Dominic Littlewood [3]

A daytime Z-listed cunting please for this self important and deluded Uncle Fester lookalike who pollutes morning TV with cheap *reality* shows. The baldy poison monkey grimaces, legs astride in front of police cars in a MP police station car park as he introduces you more hard hitting, cutting edge, but cheap CCTV. Very cheap. Each show must cost about a tenner to make. Just collect a few mugs who want to be on telly, so you don’t have to pay them, a few coppers who like to imagine they were in The Bill, and a few town hall jobsworths who want everyone to see how *important* they are strutting round, put them with a hand camera, a director who is doing his first job since leaving school. Then all you need is little Dom, who went to the same East End Mockney School as Arfur Smith, but sounds a bit rougher, and how could you lose.

Littlewood’s latest abomination goes out round about midday on BBC1. We got a new TV yesterday, and Mrs. Boggs decided to test it out with this dreary programme.

The old slaphead motherfucker is so *good* he makes you want to retch. You can imagine him at school – “please sir, Gordon just farted and Tony just put his hand up Mandy’s knickers. The bolshy little cunt is a total wankstain, pure as TCP. and I just hope his tawdry career collapses due to some peccadillo that brings him embarrassment and shame.

Nobody is as good as this old bugger pretends to be.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Sophie Khan

Sophie Khan. Who the fuck is that, I hear you ask? Sophie Khan is the Police Action Centre’s Director of Legal and Policy. Last night, the daft trollop was on LBC advocating that police ask gang members if they think it’s a good idea for armed police to carry out foot patrols in the areas that they, (the gang members), carry out their illegal, nefarious activities. Here’s a link to the stupid cows’ organisation

‘People’ like her make my fucking blood boil. Cunts that support an organisation like this should be forced to stick a coppers uniform on and walk the fucking streets to actually see what goes on and The Feds have to put up with on a daily basis.

Weapons grade, Olympic standard, gold -medal winning cunts.

Nominated by DCI Gene Cunt

Jewspiracy theorists

Jewspiracy theorists. I’m not talking about criticism of Israel – there are plenty of things wrong with the Netanyahu government which deserve to be criticised – and I’m not even talking about those who don’t have an issue with the average Jew and simply have questions about how many Jewish people are in power
– I’m talking about the types who believe in the holocaust denial and blood libel shit and that everything bad which is happening right now, everything that is wrong with the world is caused the controlled by ‘the joos’.

Seriously, how paranoid do you have to be to, in this day and age, believe that absolutely everything to do with the world is controlled exclusively by one religion? I’m not going to call these people thick because a lot of them do seem to have a decent level of intelligence, but such a conspiracy theory only overcomplicates things when in my view at least the explanation is far more simple – the elites fuck us over because they’re elites and the only time religion ever comes into it is when they are bending over backwards to appease the violent, backward, misogynistic homophobic, patriarchal, 7th Century death cult that is Islam.

I know this is probably going to upset a few people on here but hey, I don’t care – such freedom to speak your mind is the beauty of ISAC.

Nominated by OpinionatedCunt

Daniela Tejada

Daniela Tejada is a cunt. Who? She’s the wife of that other millennial cunt, Matthew Hedges, who has just been released from prison by the president of the UAE (the stupid cunt thought he could go poking around an Arab country without putting noses out of joint).

She rants about Trump, downtrodden sand people, and switches between English and a flip flop language. She doesn’t tweet about how an honour it is to be in Britain. Why our Foreign Secretary wasted time on these two oxygen thieves is beyond me. Perhaps the story was more appealing than some poor bloke getting his head sawn off. That’s the reality in the Middle East you vacuous, parasitic, millennial, snowflake cunts.

Nominated by Sgt Maj Cunt

Animal trophy-Hunting

Animal trophy-Hunters are cunts, aren’t they?

We know our Yank cousins just lurrrve guns but the displaying of it is distasteful and vulgar. The latest American barbarian, Larysa Switlyk, has posed in Scotland boasting about shooting a goat, a ram, and a stag. She then posed for photos grinning like the cunt she is whilst clutching the still-warm corpses. What courage! There wee photos of previous “hunts” where she’s hugging the limp cadavers of a moose, an alligator, a reindeer, and a peacock. A PEACOCK!

I know certain animals like deer have to be culled but this is fucking sick vanity.

A few years back we had that Yank dentist who fancied killing yet another lion. The unapologetic scumbag performed his courageous act with a bow & arrow and consequently Cecil the lion had a slow, agonising death. What valour!

Recently there was another Yank bitch who bravely shot a giraffe in South Africa then proceeded to gurn beside its flaccid body.

Why would anybody do this? The murdered animals aren’t going to be eaten, these tourists weren’t being threatened. Are these cunts’ lives so empty they want to mistreat and murder sentient animals?
There is an argument that says that the money raised in hunting can be used to preserve wildlife blah blah. Personally I say for “sport-hunting” read ‘The massacre of animals.’ The photos of these odious cunts are obscene; photos of detestable, attention-seeking, cunterous cowards.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous