Sky News [2]

Someone needs to cunt sky news…

Today one of their headlines state:

‘Could Brexit harm UKs beaches?’

These hyperbolic cunts have a headline everyday looking at the horrendous ways brexit could fuck up every aspect of our lives.

They are employing the scatter gun tactic with the aim that if they pick enough everyday subjects that eventually they will hit a bulls eye… They want their viewership to say ‘Brexit has gone too far, skeggy might have northerners shit filled nappies and syringies in the sand, but I am not letting Brexit take it away from me’.

If todays headline doesn’t get you to say enough is enough, they will try again tomorrow with something else more ridiculous than the last… Cunts

Nominated by BandWagonCunter

132 thoughts on “Sky News [2]

  1. Well, when you look at all the facts I suppose it’s all true. Lets face it since we voted ‘out’ the weather’s been pretty shite, I got fucking pneumonia, I didn’t get to knock the back out of Emma Watson and our dog’s had the shits bad. Wish i’d have voted ‘in’ now. Cunts.

    • My mother in law is currently unable to wear underwear due to a medical condition, so I was ecstatic to hear that the belt on her skirt broke, as she was entering a submission for judging at a local flower show.

      Despite the embarrassing moment, the day wasn’t a total loss as she was awarded second prize for her dried arrangement….

  2. I do not have sky, would never have sky and wish all fuck upon the miserable bastard fuck faces who work for, thrive off, suck dry from this Murdoch fucking pigshit organisation.
    New World Order, and the Deep State are synonymous with this organisation, and the propaganda, false news and false flags have caused and brought about huge and detrimental changes to mankind.
    Why the fuck would I want to pay to be fed the shite of NWO, and keep the Murdoch empire alive and fucking well to continue its domination of the free.
    Fuck SKY!

    • It has all the sport worth watching. Of no importance if you don’t like sport and therefore are probably a miserable cunt and/or can’t afford it.

  3. Can any cunt tell the difference between Sky, CNN and BBC 24 anyway, because I fucking can’t? I’m just waiting to see who is the first to employ a trannie as a newsreader/anchor. My money’s on the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation.

    • You can say the same thing about all or most news media we have today, a total waste of time for anyone with a brain and low tolerance for bullshit.
      They most of time copy news from other sources even if they are wrong, incorrect information.
      I try to watch only the essential because it’s so fuckin depressing to remind yourself everyday that all is beyond fucked.

  4. Sky news is the only TV channel I can get after they turned off BBC, ITV and C4 a few years ago. However, I avoid watching it as it only upsets me to see the half truths, misinformation and downright lies they peddle. The sad truth though is this is what most people believe to be true.

    I get most of my news online now, via various sources such as online news papers, RT and youtube channels like The Black Pigeon Speaks.

  5. Seems like a majority of turks don’t want to be a moslems anymore or at least as dogmatic, there have been 5 revolts in last 30 years for fuck sake but evil dogfaced edrogan won’t let up his tyrant like rule.

    Also he should be COTY cunt of the year every year at this website hes constantly overlooked as he threatens to send violent rapeugees as a chaotic proxy war threatening to send them whenever he wants and hes a NATO/EU ally… fucking how?

    • If we are now in the business of taking out middle eastern dictators, when will we be having a go at erdogan the goat fucker?

      • Oh… that I would like to see.! I’d pay good money for that one. Just imagine , getting taken out in the middle of fucking a goat! WOW!

  6. Sky news is a cunt anyway, who watches it or even takes it seriously?

    Part of Murdoch’s trashy band.

  7. SKY and the BBC are running an insidious campaign against Brexit!! They are utter Cunts who like the clegg, farron, mandelson and Blair etc absolutely refuse to accept the referendum result!!
    They all exhibit a complete lack of understanding when it comes to real democracy, much like their soul mates over at the EU!!
    I would suggest that Blair, mandelson, Campbell and Branson are in no small way behind this utter nonsense!!, although utter Cunts they do possess media savvy, those quisling Cunts will be beavering away out of the publics gaze!!

    • Hmmm… Blair in particular seemed media savvy when he fucked Murdochs wife. And I bet she got a good beavering too!

  8. Got a deal on Sky half price everything for a year. By the end of the year I had tons of shit recorded that I didn’t have the time to watch. So I cancelled the cunt and never got to watch it. Not only that but I thought I’d be able to use the Sky box as a Free view type thing cause the roof aerial was no good but Sky decided to start stopping the channels. Fucking cunt, and talk talk is a cunt as well.

  9. Re the Blue Flag Beaches. ( Source;Sky )

    The story carried by the Global Shite Rag, tells Britons how stupid we all are for leaving the EU. Following Brexit, we will no longer be able to fly the Blue Flag over our beaches, and we will therefore alter the water quality to our detriment.( Eh? )

    These Euro fuckers are quite mental of course, but the effort put into this story is written in such a way that it is obvious that Shite Rag agrees with them.

    I have seen these flags at beaches, they are quite useful in as much that I can use them to help support my windbreak, and the base of the post is useful to aim at when having a piss.

    As for water quality, I cannot be the only Briton to take a leak or a sneaky dump in the sea, and for the life of me I cannot see the problem.

    Another benefit of these flags, is that when your mates are coming back with the cans, you have a point of meeting. No beers lost there then!

    If Sky News want me to change my vote, then they can think again, as much as I value your coveted flagpole that fucking EEC logo that comes with it gets right up my jacksie!

    • A sneaky dump in the sea ???????

      The loo roll would get wet.

      A few years ago at the beach, this little girl needed a toalie and her ma and da told her to just do one.
      So she crouched and let one go to the encouragement of her parents right on the shoreline.
      So for the rest if the day, this little brown toalie rolled back and forth with the tide.
      In,out,in,out, in, out until a group of kids scooped it up with a spade and buried it.

      I don’t go to that part of the beach anymore.

      Toalie is Scottish for pooh.
      Jobby is also used, but i think toalie is quite funny.

  10. See that doctor who had the shit kicked out of him on that aeroplane? That was the fault of brexit. I don’t know how yet, just waiting for Little Timmy, or some other fucking cunt to tell me.

      • Absolutely hes gonna get a sick settlement deal for that beating, probably at least a few million. And people are feeling sorry for him? for fucking what?

        He get a bop on the nose and a cut lip big bloody deal he is no doubt is gonna be loaded and get instant fame

      • I’d get the shit kicked out of me for the kind of payout he’s gonna get.!

      • Fucking hell, if I’d have been on that flight sitting anywhere near him I would have been at the quacks the following week saying I was pissing the bed and having nightmares about shagging Krankie😩 Loads a fackin mannee💷💷💷💷💷

  11. Sky = Murdoch = cunt. Wether Sky can outcunt the BBC is another matter. As an instance the BBC rolling news originally reported the recent spat Farrage had with the EU as “Farage put in place by EU Parliament” when he made his comment about “the EU mafia”. So the wop running the show was displeased with that comment and asked for an apology. So Farage, ever the gentleman, changed his comment to “gangsters”. A nice “up yours” leaving the wop looking shifty.

    This is how the BBC ran it early on until it went over to World News and low and behold they cut Farage’s second response to indeed give the impression that said wop had disciplined Farage and Farage had taken it like a little mouse.

    • I saw that but to be fair I put it down to the BBC being full of child abusers and coke heads.

  12. Caught The Pledge on Sky News recently, is a weekly news themed debating show fronted by arch anti Brexit bitch June Sarpong. What a cunt! Debating is about putting your point across with reasoning, facts and logic not talking over people repeating some Guardian propaganda that has been proven to be bollocks. This cunt has no off switch.

    Watsons ok but her whiney feminist agenda is coma inducing, 50 points from Griffindor!

    • June Sarpong can’t get over the fact that she has won the victimhood lottery by being both black and a woman. In her eyes that combination puts her on the top flight of the oppressed and she never shuts up about it. “As a woman, I think blah blah blah” “As a w@g I think blah blah blah” I’m sorry you ugly gorilla faced cunt, being black does not make you think a certain way nor does being a woman. She is incapable of clear reasoned thought, which is why all her positions on everything are so fucking predictable and straight out of the 6th form common room right on trendy club. Cunt.

      • Sarpong is a lying cunt and needs a good bitch-slapping. She started off as a kids Tv presenter, fucked off to America and somehow morphed herself into an “investigative journalist.” Does anyone remember her in Jessie Ventura’s No Evidence Make it Up As You Go Along Conspiracy Bullshit?

        “Well Jessie, I interviewed the gentleman and he completely denies a flying saucer landed in his yard, so that confirms you were right all along.”

        “Thanks June, that just about wraps it up. Good work June.”
        Jessie smooths back his non-existent hair and flicks his little pony tail at the camera. Cunt.
        Sarpong would lick any arse and suck any cock if the price was right. A true media whore.

      • June Sarpong, I’d stick my tongue up her asshole. I bet it’d sarPONG though.

      • June Sarpong MBE!!!!

        A bit ironic a whinging black girl accepting being made a member of the empire.

      • Gina Miller is another ugly w@g, it should fuck off back home on it’s banana boat.

      • I think I’m the only cunter that cant say that Vagina Miller is ugly.
        Up her own arse-tick
        Ugly-nah, i can’t see it.

        I don’t fancy her, but i wouldn’t kick her out of an alleyway for eating crisps.

      • Banana Gob always reminds me of the Bride from Gremlins 2…. Or the one in the pirate ship crows nest from Asterix,…

      • After she had me in her gob, she’d be known as ‘village fete biggest marrow winning gob’.

        Yous all fuckin would, its just that I’m shameless enough to admit it.

    • I had to look her up, never heard of the bitch.

      She’s one ugly fucker, looks like an uncle tom version of predator.

  13. ‘Could Brexit harm UKs beaches?’

    Well it was that or discuss today’s “peaceful” atrocity – and we simply couldn’t have that could we…

    Tell you what, I wish I had shares in the candle maker industry! With all the “peaceful” activity of late, and as lighting candles is the West’s hardline response these days, the fuckers must be up 2000% profit this year alone!

    That in itself would be big news for Sky and the ABBC!


    “And tonight… Crisis hits candle making companies as wax shortage reaches an all time low! We go over to Jon Sopel who is attending a wax summit in Brussels. Jon.”

    “Thank you Peter. Here in the Belgian capital and headquarters of the EU a summit is being held by the heads of state concerned that there will be no wax left to make candles for vigils after repeated misunderstandings in many cities across Europe has left hundreds dead…er…accidentally of course. Theresa May is here to ensure that the UK gets it’s fair share of candle making wax in spite of Brexit while Guy Verhofstadt has said that the UK can make no claims on EU wax repositories.”

    “Jon Sopel reporting from Brussels. But it’s not all doom and gloom in the wax stakes as Fiona Bruce visits an enterprise park in the West Midlands where the wax shortage has driven innovation. Fiona.”

    “Yes Peter. Here in Coventry a new start-up venture called WaxLess may have the answer to our candle needs. We met Imran Peshwari – CEO of WaxLess – who explains why more wax does not need to be the answer to the current candle shortage.”

    “Vell, ven you see these minor incidents vich are not related to the religion of ‘peace’ vatsoever – Allah Akbar God bless his name – ven all you need is light isn’t it. So ve have long life battery LED based candles, vich, you can reuse for each misunderstanding’s wigil. So ve save money and are more enwironmentally friendly in the long run. Vee are also teaming up with Uber so you can have your personal LED candles transported to the multiple death site of each minor misunderstood incident. Vee have also fitted them with GPS and a vebcam so you can even hold your wigils remotely isn’t it.”

    “It’s certainly innovative! Back to the studio. Peter.”

    “And finally… There have been minor misunderstandings in several European major cities resulting in 100’s of fatalities and 1,000’s injuries which we believe are all single acts of violence completely unrelated to the religion of ‘peace’. Thank goodness for WaxLess! Good night.”


    If only it wasn’t so close to the truth, eh! Cunts!

  14. Bristol is a cunt,
    I love my home city but it’s been taken over by these middle class eco/green cunts and scruffy fuckers who I dont know how to describe (cunts who smoke roll ups, don’t wear deodorant and look like they need to be washed with bleach). These cunts are trying to make the city advert free! So no billboards. Fuck off you cunts, traditional working class areas have now become trendy and you get the middle class cunts with no accents, who try to fit in but are simply cunts you’ll never remember (you know the women cunts who wear an orange skirt with a brown jacket and yellow tights) moving in driving all the housing benefit cunts out and driving up house prices and hanging out in the new rip off Deli, the cunts open up bread shops where a loaf of bread is £2.70 and upwards. Now fuck the cunts as I am in a better area in London but they are taking the piss, these cunts aren’t even from here as far as I can tell. They must have got their £30,000 deposit for their home of mummy and daddy. These cunts destroy the fucking community identity, the cunts. I bet I won’t be able to buy some drugs locally if these cunts carry on taking over. When I was growing up you had white cunts, black cunts, paki cunts, Indian cunts and black and white cunts like me, that was about it and most were working class. Now you’ve got these posh cunts taking over and the Romainiacs, Polish and Darkies the local Darkies don’t like. The country is a cunt and the cunt is getting bigger. Fuck this I’m off to North Korea. Now fuck off.

    • If you fancy North Korea, B+WC,get yerself strapped onto one of Trumps missiles,that way you’ll be sure of making a hell of an entrance. First impressions are important when visiting for the first time. The sight of a spaced out B+WC moaning about the price of a loaf of Hovis as he flies at supersonic speed above their heads,before he explodes in a mushroom cloud should be enough to convince the gooks that Trump really means business.

      • Good idea Dick Fiddler, that would save a lot on the airfare and I would also be a few shades darker which would save me having to sunbathe. Would have to avoid that Kim Jong cunt though as he’s a nutter. Maybe I could convince the cunt to join is a cunt.

    • Darkies? Now there’s a word I haven’t heard for a very long time. It was so much more difficult to be a racist in the old days. These days you only have to say “I’m not too keen on that Polish sausage to be honest” and you are a fully paid up, jack-booted, brownshirted member of the NSDAP. I’m off to Nuremburg….catch you later.

      • Darkies used to be mineworkers in the North East. Went underground in the dark and surfaced in the dark, rarely saw daylight. Darkies.

        I met a Black man in Newcastle in 1957. ( the first ever ) the coal dust didn’t rub off no matter what y did. Thats when I realised what he was. I ran home in terror, “Ma Ma the w@gs fallen off the fuckin jar !”

      • Some darkie jokes from the early eighties.

        What do ye call two darkies in a sleeping bag ?

        A twix.

        What do you call two darkies in a sleeping bag floating down the Thames ?

        A drifter.

      • Talking of darkies, I’m watching The Bible on DMAX and Mary Magdalene is being played by a sub Saharan black girl.

        Saying that Mary (Jesus’ mater) is being played by Greta Scaachi.

      • My Dad worked down the pit with a fellah from Kingston Jamaica who’d moved over to the UK in the late 50’s when we needed the additional workforce.

        He married a local lass and their youngest son was my best mate through school (another B&W Cunt 😉).

        Most of the locals weren’t miners (most miners in our area were relocated Geordies or Macams – like me Dad) and one day one of the lads asked in the pub why my Dad was always “hanging around with that darkie”?

        My Dad’s response was: “Listen here you, we’re all black down the pit and I’d trust that lad to have my back over the other workshy layabouts down there!”

        I can honestly say I never heard my Dad make a racist comment about any race or slight about folk from another country – whether Indian, West Indian or Polish. As far as he was concerned anyone who was a hard worker was worth their salt, anyone who was a slacker was a cunt!

    • Same in Cheshire BaWC. We’re being over run with soft tongue flicking jocks and fucking cockney-sparrows.
      Every field (bog!) left right and centre is being drained to make way for shit pigeon box houses they can buy for a tenth of what they’ve just flogged their council house for in Londonistan.
      It does my fucking box in.

  15. I have just skimmed the sky news website and noted a lack of the token brexit story.

    It is now clear that sky news read this website and have given into public opinion.

    They are now due for an additional cunting for being spineless cunts…

    • Ignore me, I’m being a cunt.

      Just realised they have blamed brexit on Starbucks poor profits this year.


      • Yeah, because all the Starbucks employees are going to fuck off back to their piss-poor countries to be unemployed there. Or could it be that Starbucks are having to actually pay some fucking tax? Somehow, I think Starbucks and their exploited workforce ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      • Their coffee is overpriced shit too!

        Best coffee I ever had was in a little fast food/bistro/sandwich bar near the top end of Tottenham Court Road (in the Shitty) run by an Italian family.

        I only happened upon it when I went out forra butty and couldn’t be arsed standing in a queue of self-important gobshites at the “Eat” butty place next door to the office (another overpriced shit shop that guffawing mugs think is good cos it’s expensive).

        Saw this shop, ordered a butty and had a coffee while I was waiting. The papa-san was on guard as the barrista and it was nectar!

        I like strong black coffee, no sugar, but some coffee is like brick acid and flavourless, this stuff was strong, full of flavour and smooth as silk.

        In my 6 months there that became my regular 2 visits a day place, 1st thing in the morning for my “double ristretto” (first time I had one was when I asked for a strong coffee – nursing one from the night before – and asked for “…as strong as you can make it!”), and again at lunch.

        It was 1/2 the price of the shite being served to the gullible sheep at Eat, CostaPacket, Café Nero and Shitbucks and 10x better!

        I’ve not had a coffee as good since. That is the *only* thing I miss about working in that shit-hole known as the capital!

      • The only time I ever went into Ratsbollox was when my bladder was bursting…thought I’d better do the right thing, have an espresso and a piece of cake.


        Coffee passable (well, biologically speaking at any rate), cake was served on a white-hot plate.

        I complained that it I’d asked for cake, not a feckin sponge pudding…Please could I have a COLD (or even room-temp) plate.

        No. Too much hassle.

        Why have ambient-temp plates when you can piss away tons of energy heating them up ?

        Next time I’ll just piss in their doorway.


  16. Well, I was watching Fox not realising it too was founded by Murdoch ( wife telt is ) and is part of his Empire and affiliated to fucking Sky ( christ1 she’s a clever cunt wor lass )

    Anyway Fox News shows the Americans today ( at 1900 hrs to be precise ) have dropped the mother of all fucking bombs in Afghanistan. The bastard weighs 21.000 lbs, and is the biggest non nuclear weapon. The Yanks have dropped said ginormous cut of a bomb on some poor camel shaggers in a cave participating in some evening light entertainment. The footage shows an almighty fucking blast , and what was there before, aint exactly there now!

    Now, perhaps I’m just a thick geordie, but I was wondering, what is it about today, that the Yanks have chosen this monster to blow the nuts off a couple of goat and camel shaggers? Why today ? Is today something special ? What the fuck is going on? perhaps I am just thick.

      • Did the Yanks paint on the bomb, ‘Suck on that, camelfuckers!’?….
        A few more of these big bastards dropped on various IS shitheaps in Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and other smelly shitholes will do….

      • Yes…it seems its now carried in the DM tonight. Impressive photo and a bit of a video. You’re right Norman , it looks too well staged to be anything other than “Look what Ive got Motherfucker”

    • I didn’t think it looked that impressive.
      I’ve seen a bigger bang watching two jiwarfs fuckin.

    • The British Lancs were dropping the 22,000 lbs Grand Slam bomb over Germany in 1945

      Fucking thing went through 23 feet of reinforced concrete.

    • I think it was a demonstration for North Korea that no matter how deep their Nuclear bunkers are little yellow men with small dicks and bad haircuts can be vapourised.

    • And the ass-hurt “Democrats” (a fucking oxymoron if there ever was one) are already crying on about “what’s our strategy, what’s our strategy” in response to the action taken in Afghanistan.

      Hey Democrat cunts “what’s our strategy” sums up the two Obama terms perfectly – irrespective of subject – whether foreign policy, taxation, health care, etc.

      At least the Don is doing something as opposed to 8yrs of nothing. Cunts!

      • north korea should just about be able to reach the west coast of usa – full of democrats – way to go donald


    Oooooooh Fantastic news. North Yorkshire Police have got 12 speed camera vans instead of six! More money for the police to fund North Yorkshire with even MORE useless, powerless, 2nd class ‘Toy Town’ Police Community Support Officers! Are there any REAL police in North Yorkshire?? Speed camera vans and the operators of them are complete CUNTS
    Fortunately people are fighting back and obstructing the views of the vans(which of course Im not recommendimg people to do)as the people (cunts) inside the vans are powerless civilian support staff who can do fuck all to chase you, other than call for a Pcso who is also powerless, who will then have to call a real policeman – I saw a story of a man parked in front of one of these cash cow vans and the civilian operator could do fuck all about it…public enemy number one, The evil motorist!! The police are doing a good job of alienating and having poor relationships with the public by constantly issuing fines and not turning up when you need one!

    • “but can also identify anti-social driving such as seat belt offences and drivers using mobile phones behind the wheel. ”

      but can it detect a Mohemmedain driver raping a 12 year old white girl in the back of his Taxi ?

      I suspect not

      • Or heading towards a crowd of people?

        But hey, the London Mayor says we just have to live with that shit these days, so that’s alright then.

        Oh, and if you’re poor and have a diesel car over 4yrs old, don’t forget to pay your £25 congestion charge to enter the Shitty in order to pay for the privilege of having the opportunity to be mown down or blown up by the Mayor’s fellow “peaceful” cunts!

    • When I see a cop car, I don’t feel protected, just paranoid.

      I’ve no reason to feel that way, I just do….

      • remember being on hols with my unc decades ago down in Dorset. He was in tanks during the war, and his driving skills were legendary in the family…
        One day, he took great delight in speeding up behind a cop car, then braking suddenly…several times.
        Quite funny, except it was outside AEE Winfrith… I wonder if we’d have been pulled in by Mr. Benn’s Nuclear Police ??

  18. Little cunt Shia laBeouf is spending a month in a cabin in Lapland for art.

    His only communication will be by text to cunts that go to the Helsinki museum.

    How the fuck is that art ?

    Its called camping.

    Maybe he’s in hiding after less than TEN cunts went to see his latest filum, when it was released in the UK.

  19. That poncy liberal novelist cunt Julian Barnes (cunt of a name) has written some shite in the London Review of Books about Brexit. Full of lies and hysteria about Jo Cocks and how he wishes for everything that can go wrong does go wrong. What a thoroughly horrible little wankpot the cunt is. Typical of the elitist lib bum brigade who are feeling the rug pulled from under their cosseted silk stockinged feet. Hope the cunt suffers from chronic ring sting from now on.

    • Fucking hell! What an endless cunt this Julian Barnes is!

      I’d like to nominate Julian Barnes for a cunting for being yet another champagne socialist, virtue signalling, Remoaner cunt, and for being an out-and-out liar to boot (re: the St. Jo of Cox murder receiving scant attention from the Daily Mail – which simply isn’t true, the cunt)!

  20. Trump’s MOAB missile was the size of a fucking space shuttle, lets hope he got a few of the peaceful ones in their caves.

    • I bet old Assad is thinking “I hope Trump is going to get a few blow jobs from Melania this weekend”

      • I’m glad he bombed ISIS but his bombing was a huge show of power this could have dire consequences

      • Nah drop it on them, I would love to have seen their last moments.

        The big bomb missle thing is ace, can we drop one on Bradford?

      • Or 10 and do Leeds while we’re on!

        Hey instead of shrapnel we could load it with Devil’s Toenails (pork scratchings) just to enhance the love we have for our “peaceful” ones.

  21. I’ll give you fucking art. I’ve got a 1960’s “Pancho Gonzales” tennis racquet, covered in greaseproof paper and splattered in spunkstains. I have written the names of all the pornstars I have wanked about all over it. This is a statement about alienation, brexit, post modernist angst and the essential experience of loneliness. If you don’t understand it don’t blame me because you are such a thick fucking cunt. Bids start at 200 grand. Eat your heart out Tracy fucking ugly face wosshername.

    • How long before one of these cunts whines no one is buying their shite because of Brexit? Nothing to do with the fact their doodles resemble a five year old special needs retard.

  22. I always thought that Alex Ferguson was got-lucky, gobshite cunt.
    Lucky as in he never discovered players but bought them from clubs that couldn’t compete with Man utd’s wealth.
    Gobshite as in he took credit for other peoples work.

    Maybe i was wrong coz since he left Man utd aren’t a fraction of the team they where.

    No one fears Old Trafford anymore and it looks like it could be another season without champions league football.

    My point is Alex Ferguson’s United would never be behind Liverpool or spurs and i doubt they would have drawn with Anderlecht.

    I’m in no way a United fan, but I’ve come to realize that maybe i was wrong about Ferguson’s abilities.

    Still think he was purple nosed alchy cunt though.

    Wine collector ?
    Piss head more like.

  23. Yeah but he was smart enough to get the media and the football authorities to fear his disapproval and do what he wanted them to do. How the fuck did he get away with refusing to talk to the BBC because they exposed his son as a thieving bent cunt? How many times did he benefit from “Fergie Time.”? How the fuck did he end up a knight of the realm? A total cunt yes, but a clever fucking cunt, you can’t deny that. Thank fuck he didn’t decide to become a politician the cunt.

  24. Luckiest man in football was Ferguson, his United side hit form just as the Sky money came rolling through the door.

  25. I hate Man United, but not the genuine fans. I think Man United are predictable as Saturday night telly or the UK 12 months a year ‘routine’
    Ant and Dec on telly constantly, the year ticks by, valentines day, grand national, easter, bank holidays, football season, boring predicted Man utd plus top 4 clubs win everything, eurovision, big brother, X cunt Factor, summer holidays, dark nights, Christmas starting in September, bonfire night, Halloween, car broken into back of November due to dark nights, depressing news story near Christmas, then pist for Christmas, the pist at new year, then back to January to face it all again!

    • I call islamic terrorists out on their bullshit if they hate western civilisation so much why don’t they kill Ant & Dec? the worst forms of it huh?! surely this is haram right and a fatwa shouldnt be out of the question?

      Also notice in the background 3 stars are inverted to draw up the most negative satanic gayest energies possible with the inverted star Ant & Dec are satanists

      And your right the world is fucked, life is a cunt Harry

      • I watched an episode of I’m A Sleb a few years ago, and what got me, apart from the programmes disgusting treatment of animals, was how amateurish Cant and Dic are.
        All that money fame and awards yet they wouldn’t be out of place comparing an OAP’s disco.
        They are cringe worthy as fuck and seem as they have never met each other before.

        I cant believe authorities lett animals be killed so washed up slebs can try and get the tiniest ray of limelight back.

        Sick cunts. 🙁

      • Authorities will let anything happen as long as their palms are greased. That’s what authority is all about, that’s why they exist…

      • I saw an episode once where a woman was made to eat a kangaroos cock. Now if you had pictures of a woman with an animals cock in her mouth you would get arrested. How the fuck do these cunts get away with it?

      • It reminds me of an old joke. A woman had Morecambe and Wise tattooed on her arse – one on each cheek. She went over to show her husband and he said ‘I don’t recognise the other two but the one in the middle looks like Jeremy Beadle’

    • Last years X factor has started on the telly here.
      I came in the other night and the missus was watching it.
      It was the first time I’d ever seen it.
      How cheap and nasty is that tat ?

      What got me was that quite a few cunts auditioning looked sorta normal.
      Most were absolute cuntish looking though.
      The scary thing is that this shite fest has been going on for more than a decade, so the sheeple are well and truly brainwashed into believing that this is as good as it gets.

      Remember when acts would wear thin and get classed as cheesy ?
      That ain’t happening anymore.
      Everyone’s a fuckin legend.

      I watched part of a Janet Jackson documentary the other night and they were going on and on about her legendary status and how ground breaking her and her songs were.
      Fuckin nonsense.
      Even the most diehard Janet Jackson fan should know that it is all just bubble gum pop tat.
      Muslim slag.

      • Janet Jackson is where she is (and has been) for one reason, and one reason only…. Being the sister of Michael Jackson… She was marketed as a female Jacko (horrible as that sounds and actually is!), and record company cunts used to peddle her crap when Wacko was not active or going crackers (or both)…

        I remember when hip DJ (at the time), Adrian Sherwood was commissioned by Slivertone Records to do a remix of ‘One Love’ by The Stone Roses… John Squire heard the remix and said in disgust, ‘This is shit! It You’ve made us sound like Janet fucking Jackson!’ John then chucked the tape on the floor and stamped on it…

      • If Janet Jackson was supposed to be the female Whacko, did she molest young girls (conversely) before paying copious, and many, amounts of hush money, sorry, out-of-court-settlements to salivating, rapacious parents?

        What a wacky, child-fucking family it is.

  26. X factor is over hyped shit and Cowell knows it is. But what does he care it pays for his villa in the BAhamas. It goes on and on for fuckin Munfs and what is the end result? Another fuckin singer, well whoopee fuckin do. It’s selling a dream, people see One Direction and the millions they’ve made and want some of that.

  27. Julian Barnes is not only a cunt!, but a lying one at that!,
    He wrote a piece in the London review of books about the daily mail saying the paper gave its readers 30 pages of news before they deemed it appropriate to mention jo coxs murder?? Well the editor has pulled the lying cunt up ,Apparently on the June 17th the story was front page and had exstensive coverage on pages 4/5/6/7!! Oops!
    Just Another uppity bigoted liberal cunt who simply doesn’t accept/ understand he can’t always have things his own way!! Get over it Cunt!!!

    • The EU are a pathetic bunch of Cunts, they think that giving Spain a veto on Gibraltar is some kind of master stroke!, I’m sure the EU is going to get exposed sooner rather than later as nothing more than a self serving small minded organisation that cares little about the people it proports to represent…

      • an addition to the previous “painful deaths for politicians” thread started by another cunter…

        I’d add retrospective ex-utero abortion, available “on demand” (ticks all the feminazi, libtard boxes, that phrase does) at any foetal age.

        Wire coathanger method, also J. Collis Browne’s Tincture (drowning in, or up the back passage)

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