Gareth Southgate (2)

Not content with prattling on about woke issues and white privilege, leaving our most creative midfielder in Grealish on the bench, playing with three right backs and two defensive midfielders and stifling a gifted crop of young attacking talent through his ultra-conservative style of ‘football’, he has now called up Jude Bellingham to the senior squad.

Whilst he’s going to be a fantastic player, Southgate seems to have forgotten the fact that he’s only 17, has played just 11 games total in the German top flight and clearly isn’t ready.

If he isn’t careful he’s gonna do to the lad what Eriksson did to Walcott.

Sack the cunt now and bring in Howe or Pochettino.

Nominated by: General Tso’s Chiggun

72 thoughts on “Gareth Southgate (2)

  1. His step up from U21s didn’t mean he had to bring the kids with him. I don’t watch England any more as they are all cunts. Southgate will only pick from clubs he likes. He is perfect for England manager as he’s still as soft now as when he was playing. The FA love a nodding dog who does as he’s told. England football team ? I’d rather watch Scotland.

  2. As one who has stopped watching football since the whole knee-BLM thing started, I assume that Jude Bellingham is black. No superlatives anymore – just virtue signalling. Like companies employing chief execs just they is black.

    • Yeah, he is. He’s a brilliant prospect tbf but clearly not international calibre yet.

  3. Anyone remember him cashing in on those Pizza Hut adverts after missing in the penalty shoot out against the Krauts?

    • I think most of our infamous penalty takers end up doing adverts that celebrate their failure, no wonder we’ve won fuck all in over 50 years …
      England have a decent crop of young players but Southgate will soon knock that out of them , FA yes man and definitely not one to rock the boat , If England’s ambition is satisfied by making the finals and winning sweet FA Southgate is your man …..

      • You’ve heard the story of Sir Alf Ramsay standing up to the FA regarding Nobby Stiles haven’t you? If only we had a manager with that sort of fight and character now.

  4. I lost all interest in football when the cunts were falling to their knees without being kicked.

    Pretty soon it will be called blackball 😂

    • Right there with you, Sick.

      It’s not about not supporting an anti-racism stance. The FA had their ‘Kick It Out’ campaign and that was all well and good. I just cannot condone anything connected with the BLM so-called movement.

      The kneeling and black salute thing has got to stop and even after it has, it will be a looooooooooong time before I can look at a game of football again. The FA/Premier League should apologise for the conduct of players and officials in this regard. Be anti-racist by all means, but do NOT align yourself with a violent, racist, marxist and anarchist mob. The FA/EPL got this badly wrong and for that I don’t think I can ever forgive. Cunts.

  5. My complete disinterest in football continues. Haven’t watched a game all season and don’t plan to. Plus I stopped watching England games years ago. Boring.

    The FA made a rod for their own backs by appointing Allardyce. A man so unqualified for the England manager’s job is was laughable. Expert in hoof it up the pitch and elbow/kick/foul the opposition. Never won a top flight league title. Never managed a European campaign. Never managed any elite players. Yet somehow the FA thought that fat jowl faced cunt was the best bet. In comparison, he makes Southgate look like a decent candidate. But then you take a look at Southgate’s managerial record and realise it’s as piss poor as that of Allardyce.

    A clown of an under achiever. Always made me laugh when his Middlesbrough team played at White Hart Lane. He’s get up off his bench and bark out some orders and 30,000 Spurs fans would all chant “Sit down Pinocchio”. Goofy twat need to fall down a well. Cunt.

    • ‘Hippo head’ Allardyce had 100% record as England manager ! One game, you can never take that away from the pint of wine cunt. The FA will never change, always a yes man as boss of the national side. Brian Clough was overlooked because he would have torn his bosses to shreds if they ever tried to tell him. Too many good managers are not offered the job because the FA are utter corrupt cunts.

      • Fucking scandal that Clough never got the job. Instead it got given to Revie whose Leeds side won silverware by kicking people. He failed to get us to the 78 world cup. However, he was a corrupt, bribe taking type, just the FA,’s cup of tea.

      • Leeds United under that cunt Revie.
        The dirtiest team in English football.
        The dirtiest team of all time.

      • Fuck off norman. With love of course. Revie Leeds mot. So fuck off norman fuck off. Ok cunt.

  6. Ah, old Gareth Wokegate.

    He looks far too white and male to have such a job. They should give it to one of those female lezza dark key ‘experts’ we keep seeing on our screens.

    It offends me to see honkeees in the team. Ok, only one or two remain, but to play for ‘England’ you should be an active member of BLM, preferably with a bone through your nose and be covered in war paint.

    It’s a fucking disgrace.

    • Love it how opinions change – at the Euros, he was a fucking Messiah – could do nothing wrong, until he lost!

  7. Fucking arselicking, middle management, corporate type cunt. After the Allardyce brown envelopes affair the FA went for Mr boring, safe do gooder. What the fuck did he do as a club manager?…….fuck all!
    The cunt talks about all this attacking football bollocks but up against the big boys, he reverts to type and is obsessed with keeping the ball and not taking risks.
    He got lucky in Russia with the favourable draw but against Croatia he threw that game away because he can’t make in game adjustments……..the cunt has no Plan B. Every wanker in the pub could see what he had to do in that second half but he was hanging on for the penalties. Twat! No wonder Vardi packed it in after that…..if he couldn’t get on the pitch in that game he never would. He’s also ex Palace, another reason to hate the boring, woke cunt.
    Stick your waistcoat up your arse you prick.

    • He’s the Vauxhall Vectra of football managers Freddie – dull, uninspiring and woefully inefficient.

    • England lost I take it? So what else is new – the last time we won anything was 54 years ago!

  8. I do not and will not watch an England football team that “takes a knee” before matches – it reminds me of the England football team being ordered to give nazi salutes at the Berlin Olympics but I feel our current players do not do much wrestling with their conscience about it.
    Southgate is the new world – smooth, slick, well packaged, media friendly, bland, grey, non controversial and practised in Tim Henman style fighting talk as we watch some of the worlds most talented players fail at every serious hurdle – the Coldplay of football.
    We will achieve nothing except watching young men turn into has beens without achieving a thing due to weakness, wokeness and plain bad management.

    • Agreed. Sticking the knee in? Fucking embarrassing. Fully deserved getting their prissy asses handed to them by the Walloons. Southgate can fuck right off.

    • Problem is that both the England Cricket AND Rugby teams are following suit. Can’t wait to get back to Twickers and see the crowd’s reaction (when there is a crowd)!

  9. Excellent nom and sound responses👏

    Like many have said, politics has ruined a sport I have loved for 5 decades☹️.
    The England team is now like an allegory if our society:
    No real passion and over represented by bame 👎

    On a more positive note, Dpain ripped the Germans a new arsehole. Now they were and hopefully be again, a team worth watching👍

  10. Southgate’s a cunt. The FA are pathetic appeasing cunts. Top earning Professional footballers are ridiculously overpaid cunts bereft of reality. Pity I used to love playing football and coaching when younger, sadly the game professional game is now just total bollocks.

  11. Over paid prima Donna’s, what a bunch of cunts. Need a war and send them to the front, see how many are heroes then. Fucking wankers.

  12. General Tso, methinks your bias is making thee myopic.

    Grealsh isn’t the most creative midfielder. He just isn’t. Furthermore, “…what Erikson did for Walcott” – what, give a ridiculously overrated player a chance at the big time? It didn’t affect Michael Owen, Stevie G, or Wayne ‘grab-a-granny’ Rooney at their young ages did it? What has Thea Walcunt ever done? He was only in the England squad because Wenger gave the old Swedish dwårf a reach-around.

    Nonetheless, Southgate is a cunt for continuing this submissive kneel-down to the Black Olives Matter turds.

    • Walcott was never a world beater granted but I do think he could’ve had a better career had the hype not suffocated him. Injuries didn’t help either though of course.

      • Same goes for Lee Sharpe. A better than good player (although Andrei Kanchelskis on the wing for United was better), but Sharpey’s then pin up status and the tabloid hype didn’t help him. To be fair, his lifestyle and partying didn’t help either.

      • If that’s the case it’s Wenger’s responsibility as well as his agent. Walcott’s talent was hugely exaggerated though you can’t blame old False Teetch Erikkson who was probably too busy hiding his winkle in Ulrika’s bucket.

      • Of course Wenger must take some responsibility but we all know the pressure that comes with featuring for England at such a young age is huge. He was never going to be the next Henry obviously but he could’ve still done better than he did for the Arse without the hype.

    • And in regards to Grealish, it’s not necessarily his goals and assists that are his main asset. That, imo, is his ability to draw defenders towards him and create space for others before putting a good ball in.

  13. Fire the cunt and get a blek muffdiver in to do the job.
    I’d watch the spineless puffs then.

  14. Southgate is the Jools Holland of football. Like that Holland cunt and his ‘Later’ bollocks, Southcunt only picks who he ‘likes’ for ‘his show’. In the 1970s Tommy Docherty did not get on with Lou Macari, but Louie did a great job for United and The Doc knew it. So Tommy picked Macari for the team. Dave Sexton – on the other hand – was a Southgate-esque cunt. Boring as fuck Mr Nice Guy. He didn’t like Gordon Hill, a true maverick and one of the finest wingers of all time. So Sexton jettisoned ‘Merlin’ even though he was United’s top scorer and Sexton bought the ‘grafter’ but far less skillful Mickey Thomas to replace Hill, and Sexton ruined the best United side in a decade. If Southgate had the likes of Gordon Hill, Stan Bowles, Steve Coppell, Kevin Keegan, Tony Currie, Stuart Pearson, Glenn Hoddle, Frank Worthington and Rodney Marsh at his disposal, the cunt would still pick useless twats like Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson. Gareth’s teams are dull because Gareth is dull. Boring as fuck. He makes Ken Barlow look like Jimmy Page aboard The Starship.

    • Sterling’s inconsistency is almost as frustrating as Southgate’s tactics. When he’s on it he’s unstoppable but unfortunately that only happens once every 5 or 6 games.

      • “Useless twats like Henderson” – what, the same Henderson who lifted the Premiership trophy this year? I understand you Mancs don’t like him but he certainly isn’t useless. If Southgate had played him from the start against Croatia two years ago, we would’ve been in the final.

      • I suppose I was snide about Henderson, Captain. My trouble is I am like that with most modern Premier League players. I expect them all to be as good as Robson or Souness, or Cantona or Dalglish. A grumpy old cunt who longs for the good old days of the game. Sterling is a little cunt though.

        And although Henderson and LFC deserved the title last seson the Premier League winner thing isn’t always a guarantee of excellence. Darren Ferguson got his hands on the Premiership trophy ( and a medal), and he was shit.

    • Sorry Norm. But what the fuck are you wittering on about!? Who are all these people? And more to the point, Who cares?

    • Stan Bowles. I think it was the opening titles of The Big Match back in the day, that featured Stan flying down the wing doing keepie-uppie. Who does that? Incredible ball control. Some other great names mentioned there too, Norm. Back when football was football.

      Lovely stuff. Back of the net.

  15. Big football story today…….the Irish team were shown an “anti English” video before Wednesday’s game. Not very bright considering half the players are fucking English.
    Apparently these undereducated millionaires were told about the Irish famine and the Easter Rising, as if they give a fuck. I think they would have preferred listening to Stormzy and playing Fortnite on their phones but top marks for innovation. Shame they lost 3-0, the manager looks a bit of a cunt now.

    • He looked like a cunt before the match too. Perhaps England were shown videos of Irish nail bombs or cars with exploding devices.

  16. I don’t think it matters who’s in charge of the social media obsessed chimps (all the players not just the black ones before someone calls me a racist), generally English players are not that good on the world stage.

    Put Gary cuntache in charge, take his mind off social justice issues.

    • Good idea. They could lift the cunt up by his ears and pretend he’s the first trophy they’ve won in 54 years.

    • Linekunt would force all the players to undergo gender reassignment and only dark keys would be allowed in the team.

      He’d make the honkeeees in the crowd pay double entrance fees to sit in the cheap seats, so the dark keys could attend for free in the best seats.

      The entire population of honkeees would need to take the knee for the entire match for Gary to agree not to resign.

  17. I have reason to believe he’s taken pork sword in one of his orifices, perhaps the term is orifi, maybe CS will put that right.
    Anyways, a metrosexual cunt.
    And a virtue signaler, ergo,cunt.

  18. I hate modern football. Shame because I’ve been a big football fan since I could walk.

    BLM shite has been the final straw for me.

    I found a great site though if you Google ‘’

    Loads of old matches in full (free). World cups the lot. Even has the 1966 world cup (not just the final but all the games) as it was covered by the BBC and others back in ’66. League games from years back etc.

    Great website and it’ll take me years to get through the games on there. Watching ’82 world cup games at the moment. Good stuff. What a great commentator Barry Davies was. If a game has foreign commentary, I put music or a podcast on and turn the footy sound down.

    Yes, I am a sad cunt but you’ll thank me later.

    • I’ll thank you now CB.

      Bazza is a huge hero of mine; loved him popping up on all sorts (even The Jump). Very knowledgeable whatever the sport and infinitely better than Statto Motty.

      82 World Cup. Yep it was great. Always had a soft spot for the Eyeties so when that Juve bloke returned from a matchfixing ban in time to inspire the Azzuri to victory I was well chuffed. Had a B&B with an Italian family during the later stages. Great to be part of that! The daughter was very easy on the eye too!

      • Thanks, CB. And I agree, Isaac. It was a top World Cup in 1982. Juve bloke, Paolo Rossi. That Italy vs Brazil game from Spain 82 is arguably the greatest World Cup game ever. England were unlucky Unbeaten, but still they went out. That 82 Admiral England shirt was also the best ever. I also recall France vs Germany. Harald Schumacher… What a dirty cunt he was.

      • Bit like his namesake, Michael.

        Black flag ignoring and shunt Damon Hill out the race cunt. Bloody filthy cheat. Legend my arse.

      • It was a disgrace, yes. The way he was waving the medical staff away because he wanted to take his goal kick was also fucking disgusting. Battison (I think that’s his name) almost fucking died. Knocked out, broken back, teeth knocked out. Bad shite.

        And there he was, like some pantomime villain waving everyone away.

        Alnost everyone forgets how it happened. I can’t stand the cunt, but the long raking pass from Platini that put Battison in was fucking outrageous.

        Football has become so sterile and coached as a ‘play the percentages’ and physical game (sports science needs cunting imo) you don’t see passes like that anymore.

      • The West Germany vs France semi (probably the most dramatic game I’ve ever seen) is on there in full with the original BBC Barry Davies commentary. Platini is a cunt but what a passer of the ball he was. 70 yards and into the feet of a sprinting flea.

        Another good one was the Portugal vs France Euro semi in 84 which is on there in full with Motson’s commentary.

        I think West Germany vs England 1970 is in full with English commentary too.

      • Some vintage full games on there featuring the great Johann Cruyff. This site is a real find.Nice one, CB and cheers.

      • I think a friendly between Argentina and Scotland might be on there too from 1979, with a 17 year-old (cheating cunt but talented) Maradona stealing the show at Hampden.

  19. A timely Cunting, General.
    As Sir Rod of Liddle said only last week “Southgate is an Ambassador, not a coach”. And I’m delighted that I’m not the only one suggesting Eddie Howe would be a decent replacement. In fact I’d even prefer Steve Howe (of Yes) !
    Southgate. Boring, ideas-free, stats obsessed, woke, waistcoat-and-beard gimp, his record flattered by that bizarre World Cup where Italy & Holland never even made it and Germany Brazil and Argentina fucked up leaving us to win a few thanks to Kane falling over and duping the Ref. Before losing to Croatia (pop 8m?)
    Picks and discards numerous One Cap wonders.
    What a shitshow. I used to care, decades since I gave a fuck anyway.

  20. He’s as bad as fucking Lineker. I remember during the last world cup him saying football can help to change society in regards race relations.
    And recently the fella that had to resign for the hideous crime of calling black players ‘coloured’. Gareth – ‘There was no alternative’.

  21. In moderation.

    And recently the fella that had to resign for the hideous crime of calling black players ‘coloured’. Gareth – ‘There was no alternative’.

    Come to think what are you to call black players now? ‘black players’ but that draws attention to their skin colour. doesn’t it? ‘players of colour’, ‘players of African heritage’ but they sound problematical as well.
    My point- you are to speak out against racism but cannot actually talk about race.

    • All players are coloured.

      If you just call them ‘players’ you won’t go far wrong, Miles. Unless they’re not players, of course, e.g. management, or cunts who work in the club’s bar, shop, etc.

      Good evening. 🙂

      • That would be something RT.

        Just call them ‘players’ Or more daringly-‘football players’.

      • Steady on Miles, I wouldn’t go that far.

        What if they were rugby players and you called them football players? Mr Fiddler wouldn’t like that. There’d be no telling the sort of umbrage he might exhibit!

  22. Shit footballer and manager. He will be shitting himself next summer when he plays Scotland.
    With half the English team having issues with being British the Scots will win 3 1…..

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