Mrs. & Mr. Markle-Hewitt [7]

Let’s have a common cunting for those (formally royal) neo-common cunts, Mrs. and Mr. Markle-Hewitt.

As mentioned in another thread we haven’t seen much of the Dynamic Dimwits since the election. Or have we? As I have said before these two Majestic Morons are in at least one of my news feeds (here in the states) every, single, fucking, goddamned, day.

The latest saga in the “Tale of two Shitties” goes like this:

After a noticeable absence from the covers of many tabloid magazines, a story came to light in the American Press that Halfwit Hal and Halfbreed Meg are so unpopular, that every time their faces deface the cover of a magazine, that said magazine sales plummet.

Accordingly, the attention seeking formally royal attention whores and their publicity machine hit upon a plan. As Major Hewitt is a hero of the British Army, why not take advantage of that with the upcoming Remembrance Day celebrations.

And with that, a story was put out that as a career Military officer, the spare heir was deeply moved to visit a cemetery and in a “deeply personal and private” moment would “lay a wreath.”

They then cast around for a suitable location. First reported was the Los Angles War Memorial Coliseum…a sporting venue. Later it was said to be a military cemetery in Los Angeles. I don’t know which is correct but with publicity team and photographers in tow, the Hapless Halfwit and his Merry Wife went off to commemorate this deeply private and personal moment.

As you might imagine all did not go well. First we don’t celebrate Remembrance Day here in the states. We have Veteran’s Day celebrated on Nov. 11. Next…not surprisingly there aren’t many “English war dead” in an American cemetery. And third, questions were raised about why you need a PR team and photographers to document a “deeply personal and private moment” and then release pictures from that event to the press.

It couldn’t get any worse for Her Majesty’s Malcontent Grandson. But it did. It came to light that Major Hewitt had issued a public request for the Palace to “lay a wreath” in his name at a public ceremony in the UK.

That request was denied (as reported in the press) by palace courtiers who informed the displaced Duke that, as he was no longer Royal he was no entitled to Royal privileges like participating in Royal ceremonies. This Royal rebuke was referred to in the American press as a public humiliation.

As if this weren’t enough the Sussex PR team kicked into high gear. First the Markle Militia stormed the pages of Social Media and blasted the person most at fault for the whole affair…the Duchess of Cambridge. It seems in the eyes of the Markleite faithful, Kate has never supported her brother-in-law nor her sister. (Note the dropping of the in-law part.) She (Kate) being jealous of the glamorous American actress and acting out of spite convinced…someone in the palace…to publicly rebuff and disgrace the Afghan war hero.

In support of this the American magazine Newsweek put forth the notion that as Harry has spent 2 tours of duty in the Afghan wars “killing Taliban” he should be entitled to participate.

But if you can believe it, it only got worse from here. More Meghan sycophants began speaking anonymously to the press about how bad Me-ghantoinette was treated. She gave up everything for this family and what did she get in return? The horrors of institutional and systemic racism!

Furthermore, the D-list Duchess will never return to the UK as she hates everything about it! She hates the weather and the climate. She hates the culture and the customs. She hates the food. She hates the press. She hates absolutely everything.

Furthermore, she is now happily ensconced in her “forever home: nestled deep in the Golden Hills of her beloved home state of Commiefornia.

So there you have. The trials and tribulations of the most clueless cunts to ever disgrace 2 nations. Mrs. and Mr. Markle-Hewitt…the Duke and Duchess of Suckit. They may no longer be members of the Royal Family. But they are Royal Cunts of the Highest Order.

Nominated by: General Cuntster

.…and this from Quick Draw McGraw

First he whinged that his request to have a wreath laid at the Cenotaph on his behalf was rejected, then he and Princess Sparkle Tits were photographed “privately” laying a wreath at a military cemetery in Los Angeles. As is becoming increasingly common with these two creatures, they managed to make Remembrance Sunday all about them. What a pair of cunts. Why would the request be granted? Harry and Sparkles didn’t want to carry out Royal Duties, but they wanted the titles that go with being members of the Royal Family. Well, you can’t have it both ways.

According to them, it was a private moment of reflection. How convenient then, that there just happened to be a photographer present to record it. There was Sparkle Tits, standing with her fake expressing of solemnity, as Harry, with his brag rags shining on his chest, knelt and laid his wreath. Then they stood and their bowed their heads. I used to have respect for Harry. He served the UK, did two tours in Afghanistan, then he meant Sparkle Tits and became the world’s biggest cuck.

Harry has no right to complain about the Palace refusing to lay a wreath on his behalf. He turned his back on the military, his family and the UK, for an piece of ambitious, far left skirt who wanted a title. He knew that remembrance day was coming, it happens every year. He could have made arrangements to be in the UK and lay the wreath in person, but no. And once again, this achingly woke couple, who continually claim to want privacy, have managed to make a solemn occasion all about them. Fuck off, you pair of cunts.

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48 thoughts on “Mrs. & Mr. Markle-Hewitt [7]

  1. A spot on cunting. I have lived in Sussex for over 20 years. Apart from a few flights in and out of Gatwick these cunts have been in Sussex for ONE, yep, count ‘em, ONE day.

    “Sussex Royal” my arse. Give us our county back you cunts!!!!!

    • Ah, the wonderous county of Sussex. Born and bred there myself Robin, but the big question is…are you East Sussex or West Sussex?

      I’m sure you’re well aware that one is ace and the other is full of cunts.

      • Kind of Mid-Sussex really. Officially West Sussex (the posh half, obviously), but we are just a few miles north of Brighton, just off the A23.

        Nice to be able to visit Brighton so easily, even nicer to be able to leave it again!

        Which part you from?

      • Oh dear. The right answer was East Sussex.

        West Sussex…..Haywards Heath, Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint, Horsham…all very cunty.

        Lewes, on the other hand…county town, home of Harvey’s brewery and has a castle.

        A few miles north of Brighton you say? Hmm….please don’t say Burgess Hill. I lived there for a short while. Bought my first house there actually. Absolutely hideous place.

      • Ooooh…Haevey’s Sussex Best, now that’s a pint of beer.

        Love Lewes, been there loads of times.

        I’m in one of the”cunty” places beginning with an “H”! Full of rich cunts but a few low quality scum too. Deffo not Burgess Hill. Shithole.

      • Just ‘aving a giraffe, Robin. I always enjoyed the light hearted needle between East and West. HH is OK. Had some good record shops back in the day. I just remembered my uncle lives in Hassocks (oops) and Hurstpierpoint is actually quite pretty. Went to school (in Lewes) with a girl from there. Gorgeous she was and actually quite a laugh. Unusual for a girl that smokin’ to not also be a bitch. Hello Di – if you’re reading this. Not likely, but you never know.

        Horsham is an armpit though. Bit like Burgess Hill and its mong sister town Wivelsfield. Who in their right mind calls a little town Wivelsfield?

        I’d kill for a pint or several of Harvey’s Best right now. It’s the right time of year for Harvey’s Old Ale too. Anyone who likes bitter and sees Harvey’s Old on tap somewhere, try it. You can thank me later.

      • I’ve not had “Old” but will be up to The Sportsman to try it once Lockdown is over.

        I don’t understand Wivelsfield train station. You couldn’t actually walk to Wivelsfield in less than an hour from there! It is actually Burgess Hill North. One of life’s great mysteries.

      • Hello Cuntologist.

        Lovely county Got some fabulous vineyards where one can sample a fine bottle of local fizzy wine for only £30 a bottle. Oh the luxuries of being a rich southerner in Sussex by the sea!

  2. Has Halfwitt got any friends left? Is he under Sparkle house arrest? Surely somebody, somewhere, has tried to shake some sense into him.
    I knew he was a bit thick-but even a dullard must realise that this can never end well.

    He is emulating his Mother perfectly.
    – Publicity whore✔︎
    -Poor choices in life partners✔︎
    -Pissing off the ‘firm”✔︎

    Thing is, times change, people are not so easily fooled by cheap stunts. Which is what these two are: cheap st(c)unts👎🏾

    • Hopefully not emulating his mother too much. Big Phil’s gnarled old claw has been hovering over the MI5 hotline more than once recently.

      • “Emulating his mother” Becoming a sausage jockey, noshing copious amounts of cock, organising 100 paparazzi to be at spontaneous midnight hospital visits, and being a pop star fåg hag? Hm, give it time.

        Thank goodness somebody was there with a camera to capture their private moment.

      • Indeed, Captain. I remember the Sloaney taking her boys to Alton Towers. Of course, she could have got the place closed and gone on the rides in private. But – as was her wont – she ‘organised’ the press to be there and scores of publicity seeking pics of Sloaney and her brats on the log flume flooded the TV and the papers. Not staged at all (yeah right).

        And if Harry wants to emulate his m’ ma in the whore stakes, he will have his work cut out. His saintly mater had Johnny Bryan, Will Carling, that heart surgeon cunt, Jimmy Hewitt, Oliver Hoare, ‘Squidgy’ (whoever that was) and Dodi as a Dodo. And they are just the known cases. She was a premium gold plated slapper of the highest order.

  3. It is pretty obvious which one of them thought it would be a good idea to ‘personally recognise’ our fallen soldiers and drag a photographer along with them for publicity.

    It was probably her idea that the dimwit wear his medals too.

    Utterly cringeworthy pair of cunts.

  4. I don’t recall any of the Queens children being blown to bits or being eaten alive by rats as they lay dying in no mans land.
    I do recall hapless Hewitt having a significant Special Forces bodyguard and going nowhere near any real action. (First hand confirmation on that one).
    Go and walk in a fucking minefield – and not one already cleared by bomb disposal like your slut of a Mother did.
    This weak needy softarse boy insults our military, and a belated but genuinely meant thank you to all who serve and have served.

  5. Hewitt was hardly a “war hero.”
    He fired a couple of machine guns into an empty desert at some imaginary ragheads. From what i’ve heard he was more of a hindrance, having to be closely supervised to make sure he didn’t get his Royal arse shot off.
    I take it they had all the riff raff thrown out of the cemetery before they had that photo taken. “Private moment” means “no plebs please.”

  6. The last royal who married an American divorcee was also a cuck. Sniffing around her knickers he was persuaded to think Hitler was just sooooo great. This twat is just the same. “critical race theory” is as racist as all other race theories. So fuck you Harry you moronic,thick, twat, cunt.

  7. Meghan Markle Lordy Mama Wati Melon Honey Child Leadbelly Fried Chiggun Swannee River Ike and Tina Daylight Come And Mi Wanna Go Home Fucking Ono Of Sussex Up In Banana Tree.

    A leech with tits.

  8. Considering this pair of cunts went to America to avoid the publicity, all they ever seem to do is court it. I cannot think of another pair of cunts that hypocritical. I wish the media would just stop reporting what they do. Fuck them, leave them to fester in the rotting juices of their own squeezing.

  9. Surrounded by special service guards all the time, tell me, what were his medals actually for, dressing himself? Brushing his teeth for 5 minutes? Standing upright? Feeding Megnog bananas?
    That useless little oxygen thief and his pet.

  10. The King and Queen of cunts.
    At least Edward VIII had the decency to take his yank tart and get out of the limelight.
    Unlike these two publicity grabbing cunts.

  11. Nothing but a pair of professional bludging cunts.Soon be on the tv talkshow circuit telling all and sundry their problems. Both cunts of the highest order.

    • The average Yank has an attention span which makes the chavs in the U.K. look like university professors. I am afraid that the Hewitts are learning that their appeal is fading faster than that of a prawn sandwich on a hot day.

  12. Fuck, I was sick of the sight of these cunts months ago, there’s no escaping them. Lying fucking toads said they were off to dodge the limelight, instead they have bombarded the planet on every form of media with their ill informed opinions. I sincerely hope they come to no harm, as like some cunt in Star Wars ‘if you Strike me down, I will become more powerful’
    Like mum.
    Please leave me alone, you’re entering fucking meerkat advert annoying levels.

  13. I don’t know…

    These two are so pathetic. Do they rise to cunt level?

    I’d entertain an argument that they are mere wankers.

  14. Cant wait for the truth about Harry’s whore mother and her love child with Hewitt to come out official.

  15. Let us hope Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II goes out in a blaze of British glory and sorts these two Judas cunts out.

  16. If these two phony, vapid twats aren’t cuntish enough for IsaC, then I’m not sure anyone is!! I respectfully disagree with your position Yankee.

  17. Sorry to arrive late on this one, I wasn’t going to bother to comment on this pair of cunts at all anymore but then Harry’s father (DNA test pending) decided to release a video telling us all what a great opportunity is to reset the world economy and that economy must be carbon neutral, how we must embrace the new normal.

    That new normal, you won’t own anything but you’ll be happy.

    So here we have the distraction of Harry and Meg, handy Andy to set the general population and us cunters eye’s in the wrong direction whilst HRH Charlie soon to be King and never short of a bed to sleep in or a house or two to live in is plotting our return to full serfdom.

    My fellow cunters can label me as a conspiracy nut but if what’s going on in the world right now isn’t concerning you a little by now please look out of your windows.

    Brexit is going to be abandoned, America is going to have a communist installed as President within 12 months. We are fucked and we, i mean those of us over 40 allowed it to happen.

    It’s times like these god was invented for.

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