Donald Bell

Donald Bell. This is the complete bell end who led the XR desecration of the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. Apparently, he actually is an ex-squaddie, which makes his actions even more shameful, especially when you consider that he was wounded by shrapnel in an IRA car bomb explosion, that killed two other, and I would say, better soldiers, in Stewartstown back in ’74. So you would think he’d have shown more respect to the fallen than he did. Especially since the cunt refers to Remembrance Day as a “little ritual”, though I suspect that was said deliberately to cause offence.

I can’t find anything that says how long he served, other than he did “four tours of duty” with the Royal Anglian regiment, but the standard service when I was in was 3 years and 3 months, so if that’s what they mean, then it’s 13 years. What fascinates me about this puddle of monkey semen, is that in all his years of service, he never made it past the rank of private. That’s the lowest rank in the British army. Any army for that matter. Compare that to my service, I enlisted in ’89 and three years later, I was a Lance Bombardier (the Royal Regiment of Artillery’s version of a Lance Corporal. Only much better). About another three years later, I was a full Bombardier. Then a Sergeant. You see where this is going? Donald Bell-End must have been a really SHITE soldier if he spent so long as a lowly Private. To be fair, not everyone gets to earn their tapes, some are happy just to plod on as a Gunner or a Sapper or a Private. Given that Bell-End is such a monumental twat though (he claims to have been writing letters on eco-lunacy for 50 years), I’m going to have go with him being a shite soldier.

And this isn’t Bell-End’s first act of dickery with XR. Back in February, he was one of the lizards who dug up the lawn at Trinity College, Cambridge, and was later nicked for gluing his hand to a plod mobile. Personally, I would have driven the little shit to the nick while he was still stuck to the vehicle. Apparently though, that would be inhumane.

To a lot of people, what he did wasn’t that serious. But it is for me, and I’m sure my fellow cunters, especially the veterans. I’ve lost five good mates over the years I was in the army. I actually saw two of them die. You would think that someone who had also seen two mates die, would show at least a little respect. All this piece of shit has done though, is turn people away from his cause, whilst actively dishonouring the memory of the fallen. What an utter cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. As an ex-military man himself, he should have known how disrespectful his behaviour was, and in my view, after the age of 18, any “adult” taking part in demos is beyond the pale, quite unseemly and unnecessary

  2. Wasn’t he also a convicted skag dealer and accused of beating his wheelchair-bound wife?

    Sounds a decent fellow by all accounts.

  3. Wow I didn’t know that sometimes viewing on here is an education. Good nomination absolute thick cunt.

  4. i may have my views about wearing poppies, but disrupting a remembrance service is the height of disrespect, especially to those remembering lost friends, colleagues and family.

    His actions did his pathetic cause more harm than good. He is an utter cunt.

    And why is he wearing a uniform when he is not in the army? Cunt.

    • Are we sure he really has done any service? I don’t know how easy it is to check records. Anyway, if he was, I bet he was a right fucking pain in the arse all the way through his life in the army – as pointed out in the nom, that is why he more than likely remained a private. I bet he had a fucking opinion on everything, and a classic “barrack room lawyer”. I know he is wearing an army jacket, but looks like the old pattern I used to wear in the CCF. Don’t the military call these fellas “walts”?

      • Yep, “Walts” is the exact term for pretend ex-squaddies.
        I only did six years in the army, back in the eighties, and even I managed to get promoted to Lance Corporal. This guy must have been really fucking useless.

        Or a walt.

      • It’s as obvious as a Peter Swales toupee that this Donald Bell is a lying cunt. A pure Walt and a premium bullshitter.

    • Sir Father Ted, the 100-year-old, garden walking codger, still wears his military blazer and medals and that cunt hasn’t been in the Army for over 70 years…..I, on the other hand, was kicked out of the Navy recruitment Office in Leeds.,

  5. He’ll fit right in now that Boris has got bored of ruining peoples businesses and has gone all “green” and tree huggy.

    I have no idea who this specimen is, what he stands for or where he’s been in the past but like most cunts he can eat my shit and the die in pain for all I care.

  6. Well I think this Remembrance Day cuntery will turn out to be a massive own goal for Extinction Rebellion. Actually, extinction rebellion, they’re not worthy of capital letters.
    So maybe we should be thankful to this treacherous traitor for showing everybody xr’s true colours.

    • ER are pretty much redundant now. The lockdowns are doing all the economy wrecking work for them.

  7. I ordered a military uniform for an upcoming fancy dress party, although there was obviously a cock up in despatch because what I received was half a costume for an East European 5th century warlord and half a costume for one of the Sisters of the Holy Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    Still attended despite being dressed as Attila the Nun….

  8. Why would that ex army guy do such a thing, especially with the extinction rebellion cans of can’t?

    He is also a can of can’t for doing that with them.

    Rembering those that died protecting us, to me, is important. He ruined what was suppose to be a thoughtful day.

  9. An appalling insult to our fallen.
    People I am related to in England, loyalist Ireland and Wales have died fighting for our existence as a Nation and this Man – a former soldier of all things – does this on our day of remembrance at our National memorial.
    He may as well have spat in their faces and I would like to take him and a few other people to the military cemeteries in France to look in every direction as far as the eye can see in silent, crushed horror and the rest of the World where our best and bravest fell and have a damn good think about the cost of freedom.
    Outrageous and unforgivable.

    In the morning and at the going down of the sun we will remember them
    We will remember them.

    Nobody will remember Donald Bell.

  10. A smack dealer protesting Capitalism?
    Oh the fucking irony.
    Isn’t there a traditional army punishment involving a gun carriage or something?
    Saw it once in “Sharpe” on the box…

  11. Wonder what made him join with stinky rebellion?
    Seems a bit odd?
    Either way insulting the war dead is indefensible.
    Dont hold much sacred
    But I do this.

  12. He and the rest of of the XR fucktards need chucking in the sea. They were slinging ink about in the street the other day. Met Police were nowhere to be seen, too busy checking granny’s shopping to see she had not been buying anything inessential I suppose. Might as well chuck the rozzers in the sea too for all the use they are. The country is fucked and no one seems to give a fuck. Cunts.

  13. Extinction oblivion is a cult. Its founder Roger Hallam is a typical, Charles Manson type figure who is obviously as insane as poor old Donald Bell. The one thing for sure when were talking about a cult, with fevered young people involved is the kiddy fiddlers will be front and centre.

    • Maybe General Cuntster and his mob can come over and sort them out like the ATF did in Waco.

      • No need to carry on this spat everywhere.
        Some just disagree, what’s the term? Roll with it?

      • Are you one of these wokeists who take offence on somebody else’s behalf?

        The general is a big boy. If he has any issues, he is perfectly capable of letting me know himself.

  14. According to the Walter Mitty site, no Royal Anglians died in 1974 in Ireland, and no one in at the time remembers him. I smell a massive Walt and a total cunt.

  15. I would love to be a fly on the wall the next time Donald Bellend strolls into the Royal British Legion.

  16. I detect stolen Valor shenanigans here.
    Drug dealer? Wife beater? Mendacious? Obviously too well qualified for the Labour Party, so jones up with Greta’s worshippers instead.

    Punishment to fit the crime: clean the toilets at your local serviceman’s club.

  17. The cunt is just as disrespectful as cunts who regularly throw paint over the bomber command memorial, and they deserve a hot soldering iron rammed up the piss pipe.

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