Sky News [2]

Someone needs to cunt sky news…

Today one of their headlines state:

‘Could Brexit harm UKs beaches?’

These hyperbolic cunts have a headline everyday looking at the horrendous ways brexit could fuck up every aspect of our lives.

They are employing the scatter gun tactic with the aim that if they pick enough everyday subjects that eventually they will hit a bulls eye… They want their viewership to say ‘Brexit has gone too far, skeggy might have northerners shit filled nappies and syringies in the sand, but I am not letting Brexit take it away from me’.

If todays headline doesn’t get you to say enough is enough, they will try again tomorrow with something else more ridiculous than the last… Cunts

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132 thoughts on “Sky News [2]

  1. Cunting for Malana Yousafzai. Shot in the head by some peaceful ones in Pakistan then flown over here for treatment while NHS was and still in financial mess, women’s activist, extremist apologist, all round do-gooder and darling of the left has been offered Canadian Citizenship. Is she and her extended family who of course moved here and live in jihadi central Birmingham be chipping over the pond? Since April Fools was a few week ago will she fuck.

    • This has always amazed me. Someone survives something, someone is born with a defect, someone overcomes a problem, and its instant adoption by tit feeding liberal/left morons, and elevation to some high special status. How many ex Falkland Vets/Afghan/Iraq vets get offered citizenship of a Utopia? And how many are touring the world all expenses paid getting their balls licked ? None of the fuckers.
      Fuck the left, Fuck Libtards Fuck all Politicians. Support our armed forces, our vets, and fuck all sponging immigrant fucking mongs like this one.

    • Bloody right… Another w@g benefits scrounger and NHS queue vaulting cunt… Made me laugh when she said that western women were ‘objectified’ and ‘oppressed’…. This coming from a cunt who wears a scarf on her head because some man orders her to, and practices a religion that is the most misogynistic and aggressive to women on earth… Hypocritical little snowflake turd…

  2. It’s a lazy good Friday in Swokopmund. The sun is shining and I’m sat on my balcony watching the surf roll in.

    It’s nice here…

      • Bring me back a Zebra steak please Dio, I only eat black and white food.

      • That episode of Fantasy Island when they went to see the strippers and Tattoo was shouting ‘Boss, ze bra, ze bra’

        Made that up on the spot, so laugh ya cunters.

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