Wales Wants Its Own Currency

Once again, Wales leads the way.
Get this you bigoted English cunts.

‘Wales to get its own currency and ditch the pound under radical new plans’

Yes, it has all been set out by Plaid Cymru leader Rhun ap Iorwerth. And no, I haven’t made that name up. Mr ap Iorweth is a visionary for us Welsh cunts.

Once free of the shackles of the UK Wales will blossom. A job might be created and we could stop Birmingham stealing all our water, returning the Elan valley to it’s former glory as sheep fields.

Stick Rishi and SirKweer up your arse. Rhun is the man for me.

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(On the understanding of no more funding from England’s Treasury! – Day Admin)

Rishi Sunak (15) Opens Door for BloJo Comeback

Are we really that stupid and are they really that desperate?

This Shower of Cunts really just show pure contempt for the average Joe bloggs, not that long ago the Shiny dak was pulling the knife out of Bozos back and now this ……

MSN News

Look at the pair of CUNTS in that picture, what would you like to do to them……..???

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Earlier today I put a comment on the latest Lineker cunting, saying just how insufferably smug the jug-eared cunt is. I hope you’ll indulge me as it’s set me off on one about Smug Bastards in general, or ‘smuggies’ as I call them.

You’ll all have encountered them on your journey through life; those pricks with a conceited, inflated sense of their own worth and importance, and who aren’t afraid to let you know it.

Not unexpectedly, these self-regarding twats have an eye for any hint of the limelight, which is why the world of ‘celebrity’ and ‘personality’ teems with them. By way of easy illustration, I offer a few examples from my own extensive list of Smug Cunts I’d Like To Punch Repeatedly.

Let me see now… there’s Stephen Fry, Madonna, Owen Jones, Justin Welby and Ian Hislop. They all ooze smugness, and their heads are so far up their own arseholes that they must love the smell of their own farts. To this cast of extreme undesirables I’ll add ‘Doctor’ Tessa Dunlop, James O’Brien, ‘Shouty Shola’, Yasmin Alibaba-Brown and Emma Thompson. They can’t resist condescending to give us their opinions on anything under the sun from their little corner in the public eye, whether we actually asked for them or not.

Needless to say I could cunt on for pages on this theme, but you get the idea. I’m not over-fond of arrogant, self-righteous airheads. On the basis that a picture’s worth a thousand words, I’ll close with some images of the Duchess Of Smug herself, the one, the only Meghan Snarkle. Here she is bless her, preening away embarrassingly in front of the cameras at some event, resisting attempts by the organisers to get her to shift out of the way. To paraphrase the ghastly Rachel Zegler, ‘smug, smug!’

Oh well, at least they give us a few laughs at their expense in this miserable world. It’s not all bad.

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Crime and Punishment: Double Standards

… and in particular, the Royal Mail!

The scandal. The scandal OF the scandal. Hundreds (wrongly) prosecuted, convicted, jailed. I shall leave out (for streamlining) the further thousands accused, vilified, slandered.

All for crimes that these people never committed. One that caught my eye as I checked those numbers is 15 months sentence, for £48,000 (not) missing.

But the three cunts in the following story knowingly and purposely defrauded the Royal Mail to the tune of £77 million over more than a decade..

That’s not a thousandfold, hundredfold or even tenfold TYPO there, by me …

It’s a full £77,000,000.

And their lawful ‘comeuppance’ for that?

Two suspended sentences, one 4 year sentence(which will be 2-served or less), … with 150 hours unpaid work for ONE of the two suspended-sentence cunts.

And – apparently – justice is done.

The judgement statements are pathetic.. Full of pity for these cunts, describing them as ‘truly remorseful’, yet here they are having fought tooth and nail (via downplaying the criminal’s culpabilities while taking out the violins because they made compensatory repayments – figures/percentage undisclosed) .. to avoid incarceration for their prolonged massive financial crimes.

In summation : It was none of their fault(s), really, just innocently caught-up in the racket somehow.. and they gave back a portion of what they stole, after being caught.

Seventy-seven fucking million!.

That’s it. (Remember the cunting a few months back about exonerated wrongly-convicted having to pay for their jail time deducted from any (capped) compensation? .. I have a feeling taxpayers will cover this 77-million-quid-swindling fuckers 2 years).

p.s. 150 unpaid hours ‘work’ vs. the amount stolen, to balance the books with society? .. the cunt will vicariously earn £481,250.00 an hour from Johnny/Jenny taxpayer.

Daily Mail

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The lack of NHS Dentists


and the increasing demand on those that are full???

I will leave cunters to make up their own minds as to why we cannot see a doctor, hospitals are overflowing and why you can’t get to see an NHS dentist. The government (and those that refuse open their eyes) will have you believe these demands on our once great nhs services have fuck all to do with immigration.

However, I bed to differ. Having spotted a story on the BBC homepage yesterday about the queues of people wishing to register with a new NHS dentist in Bristol, I thought I would have a read

And this is the link to the article:


Now, look at those in the queue and tell me the NHS is a breaking point NOT because of immigration?


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