So I am 60+ year old who has just ordered, amongst other things, a shitty £4 window scrapper from Tool Station. I then get an email stating my order contains an “age restricted product” and I now need to send a copy of my driving licence or passport within 24 hours to some bollox email address or they won’t deliver it.

What a fucking nonsense. So I can send them a copy of my passport, or any other fuckers I find on the internet, they will then deliver the scrapper, irrespective of what spotty adolescent opens the door and takes receipt of it.

The fact I paid on credit card, for which you need to be 18, seems to be neither here nor there. What bell end fires off copies of his passport to fuck knows who, risking identity theft, for a £4 scrapper.

Now I know why they are called Tool Station, because they are a bunch of tools. CUNTS.

Nominated by: Sideline Sid

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  1. What the fuck is a “window scrapper”? Just put a brick through it and save yourself some money. Cunts round here do it for nothing.

    • Sid, email them back refusing due to data security, you paid by credit card so your purchase should be insured?
      Get your money back.
      To many cunts asking for personal details theyve no right too, they sell it on to these marketing profiler fuckers.
      Cheeky cunts.

  2. Some little chit of a lassie in the Chemists started asking me all kinds of questions when I wanted to buy some aspirin (I put them in the first-aid kits)…I told her to fucking keep them and just bought several smaller boxes at the cheap shops.
    I don’t need fucking Nanny keeping me “safe”…I’m enough of a Cunt to manage that myself…besides, I’d imagine that if someone had wanted to take an overdose they’d have just done the same as me…gone to a few different shops.

    • The stupid thing is you don’t even need to go to different shops. I wanted to buy 6 or so boxes of paracetamol for the house and simply paid for them 2 at a time at the same shop. They weren’t about to turn down a sale and told me this was the easiest way to do it. I appreciated both their candour and not having to traipse to 2 other shops.

    • This is one that get’s on my pisser Dick. You can only buy 32 paracetamol from one chemist at a given time. But I could go to Superdrug, Boots and Tesco and buy 32 in each, all of them within 100 yards, if I was desperate to overdose.

      The cunts have just made it cost £2 rather than £1.

      As for passports, it seems every fucker wants it for ID. I too don’t see why they should have it. When Amazon was delivering alcohol to me, the missus answered the door and had to prove her identity and that she was 18. She’s 41 I would think it’s bloody obvious she’s over 18.

      It seems they have to complicate everything in our interests!

      • I had it too with the cunts at Amazon.
        I was asked for id for a bottle of whiskey.
        I am 47 and fucking bald.

    • Dick you are aware UK farmers have a all time high rate of suicide?
      and your post has triggered admin to put you on suicide watch?
      You cant go anywhere onsite unless accompanied by two other posters!

    • Dick-thanks yo our lovely nanny state, you are not allowed to give out any pain relief medication to an employee.
      Sad but true.

  3. You get the same bollocks with online shopping supermarkets and booze.

    You add lager or whatever to your shopping basket, and you’ll be told in no uncertain terms that age-verification is required on delivery, even though I’m paying by credit card online.

    The point here though is that it is illegal for under 18s to BUY alcohol, or for adults to buy booze on behalf of kids. So me buying booze online os legal.

    However, the law then states “It is legal for a child aged five to 16 to drink alcohol at home or on other private premises. This does not mean it is recommended. We strongly advise an alcohol-free childhood, as recommended by the Chief Medical Officers.”

    So kids could in theory take delivery of the booze I bought from Morrisons or Spasda, and they could quite legally drink it, even if they’re 5 years old ffs!

    Load of bollocks

  4. Sid, are you really sure that you are old enough to purchase this item? You claim to be 60+ but start your nom with fucking “so”. I personally think that the cunts were right to ask for verification.

  5. A mate of mine was a victim of identity theft – a car loan bought in his name. It took him ages to sort it out because he started receiving parking fines, speeding tickets, etc. Eventually the police spotted the car on CCTV and the thief was arrested.

    My mate reckons that it started by his handing his passport over to some Doushka at the reception desk of a hotel. Some London hotels ask for ID so beware.

  6. At our local supermarket you have to “prove” you are “25 or older” to buy booze of sort – despite the fact the legal age to drink is 18. It seems t be another of those stupid offensive “rules” which are introduced to infantalize grown men even more every day. “Rules”, “the guidance” fuck the lot of them – one of the advantages of getting to 16 (15 in my day) was that you leave fucking school, and the finger-wagging cunts who run the places no longer have any jurisdiction over you.

  7. What is it with this ID and sign up to order shit online? It’s the future… I’d much rather go into a shop and buy it off some fat old miserable (probably racist) cunt who knows what he’s on abaaaaht.
    Screwfix are cunts as well…although they had some sexy college type birds in there.
    Toolstation can go fuck themselves.

  8. welcome to the abnormal new mormal where every transaction becomes a 6 month long investigation and your data is stolen and your personality/humanity is destroyed – all implicated in this tyranny are cunts – especially the behavioural insights team

    • Data won’t be stolen by the control freak fuckers of bloody “Test & Trace” – in 3 areas (to start with) it is being GIVEN to the police so PC PLod can go round and check if you are “self isolating” – and if you’re not…..

      I would have expected this under Corbyn or Granny Starmer, but a Conservative government??

      On Wireless 4 news at 0800

      • I don’t do it. Just say I don’t have a phone, then fill in false details on the paper form.

  9. The name says it all: full of tools. Screwfix just as bad – not allowed in unless you have already ordered online: needles to say, if I am going to have to order online first, I may as well buy it off ebay.

  10. In Inverness a long time ago I needed some methylated spirits for my camp stove. Supermarket at the cleaning aisle? Nothing. Hardware store near the paint? No, they say you’ll have to go to a chemist. Eh? At the chemist the main man comes out and grill me about what I’m using it for. Turned out it’s a controlled substance as the locals will actually drink it!!! Are things that bad in Jockland?

  11. Whenever i’m confronted with this bollox i usually say to whatever cunt i’m speaking to ‘ is your company prepared to pay me £500 for said private information’ if not you can fuck off and i’ll take my business elsewhere, G’day cunt.

  12. Bugger. I was planning to hijack a passenger jet by waving a window scraper at the cabin staff, and get them to fly it into the Houses of Parliament. Seems that this is going to be harder than I thought…

    …oh fuck. I appear to be on a watch list.··.

  13. I replied to the email telling them to fuck off and needless to say I never got my scrapper. However they sent everything else and refunded the scrapper….. So, if you want something small from Tool Station but don’t reach the required £40 minimum for free delivery, just add X windows scrappers to make up the order, tell them to fuck off and await the delivery and refund…….. CUNTS

  14. Whenever I go into a chemists and ask for “Co-codamol” they go through the same old ritual:
    “Are they for yourself?”….
    No there for my 6 week old grandson who’s teething
    “Have you taken them before?”
    Yes and I had such a bad reaction to them that I spent 3 weeks on life-support in ICU.
    “Don’t use them for more than 3 days as they’re highly addictive”
    No problem, I’ve been prescribed full-strength codeine for the last 17 years so I only use these (Co-codamol) for mild pain. I’m also on gabapentin which has now been re-classified as a controlled drug ( and has been referred to in the gutter press as “prescription Valium”) despite it giving me no “high” whatsoever.
    I’ve had more psychotropic effects sniffing watercolour paints from an art shop.
    The final straw was when the dispensing assistant said that she couldn’t give me them because the duty pharmacist was on her 2 hour lunch break.
    I said , “what’s the big deal?” All you do is hold the box up in the air to attract the pharmacist’s attention whilst calling out in a high pitched childlike voice “Co-codamol, Co-codamol”
    I ended up saying,”fuck this for a lark” and stormed out.
    PS: Do you know anyone who wants to buy any gabapentin?

  15. Once, whilst in the good ol’ USA a couple of years ago, we visited the local Publix store (prob equiv to Morrisons in UK) to get our initial provisions for our stay. Having endured a crazily extra-long day travelling, thanks to the legacy of Bin Laden and his chums, I fancied a bottle of plonk to relax that evening. I get to the till and the air-head checkout operator says, ‘ID please’. FFS, I was 63 years of age at the time; a mere 3 times the legal age to drink alcohol in the USA !!

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