Vogue Magazine and Harry Styles

Let’s have a hand-holding, dual nomination cunting for Vogue Magazine and Harry Styles.

Vogue Magazine has long been at the forefront of modern progressive woman’s Cuntishness. But now they have raised the bar by featuring for the first time ever…a man on their cover. That man is Pop Cunt, Harry Styles.

Why is he on the cover of a woman’s magazine? Because he’s wearing a dress. Why is he wearing a dress? Because he likes them.

The human race is indeed going in “One Direction.” Straight to extinction.

Nominated by: General Cuntster 

(But all is not well with this – DAhttps://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/harry-styles-made-vogue-history-as-the-magazine-s-1st-cis-male-cover-star-but-some-say-the-spot-should-ve-gone-to-a-trans-person-instead/ar-BB1b4tJG )

…supported by Liberal Liquidator

Much celebration in the alternate reality that is the world of the liberal left as talentless snowflake princess, Harry Styles becomes the first ‘man’ to grace the cover of US Vogue, wearing a lacy Gucci ballgown.

“Clothes are there to fun with and experiment with and play with” said Styles as he minced on location at noted bandit hotspot Hampstead Heath. “What’s really exciting is that all these lines are just kind of crumbling away. When you take away ‘There’s clothes for men and there’s clothes for women’, once you remove any barriers , obviously you open up an arena in which you can play”

No wonder our youth is in such a fucking state when muppets like this are held up as some kind of role model to aspire to, while gradually eroding traditional masculinity . I will also safely bet that Vogue Arabia will not be ditching its monthly bin bag cover girl and sticking a man on the front in a ballgown. As we all know, like diversity and multiculturalism, its only the West that needs to be educated and indoctrinated in this fuckwittery.


The Woolf Institute

Who they? Fuck knows but they have come up with this:-

‘Widespread working from home could lead to an increase in racism and prejudice, a new report warns.
Workplace friendships are key to breaking down misconceptions, the England and Wales study for the Woolf Institute suggests.’

The founder of this august body has a Phd in Hebrew and Religious Studies, so is obviously a vital cog in our economy.

The UK, like the USA is now awash with identity/race obsessed parasites who see evil in every corner. I dont know where these cunts get funds from but it is time they fucked off and let the rest of us get on with it.

Academe is the focus of unpatriotic propaganda that will sooner or later destroy the society that feeds it.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble


Fond memories of Sean Connery (2)

Jesus H Christ – Connery the oirish jocko cunt was a mean grim humourless bastard to everyone, not just wimmin.

My wife was an Assistant Director (one of those endless credits that wizzes past at warp speed) on some crap film (name escapes me) in which Connery played some Victorian detective chappie – deer stalker, tweeds, Inverness cape ect ect.

Because such shit shoots late into the night/early am and was behind schedule I went along as her minder and for all the free 24/7 catering and doggy bags. That little slap head half Indian cunt was in it (wassisname?), another mean luvvie bastard as some sort of Dr Watson character.

Connery totally and deliberately to screw his fellow thesps only came out of his caravan for his shot then fucked off back into it again. You could see the cunt in there with a calculator and a spreadsheet talking to his agent about money and how they could screw more out of the production company.

Now Yours Truly is universally known for being a mild easy going sort of chap, a breaker of ice during tense situations always ready with a gag to pop to bring the world back to a state of Peace and Love. Made to order situation presented itself when Connery (another slap head cunt) eventually re-emerged to have his hair piece sprayed down and adjusted. Immediately surrounded by hangers-on.

Location a fox infested graveyard and crematorium in South London. Filming intermittently halted by the screaming of foxes during mating.

Yours Truly: Whato Seano! What’s worn beneath your kilt now you’re getting on a bit?

Admittedly not the snappiest gag but had the rest of the cast and crew in splutters.

Connery (you can do the accent): I want that cunt removed from the set. Fooking banned.

Yours Truly: Sorry Seano, they can’t do that, this is a public place and I happen to know that they have no permit from the Council to shoot tonight.

Background laughter from cast and crew.

Connery was so hated that no one would take my money that night – free Turbot Creole (a bit spicy) with some luxury jocko pudding ( Connery’s favourite) from the catering people and a decent single malt whiskey on tap courtesy from wassissname. Heard a while later that the production had been pulled due to Connery’s constant demands for cash.

Biggest horse laugh is that early next morning there were queues for the portable khazis, Yours Truly and wife included. Fucking Connery and his Turbot Creole. Connery remained glued to the khazi in his own caravan.

Fond memories. Very.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke 

The Great Reset

You’ll probably be called a conspiracy nutter for mentioning it, but this is not something the cunts in power are hiding from us.

A rather shadowy organisation, one which seems to be controlling world leaders at the moment called ‘The World Economic forum’ released a video recently. It’s on YouTube but can’t link to it on my phone, sorry admin. World leaders, including the Honey Monster, attended a meeting there recently. A recent video released by Justin Trudeau is fucking terrifying. You can almost sense a gun being pointed at his head off camera as he gives a matter of fact speech about the reset from his office.

Anyway, the jist of it is that pure communism awaits us all. The reset means you’ll own nothing (and nothing means nothing) and stuff like plates and cups will be delivered by drone. Meat will be a once a month treat rather than a staple. To save the planet, you see. Loads of mental shit like that. Oh…and loads more ‘refugees’ for western (white) countries.

Of course, the leaders will also be going without their steaks, homes and eat bugs and tofu too (yeah fucking right).

It’s set for 2030, but rollout will start shortly as the bat flu is seen as an opportunity to ‘reset’ us , in effect, to year zero.

Absolutely terrifying stuff, but most people are more concerned about who’ll win Strictly Come Mincing or watching the knee takers ponce about empty stadiums. It’s all a conspiracy theory, they’ll laugh. Thing is, it’s really going on and they’re telling you about it, you thick cunts.

They can shove their reset up their arses. Just another thing the cunts never asked us about.

Fuck off.

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

Zac Adan

Another “Nobody Knows De Trouble Arve Seen”, I am only a poor little entitled Somalian cunting, bought to you thanks to the BBC the wokest of the woke:


This arrogant little arsehole had apparently entered the University of Manchester premises and not shown his ID card, so had to be encouraged so to do.

This upset his sensibilities, so much that he hasn’t been able to sleep since, poor little lad, but clearly it didn’t bother him so much that he found time to make an official complaint about “racial profiling” and contacting the BBC, who have come out with all the “first in my family to go to university” claptrap.

University, building site, nightclub. If you are asked to show ID then you have to, and if you don’t you will be challenged. Nothing more sinister than that.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs