Lewis Hamilton [11]

A Woe Is Me, R U Disrespectin’ Me, Man? cunting please for prima donna getaway car driver Lewis Hamilton.

Very fragile little ego, our Lewis has. It seems a former racing driver Jackie Stewart isn’t prepared to bend the knee, and this upsets young Lewis:


He should write to Mr & Mrs Hewitt so they can condole with him. His ego needs a boost.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

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  1. Lawerence Fox summed this up, taking a knee in the UK is an act of submission, it has been so for centuries. This is why for an Englishman taking the knee is a for m of surrender and not a form support of a cause.

    Hamilton either doesn’t understand what it is to be English or he just isn’t English.

    • Well said Sixdog.
      Even if I agreed with a cause I wouldnt take a knee, nor would I bow to peer pressure, especially off a little gay bloke like Lewis Hamilton.
      Stick to driving and plaiting your hair Lewis
      Stop trying to make people bend to your demands ducky.

    • He lives in Switzerland and has an American accent. English? Not by a long chalk. Cunt? Absocuntinglutely.

  2. Up until Chicken George became a stiff, Hamilton didn’t bend the knee to anything or anyone. He didn’t give a shit what was happening in the ghetto streets of Harlem, Chicago, Baltimore etc.

    But now of course he has his own little virtue signalling hobby horse to ride on: and that if you don’t hop aboard and join him you’re an ignorant, bigoted racist cunt blah blah blah.

    It would be nice if he bought a second or third home in East Baltimore (Gangster’s Paradise), and mixed it with the drug runners, the hoppers, the kingpins, addicts, crackheads, alcoholics, the unemployed, the disenfranchised and other lowlife & lawless flotsam & jetsam.

    So come on Lewis, if you really REALLY cared about the bros, spend a year or two living with them (and no, I don’t mean donating cash while still living in Monaco or wherever.) Buy a small 2-up,2-down house with no security guards, no 12ft fences, no protection of any kind …. other than from the Baltimore police. But since you find them racist, perhaps you can ask the BLM mob to look after your interests instead!

    I await your response. Until then, shut the fuck up!

  3. He is the worst kind of uppity silvery moon. I never used to give a shit about people’s colour, but now I fucking hate them because of all this BLM crap. Hamilton is the worst kind: millionaire, lives in Monaco, does he really give a toss about da bredren back home?

  4. He is not English. He is just a spoilt little cunt in the fastest scalextric car. I consider Jenson button a better driver as he became champ in that old Braun car.

  5. I’ll take a knee for the Queen, I took one for Mrs CuntyMort when I did the question. I knew she was Miss right, I didn’t know her christian name was always.
    The rest can fuck off. Lewis if I’m a racist whitey, you on the other hand are a cunt of epic proportions.

  6. Therein lies the peoblem with this rancid little cunt. You don’t agree with his ‘crusade’, you’re racist. No, you uppity, spoilt, pandered-to cunt, we’re not. I couldn’t be racist in my line of work. I work with all colours, creeds and sexual denominations with no issues at all and every patient is treated (initially) with dignity and respect, but, the longer this utter cuntfest goes on, the constant denegrating of my countries history, the constant saint-like worshipping of a criminal, the constant feel guilty you racist white bastard, rhetoric by a vocal MINORITY, the more normal, tolerant, everyday people like me are going to turn racist. And that’s a very sad thing.

    • The problem is that it’s hard to tell if they are a vocal minority or not. If members of the black, silent majority (within a minority) do speak up they are probably silenced by being called uncle Toms.

      You are right though, this race baiting shite has to stop because not everybody is as rational-thinking and as tolerant as the next guy and could start hating people purely for being black and no good can come of that.

  7. From the headline photo Hamilton appears to be wearing somebody’s shorts “ tour” should surly read “TOOL”
    Never particularly liked Hamilton, always struck me as an uppity cunt ..
    Taking the knee is utterly pathetic but worse still is the clenched raised “ black power” fist even more so when do clueless white twat does it , can’t imagine people would support a “white power“ raised right arm Salute in the same fashion ?
    The whole shit show is being orchestrated by Marxist cunts aided and abetted by soros and woke libertard fools…….

    • They used to show support to white power with a right arm raised salute.
      They were followers of Hitler and called Nazis. Our country fought against the tyranny, and saved black people from extermination so that they could show gratitude by slagging us all off.

      Thank you for your service. I am grateful for your efforts and sacrifice no matter what cunts like Hamilton think.

  8. This fucking idiot has lead the most privileged and also the most polluting lifestyle possible but we’re the cunts apparently….

    • Pity he didn’t marry Sparkletits. They could have had a baby, which could have turned out black or white – depending on how much virtue signalling can be ringed out of it.

  9. Put this cunt up against peak period Hunt, Lauda or Senna and they would have laughed the little cunt straight off his go kart.


    • If we can agree that Schumacher was an outright fucking cheat , then nothing that has come post-Senna has any relevance to speed and the pursuit of racing perfection.

      Richard Seaman was Mercedes best ever driver.

      If Jackie Stewart was the dancer Nureyev , then Hamilton is Wayne fucking Sleep – and twice as gay.

      • Have your Sunday lunches and walks been put on hold because of lockdowns Mis? Boris has said socially distanced flashing is ok but the ‘Rule of Six’ still applies.

      • No mate, Boris can get t fuck.
        He can tell it too his boyfriend Dominic Cummings.
        Just got back from a hill walk but having the sunday roast at home as ive just shelled out at the garage.
        Its all bollocks to me LL
        Im led by their example!

      • Is that flashing 6 times in one sitting?or is borises rule of six flashers all together?they keep changing the corona so very confused/also why arent there any fit female flashers?

  10. The sooner this gobshite hits a brick wall at 200mph the better, I have more fun driving a truck,
    Fuck off fagot

  11. Attention seeking little poof. It’s about time he came out, the cunt isn’t fooling anybody.

  12. I had the pleasure of meeting Sir Jackie. He is most definitely not a cunt.

    I wouldn’t cross the road to meet Hamilton. He talks about obstacles in life but he used to turn up at the kart races with the most expensive kit – much more than the other kids had.

    • Hamilton wouldn’t have the minerals to front Stewart face to face.

      Imagine him calling Jackie a “racist bigot!” He’d be on his arse before he had chance to finish his sentence.

    • I have also met Sir Jackie. An absolute gentleman who took the time to stop and chat with people, take photographs and sign autographs.

      Nice bloke.

  13. “Just remember, there’s a big difference between kneeling down and bending over…”
    Frank Zappa

    • Too true! Kneeling down, you just have to take the big black cock in the upper pucker instead of the lower pucker. BBCM!!! 🍆👉👄 (✊♠)

  14. When Lewis is popping the champagne he is celebrating his own inner worth and moral integrity.

  15. It sounds to me like Hamilton is a spoilt, self-absorbed little cunt. The fact he fired his Dad as his manager in 2010 just says it all for me. Don’t care why he did it, there is no excuse.

  16. Short odds for Cunt of the Year.
    We must honour this cunt with the ultimate award, a place on The Wall, asap.

    • She’s probably being told to check her privilege, whatever that gormless phrase means.

    • Yes, he conveniently forgotten he’s a half cast. I’ve noticed this trait in half casts, they all wanna be blek innit. No idea why, unless you love the attention.

  17. The last time whites knelt for blacks at Rorkes Drift, wasn’t it? And that didn’t end well for both sides then as it won’t now.

  18. Methinks wee Hamilton should take a care when insulting Sir Jackie. Sir Jackie is a dab hand with a 12 bore as well as being a damm fine chap. Hamilton is just a bandwagon jumping cunt. As stated in previous comments this sudden epiphany Hamilton appears to have experienced is laughable to say the least. Never heard much about the ghetto bros before. May I suggest he finds some dopey white model to shag and returns to being a normal type of cunt for someone in his position. The World will thank him I’m sure.

  19. I don’t give a fuck what this pathetic little rich kid says or does. The fact that there are millions of poor white people who have far more in common with the ‘oppressed’ folk he lionises would be totally lost on him. He’s a fucking knob, in a boring sport that is about as exciting as watching some cunt playing an Xbox.

  20. Sir Jackie was also a world champion clay shooter.
    The only thing Hamilcunt shoots is his mouth or his teeny todger.

    Lewis- named after C.S.Lewis?
    Wardrobes, narnia😉😉😉

  21. This utter twat has always got on my wick and even more so with each passing year for being a bandwagon jumping woe is me uppity cunt.
    He used to be a gangsta too, innit.
    Best ignored however many titles he wins.

  22. A good cunting and long overdue.
    This Wanker is a champion of Black lives matter issues and a crusader against rascist whitey.

    I’ll remind fellow counters that his Formula one car is made by Mercedes (The same firm who made Hitler’s parade car and helped make Nazi tanks) and he is sponsored by Hugo Boss (The same firm that designed and manufactured the infamous black SS uniforms and used slave labour extensively to produce them)

    Maybe the cocky little cunt should be dragged around the Auschwitz memorial museum and reminded of the atrocities his sponsors commited in the past before taking ‘the knee’ for Black lives Matter.

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