Lewis Hamilton [11]

A Woe Is Me, R U Disrespectin’ Me, Man? cunting please for prima donna getaway car driver Lewis Hamilton.

Very fragile little ego, our Lewis has. It seems a former racing driver Jackie Stewart isn’t prepared to bend the knee, and this upsets young Lewis:


He should write to Mr & Mrs Hewitt so they can condole with him. His ego needs a boost.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

93 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton [11]

  1. Yes Hamilton is/can be a cunt and is definitely a hypocrite but to those saying he isn’t as good as Stewart, Mansell etc are talking absolute bollocks…whether you like Hamilton or not you cannot deny his racing ability, he is by far the the best driver of his generation and showed Alonso up in his rookie year.
    It’s only through mechanical failures he isnt going for his 8th WDC.
    Whoever said Jenson ‘illegal diffuser’ Button is a better driver clearly hasn’t got a clue abaaaaaht F1.

    Fuck off.

    • Hang abaaaaaht!

      I’ve noticed you always “bigging up” Lewis B&WC and I’ve never seen you two in the same place at the same time……and you’re always talking about how muscular you are…..hmmm…. you wouldn’t happen to be?…. naah surely you’re not.. no couldn’t be..

        • Either that or he’s Shaggy – the reggae singer, not the scruffy hippy from Scooby Doo.

          ‘I know naffink abaaaht it’ could be the follow up single to ‘it wasn’t me’

          • @HS and RTCP… me Lewis Hamilton? Nah, I am much taller and better looking. 😁

  2. Hamilton is a great driver. Unfortunately he’s also an appalling human being.

    I’m not taking the knee either Lewis so go fuck yourself…

  3. I wish they would turn all Formula One venues into giant shithouses and make anyone to do with it the attendants.

    Football can go the same way for all I care.

  4. Lewis, you are a repulsive turd and a sorry excuse for a Human being, you are of mixed race or for better words ( Mongrel ) we all know that deep down you hate your Mun key Genes !!

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