Lorde [2]

Lorde is a cunt.

Our talentless, keeping-it-real heroine was in New Yoik recently, putting the finishing touches to her latest masterpiece, when who should storm into the recording studio but none other than Bonio and the rest of U2 (are cunts).

Apparently Bonio had booked the place and little Lordy had jumped the queue somewhat.

What makes her a cunt is that:

1. She thinks she’s such hot shit she can pull a stunt like that.
2. She missed a golden opportunity to nut Bonio in the face while calling him a sanctimonious, preachy wanker.

Epic fucking fail all round, I reckon.

Nominated by Kiwi Cunt

I still would though -Shaun

June Sarpong [2]

Caught The Pledge on Sky News recently, is a weekly news themed debating show fronted by arch anti Brexit bitch June Sarpong. What a cunt! Debating is about putting your point across with reasoning, facts and logic not talking over people repeating some Guardian propaganda that has been proven to be bollocks. This cunt has no off switch.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

Sky News [2]

Someone needs to cunt sky news…

Today one of their headlines state:

‘Could Brexit harm UKs beaches?’

These hyperbolic cunts have a headline everyday looking at the horrendous ways brexit could fuck up every aspect of our lives.

They are employing the scatter gun tactic with the aim that if they pick enough everyday subjects that eventually they will hit a bulls eye… They want their viewership to say ‘Brexit has gone too far, skeggy might have northerners shit filled nappies and syringies in the sand, but I am not letting Brexit take it away from me’.

If todays headline doesn’t get you to say enough is enough, they will try again tomorrow with something else more ridiculous than the last… Cunts

Nominated by BandWagonCunter