Law and order

And now we see the result of allowing bullshit and political correctness taking over policing.

Giving the knee. Not targeting known criminals because they is black. Allowing hate speech against whites from all and sundry. Ignoring and playing down criminal activity, cos they is black. Allowing statues to be defaced and destroyed because the heritage doesn’t fit with the agenda of the left. Glossing over grooming, honour killing, slavery, domestic abuse – ‘it’s their culture’ so no problem to the left.

We have had violent conduct 2 nights in a row. Coppers attacked, and you can bet your life they fell over themselves to pander to the animals. This is just the start of the violence and looting.

And the stupid cunts in all the media are too scared to call BLM and Climate cunts for what they are and what their aim is – chaos and the end of civilised policing and conduct.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Nasty Female Rappers.

Being a curious cracka i decided to investigate who these people are. The Nicky Minajs and Cardi B types who the Mail Online publishes risque pictures of. They’re not all black, so this is not about race. I’ve seen some grotty white girls acting like this.

I think Hip hop is crap as a genre but its even uglier when performed by these nasty bitches, where every lyric is a N***a or a curse, or a reference to genitals or body parts.

I cant stand the ugly attitude they have, either. I’m pretty sure corporations promoting this garbage is contributing to the ever-worsening mental health of girls and young women. Dress, speak and twerk like a whore? Get ready to be treated like one. Porn Hub, or Dignitas, awaits.

Repulsive cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

Fuckwit Labour Party Members

A Hissy Fit cunting for those Labour Party members leaving in droves because Starmer sacked Buckie Wrong-Daily f’t refusin’ t’tek down her Twatter arse-licking of everyone’s favourite communist luvvie & gobshite, Maxine Peake and her inaccurate anti-semitic comments in The Independent.

I’d have more sympathy with the bad losers if they actually admitted that their real reason for jumping ship is that Our Father Who Art On The BackBenches Now was rejected by the working classes when they didn’t buy what he was touting. The PLP has since worked out that having any chance of Labour getting back into power means pulling the party back to the middle ground, which these so-called ‘real’ socialists don’t like.

So out of the cot go the teddies and they foot-stomp their way round the playground, muttering about forming a new Leftie Socialist party which will sweep to power without any doubt whatsoever – oh some even want the double-losing Peoples Assembly champion, Piddlecock as leader of this new crusade.

I, for one, hope to fuck that this happens, because that geordie daft-arse couldn’t lead piss-heads into a bar and it’ll be a good laugh watching the back-biting and self destruction that ensues in a Labour civil war.

FFS! How many times do the lefties have to have their arses handed to them at the polls before they can understand the words ‘unelectable doctrine’. The actual problem is that when these cunts don’t get their own way, the fuckers get out on the streets and start trashing everything, as in the current nonsense under the BLM banner, but it’ll be some other shit-preaching outfit soon.

With Bojo and Priti (the brain says ‘No’, the bollocks say ‘Go’) Patel not stomping all over the fuckers and the rozzers taking a fucking knee to it all, we’re headed for doomsday (or cunesday.)

Nominated by: The Stained Gusset 

I’m So So Sorry!

Apologising should be given a massive full on cunting then sent to the frozen plain in Hell.

Every time the tv or radio is turned on some cunt or bunch of cunts is apologising for something that occurred years before they were born or something they would have no power to change.

Likewise the web, Twitter, facetwat, and so on.sorry, sorry sorry.

What makes this torture for many of us, the constant narrative that all this shit is “our” fault. Well I say in a loud and clear voice “fuck off” I did not cause whatever bollocks your apologising for, I will not take the knee or the head or leg fuck off. Do not apologise for me you sad bastards grow a fucking pair. Wankers

Nominated by: Black biscuit

Depressing Seaside Resorts

Quite recently, there was a nomination for Barry Island. And it got me thinking (which doesn’t happen very often), about my dreadful holidays cooped up in some tiny tin-can caravan or shite B&B in Weston Super Wank when I was a kid.

It was a depressing shithole back in the 70s, and I recently went back there to find that it had become an even greater shithole today! Chavs, Eastern Europeans, chavs, benefit scroungers, old cunts, chavs, Africunts, chavs, p1kies and bastards!

So what would you consider the worst seaside resort you’ve ever had the misfortune to spend a holiday?

Nominated by: Technocunt