Jamal Hijazi

Most towelheads who land up on the beach at Herne Bay or Folkestone in the early hours usually just ask for the address of the nearest benefits office, but now we have a new breed of soy boy for whom child allowance is just not enough.

A cunting with benefits please for this sixteen year old money grubbing fucker – a Syrian “refugee” who has found the wherewithal to sue Tommy Robinson for defamation, because his little teenage feelings have been hurt

We have quite enough fucking trouble makers of our own clogging up the courts. If this little cunt doesn’t appreciate free speech, perhaps he should fuck off back to Syria and take a boatload of his fellow “refugees” with him, but I know and you know he will weep in the witness box and win.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

White saviours

Where to begin?

You know the type – young, unwashed and completely fucking annoying. Americans are by far the worst and will quite often make me wonder if my views on forced sterilisation need revising. But I have also met some British ones who made me want to fill my ears with molten metal, so perhaps unfair to single them out.

Trouble is the chicks are often quite fit, and a lot less likely to have AIDS than the locals, so I find myself falling into the trap of talking to them. Big fucking mistake! You have to pass the endless hours of them talking at you by imagining how good it would be to shut the stupid bitch up with your sweaty cock. The blokes are just as bad, but there is zero reason to chat with them so they don’t annoy me as much. They have their own uniform – bearded beta males, with skinny jeans and cuntishly round glasses – so easy to mark and avoid.

Usually you find these cunts sitting around beach bars like flies on a fresh turd – on leave from their ‘tough’ assignment somewhere. Really they are just looking for some unsuspecting target to bore to death with their stories, which are really just a way of telling you that they are better than you. Complete fucking predators.

Once they have a victim, they’ll drone on and on about doing ‘valuable community fieldwork’ in Africa or Asia or some other shithole. Why is it never somewhere cold and grim, like Russia? Or Mongolia? Because the cunts are really just there on holiday, justifying themselves by doing sub-standard work for people who could do it better themselves. Like how many skills does it require to hand out sanitary pads? Or build a shitter? Why do we need to fly white Europeans around the world to do these basic tasks that were mastered tens of thousands of years ago?

They are basically the modern generation’s missionaries, washing away the original sin of being born in a decadent, white middle class family. Then heap on top of it a healthy dose of daddy issues. You can just imagine the scene; first they get a nose ring, next a tattoo of some shitty dolphin or something, then they fuck a black guy three years older at high school. But that didn’t get the desired response, so now they escalate – ‘Daddy, I’m off to Uganda to teach women about feminine hygiene’. Like they even know where the country is.

I am struggling to deal with the epic proportions of their cuntishness. Why are they never engineers or scientists? You know – people who could actually help. No, these people are our fucking dross – dead beat idiots who fail to impress at school, now bored that their lowly bank balance can’t make them feel superior in any way to normal, economically active people, then think that their mediocre understanding of the world is somehow going to revolutionise Africa and some how turn people’s lives around.

Now I know what you are thinking? Every little helps right? Bullshit. These are the types of people who exude the worst characteristics of Westernism. They bring with them all the shitty social diseases that are running rife back home – socialism, feminism, egotism – you know, the fucking opposite of that a young African person needs to succeed in the world.

Who knows what they really actually do? I never actually see them in the field. You just find them doing what everyone else is doing – hanging out in bars, smoking weed and looking for a shag, but the difference is that the other people aren’t judging every other fucking cunt there.

The thing that pisses me off the most is how they immediately dismiss other lines of work. Work the oil & gas industry providing employment to thousands of Africans – that’s Western exploitation and you are basically Hitler. Build a fucking toilet out of some wriggly tin and a pallet – you are a fucking hero and need to be worshipped. How does this work in their head?

If you want to ‘transform’ Africa, run a successful business that employs local people. Show leadership, make difficult choices, teach them how to be economically independent. Don’t fucking treat them like wounded animals and breed endless dependency on Western charity just to feed your own bottomless ego. That is half the reason we are in this fucking problem in the first place!

Fucking cunts the lot of them

Nominated by Dick Malone

A school’s budget

A school’s budget…is a total cunt. Parents forced into buying books and pencils for pupils and head teachers cleaning their own school toilets, that’s the codswallop being dished out by head teachers in the news, all a result, we’re told, of ‘insufficient government funding’. What utter cunt! What you’re never told is the salaries budget of your typical local school is often 80-90% of its total budget. Salaries that go up every year with increments to which most teachers are automatically entitled. No wonder there’s no fucking money for other supplies and services! Compare that with 18-50% spent on salaries in the private sector. When Blair got in and made schools awash with utilities windfall-cash schools exploded with staff, almost without exception totally useless cunts. Kids seem unhappy? Then employ a counsellor in your school. Got a lot on teaching your own class? Have 10% of your working week taught by someone else so you can do preparation. Too many kids for you to cope? Here, have a teaching assistant. Where the fuck did all these people come from? It’s no wonder school budgets are so totally fucked up. Solution? Moan like cunts and not do what any business has to do when there’s belt-tightening, i.e. let someone go. Simple fact is one person’s salary in any average school would pay for any shortfall. What? Downsize slightly? Fat fucking chance of that. Like all our bloated and cunt-infected institutions education is like a giant baby with its bottle. You feed it but it demands more and more as it grows, a bigger and bigger bottle. Threaten to give it the bottle it had last year and it screams like a stuck-cunt that it’s going to die. Fuck off, headteachers. You and your budgets are cunts!

Nominated by Zippy

The Daily Mail (6)

The mail is the highest selling daily in the UK and until fairly recently reflected the views of middle England to an extent, but now they have lost the plot completely. Almost unforgivable they decided to side with traitor May over Brexit, but the bales of straw that fucked this camel’s back are their hounding of Tommy Robinson and UKIP. The cunts can’t even print his name without resorting to the so called BBC trick of giving his “real” name in the same sentence.

The hatchet job on ukip candidate Carl Benjamin this Sunday was breathtakingly hypocritical, as in the preceding pages they had condemned the selective misrepresentation of Roger Scruton’s statements by the lefty media.

Count Dankula, another ukip candidate with a significant online following, has also been targeted with the sort of biased untruthful smears one would expect from the guardian. I will never purchase their pile of cunt again, but may continue to peruse the pub copy’s racing page on Saturdays. Yesterday I signed up for the Brexit Party, £25 well spent.

Nominated by Themagiccunt

Cambridge University

The big knobs at Cambridge University have ordered an investigation into their archives to see if the University has benefitted from the slave trade during it’s illustrious history. They then intend to apologise for this terrible stain on their reputation.

Jesus fuck my old boots! There isn’t an institution or a rich family, which dates back to those times, in this country who weren’t up to their necks in the fucking slave trade. Everybody knows that. That’s how all the rich cunts got super rich and why their descendants are rolling in it today.

You can’t reverse history so what’s the fucking point in crying about it? Those cunts won’t be giving their money away that’s for sure. Fucking pathetic virtue signalling fucking wankers.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

‘The University of Cambridge is to investigate its own historical links with slavery and will examine how it might have gained financially.

It has launched a two-year study that will examine its archives to see whether it gained from the slave trade.

Universities have faced questions about the legacy of links to slavery.

“It is only right that Cambridge should look into its own exposure to the profits of coerced labour,” said vice-chancellor Stephen Toope.’

There is an advisory board set up to study the links. Ultimately paid for by us, no doubt. This is totalitarian liberal year zero. History denied. Graven images before the rise of the prophet (piss be upon him)
I wonder if, while they are at it, they could see if they have benefitted from feudalism or the industrial revolution. I want my compensation from the cunts.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble