Chris Grayling M.P. [5]

A bald headed cunting please for this slaphead windbag of an MP who has been a monumental failure at everything he has put his grubby hands on. But it seems Grayling could fall down Gaylord Adonis’s shitter and come up smelling like Alan Carr, since he has landed a £100,000 job for 7 hours a week:

Obviously the less time he spends “working” the less damage he can do (in theory) and I don’t have any issue with anybody earning (provided they REALLY “earn” it) whatever they can get, but how can this shit be worth that much money?.

It’s not what you know, but who you know……

(ain’t that the fucking truth – admin)

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

30 thoughts on “Chris Grayling M.P. [5]

  1. He’s alleged to have single-handedly cost the country £billions.
    Was at one point known as ‘Failing Grayling’.

    If memory serves me correctly a Grayling is a bottom feeder.
    How apt.

    • Hes a liability.
      No matter what cushy job his mate gives him hes genetically programmed to fuck it right up.
      We’ve all met the type,
      All thumbs
      No grace
      Say things like
      “But I thought youd packed the parachutes!”
      “Oops! Ive dropped the scalpel!”
      “Thought you said the red button!”

    • Btw Admin, I’m enjoying the grotesque Spitting Image Boris addition to the Great Wall of Cunts.

  2. It’s not just Grayling, useless cunt though he may be. The whole political class are of an unbelievably low standard.

  3. I start a new job next week cleaning the wax figures at Madame Tussauds.
    Just got my first job sheet by e-mail and noticed all the exhibits are referenced by their surname and at 07.30 on Monday morning I’m dusting Hoffman….

  4. Failing Grayling is on par with Suckdick Khan in terms of sheer incompetence and utter idiocy.
    Everytime your late because your train did not show up is because of this slap headed fuck due and his disastrous tenure as transport secretary. The damage this cunt did whilst being transport Secretary is still being felt today.
    A monumental cunt for sure.

  5. At least it’s not public money he’s troughing this time, although the only reason a private company would want to employ this fuckwit is for access to his former colleagues in government, which should be illegal. But then they all do it, regardless of political allegiances. The last labour government, who joyfully spunked away the country’s dosh to virtual bankruptcy all to a cunt went on to gainful employment with either public sector non jobs or to cash soaking, irrelevant quangos.
    Talking of political wankers that are shit but coin it, last week we had that slimy lump of shit, Nick Clegg, who is literally earning millions as some cunt at Facebook, was implicated in the decision to stifle those incredibly damaging stories relating to Joe Biden, and his sons’ shenanigans. Both Facebook and Twitter, and i suspect most internet search engines tried to stop these stories from reaching a wider audience, as they confirm the rumours of Biden being a bit of a crooked cunt. I always wondered how they spent so much energy trying to impeach Trump for questioning the allegations, and the allegations themselves were practically ignored.

  6. Anything Chris Grayling advises, the ports just need do the exact opposite.

    They’ll be quids in! Well worth the £100,000 price of admission.

    Must be another brilliant Dominic Cummings inspired appointment.

  7. A standout useless cunt in an age of particularly useless cunts, Grayling has quickly risen , his incompetence legendary as is his lack of detail or knowledge on virtually any subject you care to mention, the ferry fiasco being just the tip of the turdberg…


  8. Rewarded for being a complete fucking failure. How often do we see that happen!

    No doubt cunts like Maybot and BlowJob Boris will find themselves in similar circumstances when they finally stand down as MPs and join the rich gravy train that is the private sector.

  9. The billions lost by this cunt, billions lost in furlough scams, billions spent on ‘foreign aid’ every year, billions spent on illegal immos. It’s the easiest thing in the world spending over people’s money. We really are governed by fucking nincompoops.

  10. I can only imagine that this utter fucking tool knows where the bodies are buried…..

  11. When I am Prime Minister Grayling will be broken on the rack.
    I was paying many thousands of Pounds a year for a rail season ticket and four days out of five it was late (the smartarse bastard attitude of Northern Rail staff did not help – one of the managers tried to intimidate me in front of a load of passengers because he was twice my size – he went quiet very fucking quick when I told him what was about to happen).
    Grayling was in charge of this debacle, and constant pressure from me and some passenger/rail delivery groups got him eventually removed from his position.
    Chris the failure, perfect for politics.

    • “he went quiet very fucking quick when I told him what was about to happen.”

      Ooh… that sounds a bit juicy Vern! What was about to happen?

      • For instance.

        ‘Right Mr fucking jumped-up attendant cunt. I’ve got a mating pair of Barking Toads in my underpants – which are , as you know ,an endangered species , close to extinction.
        This train isn’t going anywhere until they’ve conceived , and all this shouting and commotion is really putting them off.

        “So what are they doing in Stratford?” , you might ask.
        Well , these are not called Barking Toads because they come from Barking mate. It’s because they go woof! Now fuck off all of you. It shouldn’t take more than a few weeks.

      • Didn’t we have this nomination just a few days ago? Or is it me? I didn’t sleep well last night.

      • I explained that if he did not back up there “would be repercussions of a physical nature” RTC!
        Think that’s how I worded it..😄

  12. Bin off all of them in Westminster.As the Tango Man says drain the swamp.Pigs at the trough.Oink oink oink

  13. What I and am sure many others would like to know is who is actually doing the work these fucking mongs get paid zillions to do? None of them appear to be very bright in fact some past appointees to well payed government positions have not a fucking clue about anything they are supposedly investigating/fucking up what ever. Look at the House of Lords it really is a case of “I went on a train once” ok you can head the enquiry into rail franchises. Since when does having a short term experience make the person an expert? The shittiest system ever created by humans unless your in it

  14. I suppose that he only applied because he thought that “port” was that red bottled stuff.
    When he was asked at the interview if he knew much about ports his reply was
    “Oh most certainly. I’ve been a great port man for as long as I can remember. I’ve been round them all, don’t cha know. I dont believe there is any port that you care to mention that I don’t have an intimate knowledge of. Just ask any of the other Lords; they will tell you what a great port man I am. Seldom off it.

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