers to rewrite chunks of the author’s text to make sure the books ‘can continue to be enjoyed by all today’, resulting in extensive changes across Dahl’s work”.

Words such as fat, and ugly have been removed so as not to upset fat and ugly people. The Oompa Loompas are now gender neutral, and the BFG can no longer wear a black cloak, because the words black and white have been removed from Dahl’s novels.

Absurd censorship by a small group telling the rest of us how to behave yet again.
Here’s two books they may want to read before they go any further:
Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.
They are works of fiction too, depicting a dystopian future which is rapidly becoming reality.

Daily Mail

Nominated by Duke of Cuntshire.
(I’d like to see them try and edit Last Exit to Brooklyn – NA)