HS2 Protesters

The HS2 protesters are a set of cunts.

Now, before I begin, I agree that HS2 is a massive waste of money. For billions of taxpayers pounds you’ll save 30 minutes on your journey, hardly seems worth it, just get up earlier. This is not the reason that these rebellious eco warriors are burrowing underground and playing cards in their own shit and piss though. No it’s because “we’re killing the planet man”.

Of course if they bothered to go to school, they would learn that train travel is in fact the least environmentally impacting of all the modes of transport, so it would appear that they’ve backed the wrong horse in this one and their argument falls a little flat.

I can allow these little miscreants that mistake though and largely forget they caused this minor inconvenience. But then I read some of their names in the news, Rollie, Blue, Larch and Lazer. Their parents were obviously high as fuck when they named them and most likely are the types who smell like pond water. Why is it we’re told you’re not allowed to stereotype, but yet if you told me Rollie and Larch had turned up, I’d be looking for hastily written placards and people wearing hemp sacks for clothes and have brightly coloured hair.

Anyway, I digress, HS2 is costing us enough money as it is, without these protesting, smelly fuckers delaying the project and it costing us more. I notice how they were very happy to be on the news for their 5 minutes of fame, demonising that damned electricity that’s going to be used on the railway but not bothered about the seemingly different electricity used for TV cameras, microphones and TVs. Fucking hypocrites.

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42 thoughts on “HS2 Protesters

  1. In my view HS2 is vanity project that should never even have been considered, let alone acted upon. 20 minutes off of a trip from London to Birmingham – what’s the point of that?. There is only one thing I enjoy more than going to Birmingham, and that is coming back from Birmingham.

    • HS2 – the brainchild of unelected (and unelectable) Lord Adonis when he was Transport Secretary during Gordon Brown’s fag-end Labour government. What’s not to like?

      • Whererever there is shit there is Lord Adonis – obsequiousness personified. H ought to end up like Mussolini.

  2. I regard the HS2 Truro’s with nearly as much contempt as the Stanstead 15. Most of us are against the HS2 project but to add significant costs by tunnelling etc. is not on.

    • HS2 is a moneypit, a bad investment, sort of Sinclair C5 type deal.
      I dont want it, and agree the protesters about it fuckin up ancient woodland.
      The thing is, I struggle to sympathise when I hear them speak.
      Sons of millionaires and landowners, daughters of famous cunts,
      All talk like chumley Warner and all have daft names.
      I cant take them seriously.
      If it was a gamekeeper, shepherd, forestry worker,
      Id probably agree,
      But when its some little toff expelled from Hogwarts for having dreadlocks?
      I know its my class predjudice but id just collapse the tunnels on the silly little cunts.

      • Very succinctly put MNC. One gets the impression that these cunts are protest veterans and cannot wait for their next project. I may suggest that they spread their wings and go to Wuhan where a new ,nasty coal fired power station is to be constructed.

      • Simple solution.

        Shove fire hose into swampy tunnel opening and open fire hydrant valve full bore.

  3. HS2 is a massive white elephant to enable a few City bankers to get to their cheap houses on the outskirts 20 minutes earlier.
    The cost keeps rising, and the traitors have already cut back on the services to the North of England.
    I hate this Government more each day.

  4. Sons and daughters of millionaire champagne socialists doing this to be fashionable. Their punishment ought to be to live like this for the rest of their lives, badly dressed and poor and not just when it suits them for media attention.

    They should take a page from the book of the aptly named, Neon Lights, who after her car crash TV interview with the Brillo went from spokes’person’ for XR to campaigner for nuclear energy after she realised (with a Little help from Brillo fact checking her) what an actual bunch of scaremongering, crackpot cunts, XR really are!

      • Voted ‘Britain’s Greenest Mother’ ?
        Apparently she was but I have no idea who voted for her ,when the vote took place,who organised it or how many people took part.

    • That car crash interview of Zion Lights was the funniest thing I have seen in years. Brillo just took her to bits. Sadly, I fear that Brillo’s programme fell foul of the bigwigs because he did not follow the woke agenda.

      • Zion Lights has a master degree and was voted Britain’s greenest mother!😀
        She looks like that kid off ‘the Wonder Years’ .
        Im no climate change denier or that the excellerated pollution of modern living isnt a issue,
        But they never EVER mention the one greatest cause of damage to the environment,
        Or China and Africa breed like fruitflies.

      • GG, Oh it was fucking hilarious. Roger Hallam, Co-founder of XR, sent her into that interview like a lamb to the slaughter. “6 billion people will die in this century from the effects of climate change”. Then of course, Graham Lawton, citing we have 11 years to save the planet. New scientist had already ripped XR a new one about their nonsense and I bet Brillo couldn’t believe his luck when he was reading all this guff before the interview ready to watch her stare like a rabbit into the headlights as she stuttered embarrassingly.

        She went straight home, as fast as she could peddle her little bike and jumped ship straight to the nuclear power cause. Fantastic.

    • A short clip of part of my very favourite Andrew Neil interview with Greg Hands.

      Yet another typical example of an inept Tory minister appointed head of department who hasn’t got a fucking clue.

      Andrew is his usual direct self with his assessment. Cannot wait for GBTV to start broadcasting.


  5. The protesters would be doing similar whatever the cause. Vegan rights. Save the sprout, whatever.

    HS2 is fuck all to do with the midlands and north and all about fucking London. We cant get across the cities of the north and midlands promptly due to massive ‘fuck outside London’ underinvestment. HS2 is for London cunts to go somewhere disagreeable and be back in time for artisan organic hummus in one’s fashionable Islington eatery.
    ‘Birmingham today darlings. They have no underground doncha know. Frightful. Why cant they have a multi billion £ Crossrail like us? What a bore’

    HS2 should be scrapped and spent on infrastructure outside the fucking Home Counties. Just as many jobs required and cheaper. Heathrow expansion should be rammed up Boris’s arse. Crossrail should be halted and Suckdick given a shovel to finish it.

    • London will be a desolate wasteland like Detroit when the muzzo warlord Khunt as finished with it. So Hs2 is a train to nowhere. We are all doomed, MORE ALE LANDLORD!!

    • Here here, the regions need a decent rail service Londonistan has plenty railways. Hs2 a crock of shite laying golden eggs for the friends of big business. Fuck it

  6. How the fuck can we afford the 100 plus billion without an economy?

    Asking for a friend.

    Answers to:

    Richie Sadsack
    No 11 Downs Street

  7. High pressure hose, flush the cunts out give them a right kicking, lock them up and flog the cunts every day for a couple of weeks, I doubt they would do it again.

    HS2 will be a necessity when all the petrol cars are gone, electric cars aren’t being forced upon us to reduce CO2 it’s to get the great unwashed off the roads.

  8. I drive a train for a living and was recently called in to the supervisor’s office after derailing yet another train.

    He said, “So, you’ve derailed another one. How many is that in total..?”

    I said, “I dunno, it’s so hard to keep track”….

  9. I doubt if HS2 will knock any time at all of the average journey.
    With leaves on the line, signalling problems, the wrong type of snow and any other excuse that you can think of, it’s unlikely that many trains will reach their potential high speed.

    • The wrong type of government followed by the wrong type of workers.

      Have been fortunate to travel many times in Japan using their railways, ranging from local all station services to the bullet train.

      Nearly all run on time, are meticulously well maintained and are always spotlessly clean. The staff take pride in their appearance, the high quality service they provide and are incredibly polite and hard working. Passengers invariably are quiet, well behaved and treat the carriages with respect.

      Compare that to the UK where standards start with a low bar, a train is only recorded as being late if in excess of 10 minutes late. In Japan lateness is recorded in seconds, if a train is one second late it is classified as late. Dirty and outdated rolling stock, loud passengers on their phones, and eye watering prices. A trip to Manchester several years ago from Ipswich cost the buyer approximately £400 return per person, standard class. More often scruffy staff who couldn’t give a fuck about whether you get to where you want to on time or not, and a rarity if schooled in the art of customer service. It’s all about the work ethic and standards the company is trying to achieve.

      HS2 is a total waste of time and money the country couldn’t afford, even before Covid.

      Looking increasingly likely that when lockdown ends far more commuters will be working from home anyway using the latest communication technology, can’t see the point of continuing with the project.

  10. In their destruction of yet more land for this waste, a 300-year-old tree was cut down. A tree that had lived through the Industrial Revolution of the 1700s and 1800s, mad Georgian kings, the Napoleonic wars, Queen Victoria’s reign, two world wars, the end of our empire, England’s World Cup victory, late 20th century modernity bollocks, and 21st mass immigation shite. It withstood Britain’s erratic weather and stood against Nature but was chopped for a needless railway.

  11. Apparently Rollie, Blue, Larch and Lazer read on Twitter that HS2 will help people get to their jobs quicker to which their response was “JOBS? FUCK THAT FOR A GAME OF GENDER-BALANCED HUMAN SECURITY CORPS PERSONNEL! LET’S PROTEST!”

  12. HS2 is simply a pile of shit dreamed up by a crony and palmed off on the soft headed cunts that seem to run the country.
    It should be dismissed immediately and completely forgotten about.
    Stop the welfare payments to the hippies up the trees and they will soon fuck off.
    If not then shoot the rabble.

    • Unkle Terry – you are definitely being offered a cabinet position in my new Government! 😀👍

  13. I for one agree that the HS2 project should be stopped immediately. Fill the tunnels right now, with the protesters still inside. Best of both worlds.

  14. I have a dream of an uber fast rail network in the UK, just like they have in Japan. In my dream, what takes 3 hours now will only take 1 hour. Imagine what this could do to affordability of house prices and mobility.

    HS2 pails into comparison with what the Japanese have already so can go into Room 101 for being as slow as a dead tortoise nailed to the proverbial floor yet costing us billions and is churning up perfectly nice countryside and little creatures to save 20 sodding minutes. Disgraceful!

    • agree – this cunting is ridiculous when you consider HS2 in the light of the country being imprisoned – there are more important things to be angry about!

  15. Agree with the protesters.
    Pure fucking corporate vandalism on a huge scale.
    Wildlife habitat and woodland destroyed for a superfluous ill advised vanity project.
    I also agree that the protesting only delays the inevitable while increasing the mammoth costs.

    HS Cunt whichever way you look at it.

  16. Hang the eco ‘warriors’.

    The cunts who lie down on airport runways should not be moved and 747s should just run over the smelly cunts.

  17. I wouldn’t tar all protesters of this extremely expensive folly with the same brush. Some are no doubt conservative environmentalists (they exist-the Left like to label them NIMBYs) who don’t want the British countryside chewed up for a project that cannot show how it will pay for itself in an age of video conferencing and city airports.

    In terms of freight isn’t it a bit late gien the investment in the motorways? All seems a bit of an afterthought.

    There will be the watermelons who like to jump on the back of any gig involving a placard and wellies and spit at the police/contractors but I can’t cunt the cause.

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