HS2 Protesters

The HS2 protesters are a set of cunts.

Now, before I begin, I agree that HS2 is a massive waste of money. For billions of taxpayers pounds you’ll save 30 minutes on your journey, hardly seems worth it, just get up earlier. This is not the reason that these rebellious eco warriors are burrowing underground and playing cards in their own shit and piss though. No it’s because “we’re killing the planet man”.

Of course if they bothered to go to school, they would learn that train travel is in fact the least environmentally impacting of all the modes of transport, so it would appear that they’ve backed the wrong horse in this one and their argument falls a little flat.

I can allow these little miscreants that mistake though and largely forget they caused this minor inconvenience. But then I read some of their names in the news, Rollie, Blue, Larch and Lazer. Their parents were obviously high as fuck when they named them and most likely are the types who smell like pond water. Why is it we’re told you’re not allowed to stereotype, but yet if you told me Rollie and Larch had turned up, I’d be looking for hastily written placards and people wearing hemp sacks for clothes and have brightly coloured hair.

Anyway, I digress, HS2 is costing us enough money as it is, without these protesting, smelly fuckers delaying the project and it costing us more. I notice how they were very happy to be on the news for their 5 minutes of fame, demonising that damned electricity that’s going to be used on the railway but not bothered about the seemingly different electricity used for TV cameras, microphones and TVs. Fucking hypocrites.

Nominated by: elcuntio 

Nigerian Wet Markets

This lot of so called humans ( and that’s pushing it) should be dipped in petrol and set on fire.

And to think this so called Conservative government are letting them in by the
thousands oi their dingy boats


Well this shit hole can’t be nuked as all the innocents animals would suffer, but
it would make a good training camp for our Forces on how to come down
REALLY FUCKING HARD on these bastards and any other foreign fuckers that do not know how to fucking behave themselves in the fucking modern World – the fucking cunts – they make me fucking puke.

Nominated by: geedee 

(Any word from the Islington Woke, Vegan or XR Mobs I wonder? – DA)

Boris Johnson (14)

A fifth columnist, persistent cough of a cunting for Boris Johnson. The fat, traitorous blonde twat has declared that he is ” fervently Sinophile “, as he strives to strengthen economic links with China.

The little yellow weasels cause global misery with the Bat Flu, and this big dopey cunt wants to be best friends with them ? We, along with everyone else, should be holding the dirty little bastards to account, not sucking up to them.
They’re getting away with it, scot free.
With the aid of our Moron In Chief.
Boris, you have been cunted, now fuck off, for fuck’s sake just go.

And fuck the Uighur’s too.

Nominated by: Jack The Cunter

…and seconded by Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

Boris Johnson is a total and utter cunt spatter.

His precious “Road map” means no haircuts until after fucking Easter, if then (as long as this third lockdown has already lasted already, again).

This shit will never end. We are being pissed on and are expected to be grateful for the wash.


Fuck off, Johnson.

One-Ply Toilet Paper

The commercial cheap skates who buy one ply toilet paper.

I enjoy having a peaceful shit and I always have a smile on my face if I have a no wiper (obviously I have to check if it’s a no wiper by wiping my arse) this is where the party-pooper one ply toilet paper comes into it’s own because that’s very efficient. However how many one wipers do we get, it’s a bit like a truthful politician. A rarity.

Therefore one ply you have to use generally a lot more sheets because you can fold over a 3 ply and be done with it, however with one ply you end up with 94 ply and block the toilet.

If you have an employer who buys one ply toilet paper tell um to fuck off and stick their job and that goes for businesses who serve this crap up to their customers.

Over and out arse virginity blown.

Nominated by: Clown Clown the Cunty Man 

Benedict Cumberbatch

Bendydick Bandersnatch, or whatever the luvvie cunt’s name is, is even more of a cunt than we thought.

According to today’s Sunday Times (14/2/2021, paywall so fuck the link) he has a friend who spent 14 years in Guantanamo. I presume a ‘pen friend’ like the death row correspondents. But who knows?

He is having a hissy fit because Priti has told his friend to fuck off. No visa for you pal. So he cant use his ‘friend’ to publicise some woke shit about his travails as a complete innocent in Guantanamo. At the hands of the evil Yanks.

His ‘friend’ Mohamedou Ould Slahi comes from that bastion of desert freedom, Mauritania. You know, where slavery still flourishes. He is a member of Al-Quaeda and an associate of numerous muslim loonies.
Surely we should welcome him with open arms? An innocent Afghan tourist picked on by the evil Yanks. After all, he is a ‘friend’ of Bendydick’s and probably wouldnt kill many people while he was publicising his struggle.
Perhaps they should call the film Mein Kampf.

Nominated by: Cunstable Cuntbubble 

(Couldn’t find a direct link, but here’s a link to a new film both Cumbercunt and Slahi appear in covering the same ground – DA https://easyreadernews.com/the-mauritanian-the-survivor-movie/ )