Boris Johnson (14)

A fifth columnist, persistent cough of a cunting for Boris Johnson. The fat, traitorous blonde twat has declared that he is ” fervently Sinophile “, as he strives to strengthen economic links with China.

The little yellow weasels cause global misery with the Bat Flu, and this big dopey cunt wants to be best friends with them ? We, along with everyone else, should be holding the dirty little bastards to account, not sucking up to them.
They’re getting away with it, scot free.
With the aid of our Moron In Chief.
Boris, you have been cunted, now fuck off, for fuck’s sake just go.
And fuck the Uighur’s too.

Nominated by: Jack The Cunter

…and seconded by Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

Boris Johnson is a total and utter cunt spatter.

His precious “Road map” means no haircuts until after fucking Easter, if then (as long as this third lockdown has already lasted already, again).

This shit will never end. We are being pissed on and are expected to be grateful for the wash.

Fuck off, Johnson.

124 thoughts on “Boris Johnson (14)

  1. The most disappointing aspect is how easily people are prepared to give up their freedom without one moment of critical thinking….

    • Congratulations to the chinks, they’ve played a blinder👏👏👏 people are so shit scared now of where their next pay cheque is coming from, they make do with buying mass produced cheap shit that will only last 2 minutes. Would be funny if it wasn’t the truth!

  2. This is why I voted Nigel. I don’t like playing party politics even though it could have cost us leaving the EU and splitting the vote. But frankly is vote conservative over labour every day of the week.

  3. As much as this cunt is a fucking buffoon, and let’s face it, if he came out to address the nation in clown shoes and a big red nose, no fucker would notice, it’s obvious that this was the lesser of two evils. Can you imagine the havoc the Labour Party would have wreaked? They should war game that scenario and see what a fucking disaster it would have been.

    • if being under house arrest for a year is the lesser of two evils then i’m off to see a psychiatrist – ffs what will it take to get a reality check???????????

      • Move to Suffolk. We’re free to come and go as we please.

        Apart from certain commercial premises being closed I can’t say I’ve noticed any curtailment of freedom.

      • Reality check? After some of the tinfoil hatter drivel I read on here lately, I think I’m relatively normal.

  4. Fucking Albino Jelly fish cunt. I know all the barbers are shut because of your dumb ass, poorly thought out lockdown but get a fucking hair cut you scruffy cunt. Your supposed to be representing the nation you fucking scarecrow vagabond looking cunt-nugget.

  5. Sinophïle? SpinelessBästardophïle more like. People who sück people off for a living used to get called a nasty name. Over and Umlaut.

  6. How can you suggest that e.g. Whitty has no “relevant” medical qualifications?
    This virus is real and you do those who have succumbed to it and their relatives a disservice.
    One of the reasons that I took early retirement from Medicine is that I was fucking fed up with the powers that be telling me that I had to be nice to the ungrateful, workshy, white (let alone the foreign cunts ) who because they are as thick as shit make lifestyle choices that make them a chronic burden on the NHS.
    When did you last see someone smoking outside a hospital entrance who wasn’t morbidly obese,in a wheelchair,using crutches or a stick.
    and with their lower legs (assuming that they haven’t already been amputated because of self-induced gangrene) swathed in foul smelling weeping bandages?
    It should come as no surprise that for a surgeon to run a successful private practice they must also hold a Consultant post in the NHS.
    This at least means that they have undergone rigorous training programmes and have passed the relevant examinations to demonstrate their competence.
    However, in order to hone their skills so that they can provide their private patients with the best care, they use their NHS patients for practice and to try out experimental procedures.
    Chris Whitty is not a greedy surgeon but a dedicated conscientious physician who actually gives a shit and,unlike the majority of politicians who lack the intellect to have obtained their degrees in anything other than easy-option subjects like English,the arts or humanities ( and don’t start me off (DSMO lol) when it comes to Politics,Philosophy and Economics ,whatever the fuck that’s supposed to be!,he probably knows what he’s talking about.
    By the way, the wife and I had our first dose of the vaccine last week and we both feel like shit.

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