Asda & Amazon (3)

Their current crop of adverts with the (ubiquitous) mixed-race couple, the dad who looks and sounds like he’s special needs, patting his pocket, (I’d like to pat the back of his head with a cricket bat), is sending my blood pressure dangerously high. Again.

Because of that, Asda can shove their shop right up their khyber.

Now, excuse me while I pop a bisoprolol or ten.

Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt 

and seconded by Spanky Mc Spank

I second this, mixed race advertising is really annoying…fuck me, Amazon has one with a dim looking architect gigging around like she has fleas and it also features mixed race fucking DWARF couple.

84 thoughts on “Asda & Amazon (3)

  1. “That’s Asda price”. Which is exactly why I shop at Aldi, you overpriced cunts.

    That and the fact that I’m a fucking cheapskate.

  2. It’s only mixed race if there is more than one person. If there is only one, they will rarely be white.
    More shit that is making people have an opinion, and the opinion will not be the one they want.

    • Dw@rf couple you say?
      Ill look out for that!!
      I dont like the asda advert with the dozy ethnic twat
      And im no fan of the Sainsbury’s one either.
      Whats the Amazon one?
      Family of cannibals sat round a Christmas cauldron cooking a missionary?
      Im just having a merry
      White Christmas…

        • Can you imagine the actor’s agent pitching him to Asda –

          “Well, he is ugly. Course he’s single HAHA! Im surprised he didnt go into comedy like the rest of them. Would make a great nerd! Need any nerds in your ad? No? Ok… Maybe he could be a mental patient? He does look like someone pissed in his mother. No? Ok, thats usually an oscar role. OH! He’s middle eastern! Im thinking Corner shop or Al Qaeda! Need either of those? No? OK. Sorry what is this role again? Asda? Jesus Christ. A Christmas advert as well? I thought chavs got their supplies from the food bank and pissed it all on drugs and Stella. Stop laughing, you know its true. We’re getting somewhere here. You need a dad? YES! He can do that! Trust me, he ticks all the boxes! He’s brown, non threatening, married to a white woman and mentally challenged! He’s here in my office right now! Nah he doesnt need to speak to you, you would have trouble understanding him anyway. Start filming tomorrow at 5am? Money should be in my account in 3 days? OK. Dont worry just give me his fee and Ill make sure he gets it. GREAT! CIAO!”

      • Now Mis-I hope you will still be engaging in jovial twattery with me and giving me lots of tickies✔︎✔︎✔︎

        I have asked for a tickie-bot from the missus for Chrimbo. She looked at me a bit strange but a Google search says a specialist shop in Soho may have the very thing in store and ready for delivery😀✔︎

        • Evening CG,
          I always give you a ticky✔️
          Even when your bullying me or trolling me,😀
          Because my mummy an daddy taught me good manners.
          You winning pal?

      • Miserable, with your obsession with dwarfs, you could by any chance be aka Pinkbelt from off the WC of blessed memory, could you?

  3. I wonder if these cunts stop to consider the number of customers they lose by shitting out these mongrel shit soup effnik adverts?
    Probably not.
    Fuck Em.

  4. Christmas is now KWAANZA-a blackest festival. Really? Well, according to any adverts that pop up whilst I watch Youtube videos, it is😠

    I shop in Wankbury’s-because it’s close and relatively chav free. They had black history month, fortunately saw very few non-white Anglo-Saxons on most of my visits👍

  5. Fucking Sainsburys trumps all these ads. A table-full of Feargals having a traditional Christmas dinner around the table. Trying to kid us it was one happy “fambly”

    What a load of virtue signalling old shit.

  6. I don’t do a lot of shopping but the other day the wife sent me a text asking me to get three large shallots on my way home.
    Went into the greengrocer’s and asked for exactly that, three large shallots.

    He picked up three, pointed at them and said, “This one was grown in Kent, in a field with excellent drainage and weighs 132 grams. The middle one of the three was grown in Lincolnshire, weighs 112 grams and was dug up by a seasonal worker from Romania. The third was actually grown in France by a farming co-operative and weighs in at at a whopping 140 grams.”

    I thought fuck me, this bloke knows his onions….

  7. That fucking Amazon advert makes my piss boil.
    All Bames apart from one white person who looks like some sort of spacko dwarf.
    A true representation of our society today.

  8. That fucking Amazon advert makes my piss boil.
    All Bames apart from one white person who looks like some sort of disabled midget.
    A true representation of our society today.

  9. Fuck you Asda and your Fifty Shades Of Shit.

    A smorgasbord of every shit shade imaginable, and “empowered” Wimminz seem compulsory additions when putting together the modern advert, – whether it be on TV or otherwise.

    Whatever happened to the likes of the “Will it be chips?” advert, – which featured white men at work, and their good wives happy to feed them upon returning home?
    The majority of us can relate to this narrative, – yet this latest tsunami of “woke bullshit agenda” adverts just seem to be content pedalling whatever message is ‘flavour of the month’ at any particular given time, – with no relation to the consumer whatsoever.

    Just who do such adverts appeal to, – and do
    these companies genuinely believe that they constitute good, shrewd marketing, -or are they just content on satisfying a few whining herds?

    I sincerely hope that their profits start sliding down the shitter.

    Unkle Tel, – gas mark 11 please with the lot of ‘em!

  10. This behaviour has boiled my piss for way too long now.

    15% of the uk are BAME (another fucking stupid acronym) so why are 100% of adverts full of BAMEs?

    I refuse to buy into any of these tossers. But it’ll soon be the case that we have no choice.

    Even that pathetic new John Lewis’s advert is rife with it. (Due a solo cunting methinks).

    Regardless a true and accurate nom.

    • I have bought a shit load of stuff over the years but I can’t think of a single thing that I have bought as a result of seeing an advert on TV.

  11. If you add up all the adverts on TV you would be convinced the country is 85% Black and Tan.

    Even the BBC who don’t advertise always have Black and Tans on every fucking report

    I watched the Avengers on channel 4 this afternoon and the adverts were for the ‘give me your money so umbongo doesn’t end up as child bride’. Cunts, maybe they should be telling the African governments to make it illegal (and sterilise the cunts)

  12. Whoever coined the phrase ‘as different as chalk and cheese’ had obviously never tasted Asda’s own brand Somerset Cheddar….

  13. The truth for the White women who fuck and have kids with a black men is quite simple. He will run to the hills leaving you to wheel around your fatherless child for evermore.
    The truth is not quite the romantic advertising they would have you believe.

    • One does notice that 99% of mixed raced kiddies have no pater around the place. Also that multiple mixed race kiddies in one household have different fathers. The idea in these adverts that the middle class nuclear family is mixed race is total bollocks, I agree, Obersturmbannführer.

      The mixed race ideal family is indeed a myth. More often than not it is Waynetta Chavslags who like ‘enrichment’ and a bit of choccy up the chuff.

    • Yup. A bonnie lass I worked with years back learned the hard way. Plenty of lads were keen (I had a steady bird at the time so wasn’t arsed). But she was only keen on the dark keys.

      Got up the duff to one and he fucked off as soon as he found out she was preggers (and he’d also cheated on her too before then, I remember her crying at work about it).

      She then got hooked up with a different dark key. Who then got her up the duff and fucked off.

      Last I heard the ‘dads’ had never even seen their kids either.

      I wonder if the schools and media will tell that (common) story?

      • Everyone seems to know about it already CB, apart from dumb fucking mudsharks it seems. Maybe all these dumb white slags are hoping to find the very first dark key daddy in history that sticks around.

  14. Fuck me u want a BAME advert that McCain chips full of lezzas and a Patrick starfish dwarf trying to eat a chip like her arm , fucking shit

  15. “This is a mixed race country motherfuckers, get over it.”

    This was a public information film from the UK government, sponsored by the UN identity team and the EU transition government.

  16. And yet still they don’t feature people with severe tourette’s syndrome in their ads.

    The above advert should feature a chap shouting “Cunt, bollocks, fuck, wank bastard!” at the top of his lungs throughout.

    Diversity my arse, the Nazis.

    • Indeed. Joey Deacon was born too early. These days he’d have his own chat show on the BBC…….move over Norton, gay is so last century.

    • What about Harvey Price? Effnick and a sweary cunt! They might have a bit of trouble trying to stop him eating the chocolate people though!

  17. Lady C just made me watch “Diana in her words” on Netflix. The thing that really surprised me was, not her love of p*ki cock, but the fact that the crowds in any scene in the UK where overwhelmingly white (obviously, scenes in Angola where full of one legged Africans), How that’s changed in one generation.

  18. Thundercats…fuck off squirrel
    That Tourette’s bi-sexual half cast from the undateables is THE boxticker:


    When Lizzie snuffs it, make this oddball Queen.
    The state banquets would be epic:
    Queen Cunty, may I present President Biden-
    “Why is he sniffing me? Why is he SNIFFING ME!!! Fuck off. Fuck off….Ffffffthundercats!! Cunt!”

  19. So we are to believe that so many white women are coal burning mud sharks popping out kids with hazel eyes and frizzy hair? Come on! Fuck your woke bullshit all you cunts in charge of casting on these adverts.

  20. That fucking blllaaack Amazon advert with that fucking annoying dancing cunt, the dwarf and the cackling black guy is the fakest, most desperate piece of advertising shit I’ve ever seen. Tick box galore.

  21. Don’t these cunts realise that the rest of the country has a completely different demographics than that filthy shithole that is encircled by the M25 ,( Also the cities in the Midlands, and those connected by the M62) ?
    Fuck off Asda your own brand food is revolting.

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