Asda & Amazon (3)

Their current crop of adverts with the (ubiquitous) mixed-race couple, the dad who looks and sounds like he’s special needs, patting his pocket, (I’d like to pat the back of his head with a cricket bat), is sending my blood pressure dangerously high. Again.

Because of that, Asda can shove their shop right up their khyber.

Now, excuse me while I pop a bisoprolol or ten.

Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt 

and seconded by Spanky Mc Spank

I second this, mixed race advertising is really annoying…fuck me, Amazon has one with a dim looking architect gigging around like she has fleas and it also features mixed race fucking DWARF couple.

85 thoughts on “Asda & Amazon (3)

  1. Even the latest McDonald’s Christmas advert has dark key single parent families in it. Bet she is also a lesser

  2. I agree with sci gene cunt
    The mong who advertises asda does nothing
    For there business profile
    I’m shopping with the salvation army
    This year.
    Only because Harrods is shut.
    Good folks don’t need to be patronized
    By overpayed advertising twats..
    Hopefully the afore said wankers will
    Have there furlough payments removed
    And redundancy looms.
    Happy Christmas
    G man.

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