Tom Watson and Ed Miliband

Tom Watson and Ed Miliband deserve a nomination. They recently tried to amendments to the new Data Protection bill that would have shackled the free press. Watson wanted newsgroups to pay the legal costs of anyone who brought a lawsuit against a particular newspaper, even if that person lost the case. This would have meant the possibility of certain newsgroups going bankrupt, and that risk would have ensured that papers would not have bothered investigating dodgy individuals, like celebrities, politicians, gangland figures, etc. Fortunately, MP’s voted against Miliband’s amendment, which considering he despises the free press, is something that will no doubt burn the buck toothed, back stabbing little prick immensely. That loss meant that Labour then dropped Watson’s amendment before it could be voted on. So, happy days, the free press are still free to report should any MP fiddle their expenses, or a celebrity feel the need to snort cocaine, or be arrested for getting sucked off in a parked car, by a VERY ugly hooker.

As I said, Miliband despises the free press. After all, it was the press who told us about ‘Red Ed’ stabbing his own brother in the back because of his own ambition to become party leader. And it was the press who published the photo of him trying, and failing to eat a bacon muffin. That photo made him look like the incompetent buffoon he is, and quite possibly had a part to play in Labour’s loss in the 2015 general election, thereby ending this politically fratricidal twat’s ambition of becoming PM. I hear that since resigning as party leader, Miliband has taken Gordon Brown’s approach to life as a backbencher, i.e, not bothering to turn up much. He couldn’t even be bothered to attend the debate on Syria, preferring instead to throw endless podcasts. This is a betrayal of his Doncaster constituency, who pay this cunt to represent them in parliament. Seriously Ed, if you can’t be fucking to bothered to do your job, quit. You’re not earning the overgenerous salary you’re fleecing the taxpayer for.

Tom Watson, or as Richard Littlejohn calls him, ‘the Noncefinder General’, is cunt of a higher level. It’s easy to see why he would want tighter controls on the press, his biggest financial contributor is Max Mosely, former fascist and son of Oswald. At last count, Watson had received over £500,000 from Mosely, and we all know how much Mosely hates the press. Watson is an odious little shite, it was he who kicked off the child sex investigations into various Tories, including the long dead Edward Heath, and Leon Brittan, as well as Lord Bramhall, on the basis of a known fantasist who himself is now facing trial for paedophilia. To date, not one person Watson, who hid behind Parliamentary Privilege, accused has been charged, and not a shred of evidence for their guilt found. And the fat cunt has even had the decency to apologise, either to the people or the relatives of those he accused, or to the taxpayer for wasting our money on the investigation. Leon Brittan died before he was cleared. Lord Bramhall, and others, are still dealing with having their names needlessly dragged through the mud. All because of fat cunt Watson.

Another epic QDM piece.


Dominic Grieve MP QC

A cunting fit for a queen to this demented old arsehole, who, in his efforts to thwart Brexit, is even outdoing the Soubry cunt in the drama queen stakes (“At a recent meeting I had to be protected by SIX armed officers”, the old hag said in Parliament yesterday). No you didn’t *have to be* darling, you are just an attention seeking old fuckwit, and an hysterical old twat.

As for Grieve, he appears to be doing the LibDem and the Labour Pansy Remainers job for them because they are too fucking thick to do it themselves. The old bastard is still at it this morning on radio with his threats.

Of course old Dommie is only shitting in the road out of principle. Or is it because he is still miffed at being demoted from high office. 2010 to 2018 has seen quite a fall in the old motherfuckers standing.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Workshy cunts

Firstly let me apologize for what I am about to nominate because it will seem irrational and implausible, in fact could even be a script from the twilight zone, a number of years ago a former area director employed his mates son in my work place, it failed miserably and he was transferred with my agreement to be the other part of my team.

Let us spin back to some of my comments on generation snowflake, and I am afraid you lot as well who finance failing siblings!

Well last year my “Bitch” was absent from work for over 6 working months 3/4 of the year to every one else, with dental problems, coughs, sneezes, toothache, headache, stress ,(girlfriends mother has cancer for 2 days) split up with girlfriend.

Various rather inadequate warnings, written warnings ect were issued and then (praise the lord) a final written warning.!
I was told should the “Bitch” not turn up for work he would be summary dismissed!
Well first fucking working day of the year he did not turn up! (but got let off because he apparently got his new girlfriend up the duff whilst off sick for stress) then again, (car got locked in a car park) got let off.

In fact should I make a list it would be like one of QDM’s nominations so lets cut to the crux.
After his latest episode I asked that he be dismissed (creating a vacancy for someone who want a job) management agreed and checked with HR.
HR came back with “You can not fire him the warnings have achieved their purpose he is less absent”

I went sick with stress for 3 days and went to see my councillor (who is also a senior partner in an employment legal firm). I received assurances that his dismissal would hold ground in an employment tribunal and that my only route was to lodge a grievance procedure against management.

I have told them this now its me on shit street!

Nominated by Lord Benny

Sir Christopher Chope

Christopher Chope, Tory MP and massively petty bell end. Chope is the self important sack of monkey shit who today (15th June 2018), put the kibosh on the government’s attempt to bring in a law making it illegal for perverts to take photograph’s under the skirts of women and girls, the so called, “upskirting” law. Why did he object to it? For some warped moral issue perhaps? Because he firmly believes that perverts should be allowed to abuse females in such a way? Because he’s a secret upskirter himself? No. Chope objected…because the issue had not been fully debated in parliament. That’s right. This arrogant tool, sabotaged a law, because he and his fellow MP’s had not been granted the time to discuss it. What…a fucking…prick. I don’t know anyone who has been the victim of this degrading crime. But I do know that if happened to my wife or one of my daughters, I would strangle the pervert who did it to death. With their own intestines.

Consequently, this piece of legislation has, for the time being at least, been kicked into the long grass. From what I’ve read about Christopher Chump, this is not the first he’s sabotaged legislation going through, for exactly the same reason. In fact, he’s objected to legislation passing DOZENS of times, because it hadn’t been debated in full. And apparently, the reason he shouted “OBJECT”, is because with the change in the law being proposed from the backbenches rather than the government, under parliamentary rules, it can only be debated on a Friday, and so has to takes its place in the queue. This draft legislation was eighth in the queue, meaning it wasn’t going to be debated in full. MP’s could have waved it through its second reading without debate, which was what was expected, but because it hadn’t been debated, an MP can, if they choose, shout ‘object’ to stop it. Which is what chump decided to do.

As I’ve already said, Chump has form for this kind of kind of thing. In the past, he’s blocked laws on the Hillsborough disaster, a pardon for Alan Turing and wild animals in circuses. He’s also blocked legislation on national standards for taxi drivers, revenge evictions, same-sex marriage, protecting police dogs, free hospital parking for carers and careers advice for sixth formers. Conversely, Chump is well known for submitting dozens of his own backbench legislations, not because he feels strongly about them, but as a tactic to waste time and block other proposals. He comes across as someone who is petty, small minded, arrogant and possessed of a grossly overblown sense of their own importance. The fact he’s been a backbencher since 1983, shows that his opinion of himself is entirely unjustified.

Ironically, his Knighthood was for ‘political and public service’. I can’t help but think that whoever nominated him was taking the piss. Having read about ‘Sir’ Christopher, I can’t help but feel that he’s only an MP for the salary, and because it makes him feel important. And I’m willing to bet that feeling important was his primary reason. Thank fuck he’s never been promoted to a cabinet office, that would have made him a million times more insufferable. At a time when trust and confidence in politicians is at an all time low, with most people considering MP’s to be dishonest, dishonourable, self-serving and generally despicable, Chump has, today, not only proven that assumption to be correct, but also that he is the LOWEST of the low. He’s been an MP for THIRTY FIVE years. And this disgraceful act is what he’ll be remembered for. What a cunt!

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Sir Christopher Chope who objected to the upskirting bill in parliament today which blocked the bill’s progress.
I cannot think why this knight of the realm objected to this bill due though I am sure most on here could guess.

One looks at his face tells you all you need to know

Nominated by Iamknot

Labour Live

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … “Jez-fest” ha ha ha ha ha ha “Labour live” .. ha ha ha ha ha ha… “John mc-fuckin-donald” ha ha “Owen Jo-ha ha ha-Jones” ha ha ha ha….
I think I’m gonna die….
I really hope I see footage of this shit.

How they gonna get the abbopotomous on stage?…

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…Labour fucking live?
How about labour fuckin dead …. I’d buy a ticket for that!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…… what sad cunts.

Nominated by Deploy the Sausage