Boris Johnson (14)

A fifth columnist, persistent cough of a cunting for Boris Johnson. The fat, traitorous blonde twat has declared that he is ” fervently Sinophile “, as he strives to strengthen economic links with China.

The little yellow weasels cause global misery with the Bat Flu, and this big dopey cunt wants to be best friends with them ? We, along with everyone else, should be holding the dirty little bastards to account, not sucking up to them.
They’re getting away with it, scot free.
With the aid of our Moron In Chief.
Boris, you have been cunted, now fuck off, for fuck’s sake just go.
And fuck the Uighur’s too.

Nominated by: Jack The Cunter

…and seconded by Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

Boris Johnson is a total and utter cunt spatter.

His precious “Road map” means no haircuts until after fucking Easter, if then (as long as this third lockdown has already lasted already, again).

This shit will never end. We are being pissed on and are expected to be grateful for the wash.

Fuck off, Johnson.

132 thoughts on “Boris Johnson (14)

  1. A cunt so thick , he cannot do anything else but say “yes Professor” “yes Carrie”

    I predict a wipe out in the local elections. Let us hope that the message sinks in. (but it won’t )

    • Where on earth does my vote go though?Unless Farage`s new party or Laurence Fox`s new party is on the ballot or a common sense libertarian candidate running as an independent I will either spoil my ballot or not turn up.

      • Shaun, l have spoilt my ballot paper in the last few elections. Not taking part in the election makes no sense to me as we have police commissioners strutting around making all sorts of bizarre statements when they achieved the job with fewer than 5% of the available votes. I am afraid that I am the sort of sad sod who actually takes time to work these things out.

      • Your vote will go nowhere as it will be negated by the 115% turnout of the peaceful vote all voting for Unhappy Richard (Sad Dick) Khan.

      • I’m afraid voting, petitions, and other soft forms of democracy are dead in the water.

        We’ve been too supine and accommodating of political bullshit and chicanery for too long. They know they can do whatever they want because we didn’t resist.

  2. For a cunt with one of the dodgiest barnets in politics , challenged only by The Donald, and Kim Jun, its no wander hair cuts are not seen as a priority.

    As for siding with the chinks, any cunt that sees that a benefit in the current climate needs all the cuntings they can get.

  3. The Chinks will be laughing their little cotton socks off.
    They now know that they can do anything, with little or no redress.
    Johnson, along with the rest of Western leaders, is utterly hopeless.
    Consequently, the West is fucked.
    Good morning.

    • Straya has been pissing the Chinese junta right off lately, I hope the govt is careful as in a shooting war with China, Oz would hold out for around seven minutes.

    • At least the Ivan’s have only been poisoning one or two people at a time (outside of their borders) / the Chinks have taken it to a whole new level (intentionally or not).

  4. I think everyone knew Boris was an idiot but he is still the biggest disappointment we have seen this century here in Britain (and that is saying something)

    • He sure is but people still buy the bullcrap he’s selling. The “Brexit” he delivered was “Mays BRINO” that he himself called a “turd” before he managed to take her role on. The EU, meanwhile, are p1ssing all over us and what does Spaffer do? Sweet FA. The country would certainly have been f*cked under Dustbin but is this cunt really any better? Where have all the conservatives gone?!

  5. He makes Treason May seem credible.Utter cock.Stick a lump of lard in Number 10 and it would perform better.4 months.4 sodding months we have to wait.What a shower of shit.

    • we don’t have to wait at all – johnson has no power over me and i make my own choices – he can fuck off – i will not allow him or his cabal to remove my humanity – all of us, all we have to do is say NO

      what sort of people are happy to see their kids/ grandkids wearing masks all day at school – just who are these thickos and criminals??????????

      say NO

  6. Soft pussy whipped cunt, he can go and fuck himself with a pair of chopsticks. I haven’t heard the word “roadmap” used so often since the Iraq fiasco……back then it meant “how the fuck are we going to get out of this mess?” Now it means…….well, exactly the same. If I punched every cunt who uses that word in the face I would have no knuckles left after a couple of hours. Stick your roadmap up your arse Boris and get a fucking satnav you cunt.

  7. Morning all,

    I wish I could think of something funny to say about the Johnson cunt and our situation, but after last night’s disgraceful outpourings I fear it has gone too far for British humour to prevail. It might have defeated the Germans, but this is our own Government and institutions that have set themselves against ordinary folks. The NHS is now our de facto government. Any criticism is taboo.

    • Whenever I think about how shit Boris is, usually reminded of the fact that nobody in recent governments has made me more angry than Theresa May.

      Three years of fucking Brexit means Brexit bollocks.

      God how I hated her and what she did to this country.

      Boris is marginally better than May but not a lot between them.

  8. Being a something ‘ophile’ possibly explains his U-turn on the herd immunity route back last March. Like the rest of the ones who have spent the last 12 months bleating the playbook.

  9. When Lockdown 1 failed, I thought Lockdown 2 would fail. When Lockdown 2 failed and we had the ridiculous Tier system, I wasn’t confident. Now Lockdown 3 hasn’t properly worked so everything is relying on the inoculation programme, of which, all the aged fogies have already been done and they’re the ones who were vulnerable except for the always-ill or chubby cunts. Therefore, why must we wait for the summer?

      • I’d say so too, Rob.

        Hollywood had the chance to fill her bun with his cream, but the cunt seemed to prefer trimming his (tidy) beard instead.

    • Most governments are run by fuckwits and totally inefficient. This one is no exception. The difference now is that they have something that has an immediate effect on everyones lives and their actions are highly visible, instead of just fucking things up behind the scenes. Comparisons are made with WW2 but, back then, Churchill was brought in to replace the fuckwits that had been in charge. God knows we could do with a Churchill now – Spaffer is said to be a fan but he’s not fit to run the great man’s bath (plus he probably wouldn’t know how to run a bath in any case).

  10. Claims Winston Churchill as his hero then lets plod stand by while his statue gets vandalized by scum.
    Never trusted the shifty, fat, blustering, imitation conservative cunt from the beginning, but what were the alternatives?
    Looks like there weren’t any…

  11. Like any politician this cunt instinctively follows the Yellow Brick Road to coining it in.
    Get in bed with the Yellow Bastards and don’t be surprised if they cut your knackers off and serve them as breakfast with noodles.
    He looked fucking befuddled as he bumble his way through his latest shambles.
    Liars and thieves all.

  12. I did watch the whole performance last night . The performance of the Jellyfish warmed my piss but it went past boiling point when the ‘journalists’ were permitted to ask questions. Peston has always been a cunt but I encountered the twats from Sky, Guardian and Mirror for the first time. Making cheap political points I was disappointed that Johnson didn’t tell them to fuck off.

  13. Also, can one of the more tech minded cunters shed some light on why WordOpress might be moderating me? Head Admin has had a look but we can’t make heads or tails of it.

  14. Is Boris a cunt? Yes.
    Is a fucking haircut on my list of priorities? Is it fuck. I am cultivating the devil may care wino look.
    Have the Chinks got away with it? It looks like it. WHO investigation is a piss take and no fucker is calling the cunts out. They now own large parts of Africa, whose populations will be looking upon European colonisation as the good old days when the thick kaffir cunts finally see what this means. They have their hooks into everything. Dull cunts in the West have exported manufacturing to them, often in the pursuit of green bullshit.
    Only Trump the cunt called it right. But that was racism of course.

  15. It’s difficult to buy anything that isn’t somehow connected to the chokies. Either made there or the components are made there and shipped out to be assembled elsewhere. They’ve increased the cost of containers and these are still short in all the major ports. The cost of shipping has shot up due to supply and demand. They’ve never had it so good. My son has an import/export business and passes on the costs. He’s tried India, Japan and S. Korea to get away from the chokies and challenged me to buy shit that didn’t have a China connection. The whole world needs to come together as an alliance to combat chinaism, meanwhile change won’t happen. The fuckers are everywhere.

  16. Bojo may be a slippery cunt and I voted for the conservatives so I can’t really complain but that was before Covid.
    Had I known about Covid, I would have still voted conservative because Labour are a shower of shit and the Lib Dem woke cunts should be put in a fucking oven.

    He was asked for a timetable to come out of ‘lockdown’ and he has produced it, it’s not to everyone’s liking but it’s there and there is a definite end date.

    I mean what else did anyone expect was going to happen.

    • 21st of June – WTF?!

      I would have expected lockdown to end around April, by which time old cunts (and the otherwise vulnerable) should be adequately vaccinated. No excuse after that to not to fully open up the economy and stop fucking with the nation’s emotional and mental elf.

      Besides, Johnson has a proven track record of lying about deadlines. Lying about everything in fact. The only reason he’s PM is because he lied about Brexit and wasn’t Jeremy Corbyn.

      Irredeemable cunt, imo.

      • Do I sense you might be starting to doubt the official intentions of her majestys finest representatives, Mr Puff?

        I’ll bet you we won’t be back to normal by then. Hancock has already said this morning ‘we may go slower, but not quicker’.

        Expect some scary new variant vaccine resistant strain to magically pop up between now and then, ensuring the lockdown continues on into winter.

      • Do you see now why people like me are so vehemently against it Ruff? I supported a short term lockdown to isolate the spread last March but the moment it became clear it was gonna drag on is when I changed my mind.

      • I expected the end of May from the way the numbers were going but 21st of June is great for all the chavs to fuck of to Benidorm for summer hols.
        Wait for the scramble for vaccines when Spain say no jab no fly 😂

      • I don’t think it will change, he is shitting himself that’s why he is going slow, if the 21 June date doesn’t end all restrictions he will have to go, and he knows that.
        In my non scientific based opinion by June 21 the infections will be down to double figures if he keeps a lid on foreign cunts coming into the country.

      • The fat lying buffoon cunt said three week to flatten the curve,
        Its him. wancock Witless, Vallance who need fucking flattening

  17. Boris can suck my balls…he is also a fat, stupid and probably corrupt cunt.

    My sincerest hope is that he an Matt “cash for mates” Hancock wank each other to death and then we can all piss on them.

    • And yes, I voted for the cunt but if he’s the choice next time I would rather eat my own shit and have my scrotum gnawed off by squirrels than put my cross next to him again.

      I would rather (and I’m not kidding) vote for a lump of dry dog shit than fucking fat Boris again.

  18. Twat Mancock has already said this morning that ‘we may go slower, but not faster’ in easing lockdown.

    Sorry folks, this isn’t going to end until we demand it ends. It was supposed to be once all the over 70s were jabbed up, then over 50s, now it’s cases.. the goalposts have moved so many fucking times now.

    If you actually believe what that scruffy twat said yesterday then I can say with 100% confidence you are a gullible moron. They’ll pull a new strain or some horseshit between now and June, so it becomes August, then September, then October, then lockdown again over winter.

    It isn’t meant to end. It’s not about the virus. They are deliberately trying to restructure our society. How obvious does it need to be?

      • On their way to China to be recycled into shit quality steel that will then be sold to Aråb states at profit. Årab building then collapses killing all the construction workers. Piss be upon him.

    • Three reasons why I think you are wrong Chunky, first of all there is the vaccine and second unlike lockdown 1 there is better testing and restrictions on international travel and finally we are heading into spring and summer so the infections will naturally reduce like flu.

      By 21 June we will be open, that isn’t to say there won’t be some recommendations come the winter.

    • Hancock said we may be able to hug relatives in mid May how utterly ridiculous and scary that he thinks he possesses that kind of power.Except he does as so many stupid cunts are listening on his every word especially the media who never asks when and what legally and morally gives you the right to grossly invade our most basic of rights that you can`t enforce anyway.Where are all these human rights lawyers when you need them?If a terrorist wants to come back and blow us up or an illegal rapist is fighting deportation they are all over it but old people in care homes isolated and being treated worse than prisoners and people getting threatened with a fine if they dare to visit their family and they are nowhere to be seen.

      • The vaccine has chip so ‘they’ know who is doing the hugging 😂

        Public health should include removing cunts from the country, emergency powers should be put in place to stop fucking lawyers sticking their noses in.

      • Whatever Matt Hancock says you should do you probably shouldn`t and what he says you shouldn`t do is probably a good thing to do.

      • Exactly, Shaun. Where are the human rights lawyers? The critical journalists? The political opposition?

        Lord Sumption warned us back in April last year. I’m utterly amazed people think the government has any jurisdiction in telling you who you can see, who can come into your own home, and all the various little diktats like hugging.

        What is even more infuriating is that for the past 20 odd years we’ve heard nothing but TOLERANCE, DIVERSITY, INCLUSIVITY, and now people are actually piping up in favour of health passports, mandatory this that and other.. erm, why the FUCK should I be forced to accept any of this shite?

        There is no price on freedom. FREEdom. Shove your health passport, masks, and poison vaccine up your arse!

  19. Seems that the latest ‘covid’ victims had already had their first dose of the miracle cure. This isn’t over, I’d lay money on a new variant popping up to derail any loosening of the clampdown if not in summer then just in time for the next flu season.

    This variant should be called the dingy cov21, just like dingy rats Boris has no real intention of stopping it.

    Yesterday I was reading an article from the NYT telling me critical thinking is bad, when people use critical thinking they don’t believe everything governments or the media tell them and that’s just not on.

    Stop thinking, keep grazing.

    On another note Texans have found out that the utility companies have a clause where if they have to use power from out of state they companies charge more for the power, not entirely unreasonable you’d think until you see that some people are receiving $17’000 bills for a weeks worth of supplies.

      • BB@ – some wag in my home town has been overwriting the Council propaganda stencilled on the pavements with “Obey, Consume, Conform”! 😀👍
        Doubt they will ever catch the person responsible..

  20. Superficial charm, pathological liar, greedy, self serving, a pretence of empathy, promiscuous, live for the moment and let someone else deal with the consequences, arrogant, undeserved sense of intellectual superiority.
    All the classic signs of a psychopath. Which is exactly what Johnson is.
    We have been lied to so this bastard can get in power, the only moderating and sane voice in Downing Street has been pushed out by his mental power mad slapper, Carrie Symonds and Chris Whitty effectively run the Government now.
    Every single day shows how utterly inadequate this Man is, to add insult to injury and spit in our faces yet again this fucking clown is now arse kissing China and the present restrictions will NEVER END.
    Lockdowns that do not work, masks that do not work, social distancing that does not work, an NHS that does not work, “vaccines” that do not work, test and trace systems that do not work and very soon millions of people that do not work, corporations handed billions they do not need as the most desperate receive NOTHING, a year in prison with a police force who have no controls on their behaviour and act more and more like the SS, politicians and medical advisers with no relevant medical qualifications filling their pockets as we go to hell in a handcart – this IS the great reset, and if we accept it we are fucked.
    There is a nationwide march and protest being organised for March the 20th, the socialist dictator masquerading as a Prime Minister needs to hear first hand, LOUD AND VERY FUCKING CLEAR that we, the people WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT THIS and things need to be back to normal or Boris Johnson needs to be gone.
    Who to vote for? None of them – they are all greedy morally bankrupt bastards with their fingers in the same till and their snouts in the same trough – this is Animal Farm in real life and it will never end. Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, The Reform Party, Change UK – the label is a different colour but the contents are all the same.
    I am in the process of creating a “not political” party, I hate politicians – not Labour, not Tory, no political affiliation whatsoever – 650 independent ordinary members of the public with the sole remit of serving the best interests of the Country and the people and pushing back hard against the deep rooted injustice and hatred of the indigenous white population – “draining the swamp” as has been said before.
    I am arranging funding for 650 normal people to stand in every ward at the next election, but on the strict understanding that we are beholden to nobody just because they contribute financially – we will not be bought.
    I want ALL present politicians gone and a team who will get things done not get free lunches and I have four years to do it.
    The people have no voice, no leadership, no representation and our Country is diseased.
    Time for a cure.
    And vote fking Fox – you know it makes sense! 😀👍💪

  21. We’re not big enough to stand up to the Chinese on our own. While the Don was in charge over t’other side there was a chance.
    They’re too far into us. They’re even buying up (private) schools ffs.

    • Not individually but we can hammer them financially by bringing back manufacturing to the UK – the cost of shipping, the artificial inflation/deflation of the Yuan, increasing raw materiel and labour costs are all hitting Chinese companies hard – they are permanently bailed out and underwritten by the Chinese State but this cannot continue forever.
      We need investment to make things “in house” and to break our reliance on cheap Chinese shit, and we further need to tell them to stick the debt we owe them up their fkin arse as reparations for the damage they have done to us.

  22. Remember what the blundering buffoon said this time last year? ‘We will have this virus under control in 12 weeks’.

    I will be very surprised if the batfink flu is defeated in 2021. There is already reports of a Nigerian strain of Covid (fucking lovely, eh?) here in Britain, and fuck knows how many more ‘variants’ and ‘super versions’ will pop up in due course. And if that fool Johnson believes that the great british riff raff will stick religiously to six people at a time, then he is an even thicker cunt than I thought. Liberties will be taken, rules will be broken, pissheads and gangs of chavs, slags, millennials and foreign cunts causing trouble and spreading the shit. Think Bournemouth on that bank holiday last year multiplied all over the country. Nah, for the foreseeable future, we are donald ducked and having a ‘leader’ who is a spineless etonian imbecile, and who is crawling to the cunts who caused all this mess doesn’t help matters one bit.

    • Blondes have more fun!
      Yeah at our expense.
      Ive never hidden my dislike of this albino turk.
      When he was popular on here during brexit I called him a cunt,
      Still think hes a cunt.
      All political types tend to be,
      Why theyre politicians.
      But like Toyah im a upbeat type.
      Everything opening up in April 17th, over the worse now lads,
      Soon be holding court in the boozer ♥️

      Ps- great nom Jack the Cunter! And Twenty 👍👍

    • Norman@
      Remember when Kendo Nagasaki was ritually unmasked on World of Sport?
      My mate in the playground on Monday morning,
      “See his eyes? Eh? Eh?
      See his eyes?
      Hes got RED eyes!!

      • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Bane, the one who sounded like he was shouting into a bucket for two hours.

      • I used to like the old women , who would prod the ‘ baddie ‘ with their brolly. 😀
        I wonder if they got paid ? Or maybe just a cuppa and a bun ?
        I wish one would prod Boris with a Novichock tipped one.
        Afternoon, MNC.
        Afternoon all.

      • Jack@
        Said before on here,
        Used to go Belle Vue as a kid for the wrestling.
        Those old dears with the brollies were real!
        My old grandad would get overexcited with it all,
        Wanting to fight the likes of Giant Haystacks, Mick McManus, and cyanide Sid Cooper!😀
        “You dirty bleeder!”
        “Bloody cheat! Im not having this!”
        My dad had to come because at 8yrs I couldn’t stop my grandad getting in the ring!!

        Happy days…..

      • LOL. Cyanide Sid Cooper.
        I liked him.
        Wouldn’t it be great if we could teleport Giant Haystacks to the present day, and drop him on Johnson ?
        Wrestling was great for a laugh.

      • I remember, MNC. I used to love the wrestling. The World of Sport wrestler, Johnny South used to live across the road from us when I was a kid. Johnny used to give me a lift to school on occasion and he was alright. Giant Haystacks turned up in the street once to see Johnny, but he (Haystacks) was a miserable cunt.

      • Met big Daddy as a kid Norm,
        An had the chance to go meet Giant Haystacks backstage,
        Through a mate of my dads who was a dw@rf.
        But I got shy!
        Meeting massive wrestlers and dw@rfs in a hour was just too much for my 8yr old brain.😁

      • Saw them all in the 70’s as a relative was a manager at Chester’s Northgate Arena👍

        “Eeeeaasy Eeeaassy”😀👍

      • @Bob. That’s him. The massive hulking figure, played by five foot nothing Tom Hardy 😆😆😆
        Who says the camera never lies?

  23. I’m getting past caring as I do what I please anyway in terms of seeing my family who are the only people I want to see. Have got out of the habit of going to pubs and restaurants.
    But what concerns me most about this horseshit programme of dates is that they all depend on the vaccination rollout “going to plan“. Does that mean people being offered it or people having it? I’ve had mine because it was the end of the day and they had the dribbles left over and I didn’t want to see it go to waste when so many people want it, but I completely accept if people decide they don’t want it. Have it, don’t have it, it’s up to you but it would be disgraceful if the government held a gun to the non-vaccinated population’s head like that.

    • I think they’ll do that, pit the vaccinated against the ‘refuseniks’.. that word is already circulating. Far easier to get us to do their dirty work than do it themselves. They’ll probably tie it in with the economy too, blaming the unvaccinated for holding up the recovery/increasing the damage.

      Look at what is happening in Israel. They are further ahead but that’s what is coming.

      • And you would never dream of disrespecting those in favour of vaccination, now would you Chunky? 🤣

      • So? They can disrespect me too, I don’t care what they think. We’re not talking about a mere difference of opinion though, we’re talking about creating a two-tier society based upon whether you consent to an invasive medical procedure.

        If people want to take it, that’s their choice, and that’s where the argument should end. My body, my choice. But making freedom contingent upon that is not only morally wrong it is against Nuremberg and International law, and for good reason!

    • Yeah I have said this to people and they look at me funny but if you say “until the vaccine makes us safe” and “until enough people are vaccinated” that clearly means no vaccine equals neverending restrictions which is ironic seeing as we will be getting that anyway.I took the vaccine because I work with the vulnerable and have vulnerable family that the Kung Flu might finish off but if it wheren`t for those two factors I may not have decided to have it.Why should that not be my right?You can`t say you have a choice when you make it a condition of liberty.

  24. Freedom as we all used to know it has gone forever.
    Current restrictions will be partially lifted here and there like a dangling carrot to a demoralised public.
    New vaccine resistant miraculous varients will miraculously appear much to the delight of half the gullible cunts already suffering from severe symptoms of Stockholm syndrome.
    Winter just around the corner, flu and pneumonia comes back, NHS is under severe pressure (again yawn)
    Rinse and repeat.
    Johnson and his criminal cronies are pathological power hungry cunts.

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