Nigerian Wet Markets

This lot of so called humans ( and that’s pushing it) should be dipped in petrol and set on fire.

And to think this so called Conservative government are letting them in by the
thousands oi their dingy boats;

Well this shit hole can’t be nuked as all the innocents animals would suffer, but
it would make a good training camp for our Forces on how to come down
REALLY FUCKING HARD on these bastards and any other foreign fuckers that do not know how to fucking behave themselves in the fucking modern World – the fucking cunts – they make me fucking puke.

Nominated by: geedee 

(Any word from the Islington Woke, Vegan or XR Mobs I wonder? – DA)

42 thoughts on “Nigerian Wet Markets

  1. I’ll never understand why we accept that cats and dogs can have ‘breeds’, but not humans.

    • Because breeds are a product of artificial selection/eugenics. That’s why there are different breeds of dog but there aren’t different breeds of wolf – there are different sub species of wolf because the selector for speciation and sub-speciation is natural, not artificial.

      • Every culture is as good as another according to the book of woke.
        Bloody long time if ever one of my lot boiled a manatee alive. The more you read the more you think the nuclear option is a good idea fucking filth, Rather share a hot tub with Barrymore than share air with theses despicable fucktards.

  2. Yep China wetmarkets get all the blame but more exotic bushmeat is eaten in Africa probably

    If only the useless as fucking shit on a stick WHO actually enforced sanctions on these countries before a virus ruined all our lives and refusing them any kind of aid whatsoever form but no we give them millions to corrupt banana republic dictators and they eat whatever the fuck they want anyway

    Why have safe beef chicken and pork ?when you can walk on the wildside of exotic cuisine and have a some nice Bat, Cat, Dog, Monkey, Snake, Pangolin, or fucking Rat Meat to chow on fucking stunned cunts!

  3. That’s why the BBC has discovered a lack of black faces at ski resorts. This is their preferred hobby.

  4. Good point DA, id of swore the leftie vegan mob would be outraged if it was Texas or Durham and rightfully so,
    But africans from Nigeria?
    …….shtum .
    To scared of been called racist.
    Africans are stripping their own eco system and decimating their own wildlife.
    Whats that World wildlife Fund?
    Oh nowt, fuck all to say?
    Surprised me that.
    These people are poor, of course theyll poach!
    But the thick cunts can’t stop breeding,
    If id not eaten in 3day and only had piss tainted mosquito water,
    Last thing id be after is a shag.

  5. Would be nice to call them animals, but animals have more scruples than these so called sub species humans. And yet this country continues to welcome them with open arms. What a fuck up.

  6. Coming to a backstreet near you soon.

    Why worry about third world shitholes when you can have one on your doorstep?

    Courtesy of U.K. Government.

  7. And now for something completely different…
    Nigerian Covid. It’s apparently here already.

    Britain is now a cesspit, full to the brim with the world’s filth. Official.

  8. Just another resource to these cunts, who make locusts look amateurish.
    As with all animal cruelty around the world, the cultural or religious aspect absolves them.
    Ebola is too good for the backwards cunts.

  9. Nigeria and Africa in general is a shit hole, no cunt should ever be allowed to come here from any shite hole, full fucking stop!

    They are fucking savages.

  10. Does the Nigerian president live in a squalid shack and scoff roadkill because there’s nothing else on the menu?
    Nope, his gaff will be the ornate palace with the state of the art military hardware, armed guards and fleet of Mercedes limousines outside.
    No point in trying to cure the body if the head is rotten…

  11. The filthy Africa cunts bring in the products to this country on a regular basis. Dirty, filthy, disgusting, disease ridden scum of humanity. There was a film called “District 9′, which had this sort of thing as part of the plot – yup, involving Nigerians.

  12. If we are not careful all these minorities will soon become the majority. As they have no real interest in integrating it most likely won’t end well for the indigenous population.

    The great Donald Trump had a glorious slogan, Make America Great Again. I would like to suggest the next prime minister has a policy hat reflects most
    sensible white people’s opinion regarding immigration, Fuck off England is full and picks a similar slogan to the Donald, Make England Great Again which splendidly enough that works out as MEGA for short. Sadly as it stands, to a great deal of the population here and to the rest of the world we are looking more like ‘meagre’ when it comes to sorting out the problem of barbaric invaders!

  13. I find reading the comments sections on DM articles to be more enjoyable than the article itself.

  14. I seem to remember the Ebola outbreak being attributed to the savages eating fruit bats, which carry the virus.

    We were pretty much OK when Col Gadaffi ensured the savages didn’t cross Libya to reach the Mediterranean and then Spain-France-UK, but since Shiny, Buttered Baked Potato-Face Dave decided it was a splendid idea to depose Gadaffi, our shores are open season to every raggedy-arsed backward savage from the dark continent who dreams of living in the UK, supported with munificent benefits courtesy of the ‘magic’ white man.

    Dave is a massive cunt, along with his Andy Fordham lookalike Mrs.

    Africa doesn’t need Saint Bob’s Aid – it needs sterilisation factories setup which gives rice and clean water in exchange for the black man leaving his bollocks in a glass jar. It makes perfect sense.

    • Fucking hell of course PM you make a very valid point with Gadafi, I hadn’t put the two together…

  15. I recall some years back when by brother was living in a flat above an Afriiiiican ministry of sorts where there were constant gatherings in a dirty part of North London.

    I nearly shat my pants when he showed me video footage of their backyard where they were grillin dog on a bbq and sat around bongo drums drinking beer and chewing on dog leg.

    In fact writing this now makes me feel a little sick.

  16. wasn’t AIDS once attributed to the consuming of African bushmeat. Or was that just an orgy Elton and Freddie M had ? Plenty of BBC to choke on.
    What was the last major invention to herald from Africa? That’s right. None

    • Ah but I think that was due to the cave men fucking the Bush meat, doesn’t make it any better really…… White sauce anyone

  17. Nowt a decent genocide won’t sort out.
    Shame they are such lazy cunts.
    Set about each other with gusto at once you vile gibbons!

    These cunts should be shot on sight if they turn up on our shores.
    Human garbage.

  18. Come on covid19-I had very high hopes that you would massively reduce the dark continent and Pakistan’s populations-pull your finger our son!

    • Herman, you forgot ‘lazy, dozy,cunty, rapêy’ which also sound like characters from Snow White and the African Dwarfs.

  19. Just recently I told my son. The Chinese will eat any animal. The Africans will fuck it, then eat it.

  20. I grew up in Nigeria, so I say this with some real world experience, they are racist, tribilist, superstitious, lying, thieving, violent, conning, unclean, bad driving, cruel uncooth, stupid, scroupleless, dirty fuck monkeys who have turned their own country into a dirty cess pool and thankfully most of the cunts stay there, its so dirty even ciclke cell couldn’t survive, natural selection seems to have jumped over the fucking dump, my brother was born there and he, s a total cunt and all my experience of Nigerians sadly lead me to this conclusion, I’m sure there are some good Nigerians but I can honestly say in the 11 years I was there I didn’t meet any the place needs to be nuked….

  21. The majority of Africa is and always has been a Shit Hole, yet year upon year we pump Billions into it and what we get in return is useless specimen’s with small Brains and massive Cocks entering our country ready to put their huge members to work on our females and apply their criminal talent on our pensioners.! Fuckin scum the lot of em.

  22. Please I have 50000$, please may I use your bank account to process my funds, I will give you 20% handling fee, please send me your account details and sort code . Fuck off baba tumbe..

  23. Genocide desperately needed to rid the planet of the low IQ, primitive, savage boon cunts.

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