Angela Eagle [4]


Too soon to re-cunt Angela Eagle? “I’m in it to win it… I won’t be doing any backroom deals” said Angela Eagle, just hours before doing a backroom deal and withdrawing her campaign in order to give ex-Pfizer lobbyist Owen Smith a clear run at Corbyn.

The shortest leadership campaign in history? And most likely Eagle will be de-selected by her local constituency party too which has already passed a vote of No Confidence in her, although the Labour NEC describes the vote as “invalid” since the NEC has conveniently banned all local party meetings, AGMs, etc etc until AFTER the leadership election. And they accuse Corbyn of being Stalinist…!

Bunch of cunts, the lot of them.

Nominated by: Fred West

Angela Eagle [3]


Fuck me what a day for British Politics. Well it is the 13th. Lucky for some.

Corbyn is unelectable so what should poor old Labour do? Well, the Eagle has landed. Here comes Angela riding to the rescue on her white charger.

So why is Angela standing for Labour leader? Well, according to her it’s because Labour is the party of equality and the Tories have just elected their second female PM, so she reckons Labour must have a woman in the top job. Straight talking, that’s our Angela…

Except that’s an oxymoron for our Ang. Straight talking from a rug muncher? Shurely not!

Yep, that’s definitely what Labour needs – a gay woman in the top job. Should bring in a few LGBT votes not to mention the odd brick through a window or two.

Calm down, dear – then fuck off!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Angela Eagle [2]

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Angela Eagle is a cunt. By the way What is it with fat politicians named Angela? cause they all look dumb and ugly as a dog’s arse.

Angela the fat dyke is bitching and moaning because Corbyn went against his own party’s interest for the Brexit crowd at the last minute. Maybe the fat dyke needs another sandwich instead or whining like a loser?

Also I don’t know whats gonna happen Both the Labour and Tory parties are complete crap, and now that Nigel has quit the UKIP party, there probably isn’t any third party strong enough to win. Also Boris Johnson is a bastard

Nominated by: Titslapper

The Eagle has landed…

Thankfully not on top of me!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Angela Eagle


I never thought the Labour Left could sink any lower until I watched Angela Eagle on Thursday’s ITV EU debate – but I was wrong.

This woman is a nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty piece of work.

And she has the cheek to accuse the Leave campaign of ‘engaging in a race to the bottom’ FFS! Labour already scraped the bottom of a very deep barrel when they found this one!

What worries me more is that there are a bunch of people in Wallasey who have been thick enough to vote for this cunt since 1996. Thank Christ I don’t live in Wallasey. If this is an indication of the mentality of the average British voter then we’re well and truly fucked!

Really, serious, full on NASTY bastard!

Nominated by: Dioclese