Liverpool fans

Ok, they won some championship title thing, don’t know about it, not interested in football – but in the middle of the pandemic, what do they do? They all flock in their thousands to the stadium to celebrate, all leaping up and down and hugging and going on about how it’s the greatest day in their life and how special it is to their heart yada yada…Just like the Bournemouth beach invaders yesterday, a load of ignorant irresponsible cunts.

Oh and Sky news are also cunts (as per usual), for making this their lead story and going on about it for about ten minutes.

Nominated by: Mystic Maven


Liverpool fans

Are cunts. To be honest, anyone still watching the Premier League is a cunt due to them doing the black power salutes. But I digress.

One of the reasons given by many for not finishing the season yet, was that the Liverpool fans would break the rules and gather at the ground once they won the title. If you went on any football forum or thread before (and during ) the ‘restart’ , every one of these scouse cunts was saying, ”We’re not fuckK(goz)in’ stoopid laa, weez not gonna do dat yer just sayin’ it coz yooz just a sad ‘canceller’ innit calm down calm down deydoododondeydo” etc.

Well lo and behold, as soon as the fucking whistle blew to confirm the title, the fucking scally cunts turned up at Anfield in their thousands, as predicted by every cunt with more than one brain cell. Of course, that scouse cunt MP/Mayor or whatver his is (my research is flawless, but it was some scouse cunt) will be moaning again about how it’s affecting the scousers more than other soon once these pricks pass it on to other cunts.

Same with other protesting mobs lately and those asstwats at the beach. I don’t want to hear our ‘government’ moaning about the inevitable upcoming spike in the next 5-8 weeks or so. Perhaps if they’d forced the gutless cops to wade in and smash a few skulls and tell them all to fuck off home, a few thousand lives might’ve been saved? Just a thought, you useless cunts.

Yes, we need to get back to work and all that shite, but fuck me. This country is asking for it when the government allow this insanity to continue. No fucking point in any of this lockdown shite if this is allowed to go on because ‘racism’ or ‘celebration’ or ‘street party’ (lol). I might organise a mass protest because Wagon Wheels keep getting smaller. Who’s with me?

Piss off.

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

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    • When the inevitable Chinky Flu spike occurs the scouse cunts will be able to do what they do best- play the eternal victim.

      • Especially now with all this blm bollocks and taking the knee. I really don’t know how any normal, decent person can watch this festival of cuntishness.

    • You look through the dustbins for something to eat,

      You find a dead rat and you think it’s a treat,

      In your Liverpool slums.

      • Your Mums on the game and your Dads in the nick
        You cant get a job cos your so fucking thick
        In your Liverpool slums.

  1. My mate Ian supports this lot. He’s always been a cunt and therefore the cunting is valid. So thats enough said really 😁. I also know he will read this, which makes this reply all the sweeter!

  2. Fucking mouthy cunts.
    I would have suggested tear gassing the wankers but that would have brought tears to their eyes and we know how much the binraiders enjoy that.

  3. Didn’t the cunts set fire to the Liver building? They need to calm down calm down.

    • Yes they did, with stray fireworks. I get that they’re happy they’re team won ONE Premier league title, but it’s really no excuse for them being thick cunts.

      • It wasn’t a stray firework Quick Draw it was deliberately aimed at the Liver building.

  4. I’ve seen a shirt advertised with, besides the normal shit, the words “back on our perch.”
    Fucking cocky bastards. And then they wonder why everyone hates them.
    Fuck Hillsboro
    Remember Heysel!

  5. What an excellent pair of cuntings.
    Proof, if still required, of the outrageous stupidity and selfishness that pervades this “beautiful game”.
    But then is it surprising?
    Look at how they’ve got working men to idolise topknotted fairies, got them to pronounce surnames in a score of the most difficult languages despite encouraging illiteracy, got them to give insane money away, got them to subscribe to sky, got them paying the BBC, and all the while bending the knee and fisting a salute with one of the most staggering histories of racism in modern times.
    If fans are willing to swallow all that they must be utter, utter, utter cum gargling cunts.

  6. Football is the other excuse apart from religion for tribal warfare.
    Football is a way of filling the schedules
    Football is used to pacify the mindless masses
    Football is for mugs who like giving money to rich people

    Basically, football is a crock of shite – it’s an excuse for a riot, punch up, cop beating, breaking lockdown, arson and a good old spot of looting.

    I’ve enjoyed the ban during lockdown but unfortunately, it’s fucking well come back. They should have left it in lockdown. The world is better without it…

    • Every team looks like it’s from Zimbabwe.
      Including these moaning scouse cunts.
      Fuck off.

    • Simply put Dio, football is fun to a lot of people. It’s in theory at least supposed to be an escape from the awful realities of life and allow those same masses who are being ‘pacified’ to take a break from the rat race every so often – not unlike any other form of entertainment.

    • There’s also the fact that football is often the main focal point and uniting aspect of a community and the provider of a lot of jobs for people in local areas. Hate to say it Dio but you do seem to come across as a bit contemptuous and Mary Whitehouse-ish on this one.

      • Is that why Liverpool and Everton supporters kick the shit out of each other? Or is that because one is protestant and the other catholic?

        Either way, so much for uniting communities.

        As for the deprabaties of life, you’re beginning to sound like a BLM pamphlet…

        • And you’re beginning to sound rather stuck up, arrogant and pompous – not unlike your average modern day liberal, in fact. There are idiots in every walk of life and football fans are no exception But for all the media coverage they’re just that and are generally despised by the majority of us. Not that you would know that though of course – you believe what the MSM say and lump us all into the 80s football hooligan basket.

        • Anyhow, you must be really fun at parties. Should we ban all forms of entertainment on the grounds that they ‘pacify the mindless masses’ and distract them from the glorious revolution?

          • Anyone who knew anything about football would know there is very little trouble between Liverpool and Everton fans.
            Unlike the city of Glasgow, thankfully for the most part, there is no sectarian basis to the choice of supporting Liverpool or Everton. This has been the case for many decades.

        • Just to be clear Dio I respect greatly all you have done for the site, but this is the kind of rhetoric that the champagne socialist gits tend to use about the working classes – including football fans – who they think are beneath them. Don’t be like that.

    • This is not particularly Liverpool’s fault of course, but sport has always been one of my ways to have some escapism from a stressful career and all the political shite going on. It’s my time to switch off the brain for a few hours a week, which we all need from time to time.

      However, now they’re bringing politics (the left say it’s not about politics but about humanitarianism…what a crock of utter retarded shit!) into it and it’s fucking ruined it.

      Instead the of being able to switch off and relax, you’re bombarded with the media kissing BLM’s arse (anti white and anti Semite). Your favourite players giving black power salutes (started by Eldridge Cleaver…look up his quote about raping white women on Wikipedia) and being told you’re scum if you don’t agree with it all.

      I’m gutted that the cunts on the left (and the black supremacists) have fucking ruined sport too.


      • It’s hard to disagree with much of what you say Cunty, especially that bit about Bertie Blunt being a decent bloke!

    • Bread and circuses – it’s been the way of keeping the masses quiet for years.

    • Worse than the football coming was fucking, cunting Glastonbury repeats all over the telly over the weekend.

  7. If only HMS Antrim had shelled Liverpool back into the stone age, where its people belong, then all these cunts would be too preoccupied making fires and stealing each others tools to worry about Liveeghhpuul FC.

    • Know nowt about football, but know Bertie Blunt and BWC support Liverpool, and their the best of us, so alright by me.

      • Bertie Blunt seems a top bloke. The Liverpool fans I’m on about are the bellends who told us all that we need to restart as they definitely won’t go and have a huge 2 day street party during the pandemic once they’d win it. Even Klopp is pissed off with the cunts. No issue with them winning the league. Best team by a mile. But too many of their fans (not level headed ones like Bertie) are cunts.

        And don’t forget…who started the taking a knee shite in the UK first? I seem to recall Liverpool FC started the craze over here before the restart and protests/riots.

      • Bertie has still to explain the health issues that our beloved Percy had to endure at Christmas.

        • You still won’t let it go will you Guzzi! Alright, the little cunt nearly ended up in the oven but I’m reliably informed that he’s living very happily with the colony of wild parakeets in Stockport. Says he’ll be back when the virus is beaten – fuckin’ fat chance of that!

          • What do you mean , he’ll be back , fuckin’ fat chance..
            You’ve hired Fiddler’s 40mm Bofors haven’t you!

    • They still do all that anyway. Give them this season it’ll shut the murdering cunts up for a bit.

  8. Liverpool is like most other cities, the centre looks quite nice, go out for a mile or two and it’s a shit hole full of cunts…
    Liverpool fans are like most other football fans, a bunch of cunts.

    • Ahem cough!!!

      A few miles? Two or three streets more likely.
      Which is why they obsess on footy.
      They were fuck all without Suarez and will be fuck all when Salah and the other forwards fuck off to Real Madrid and Barcelona.

  9. Scousers are a bunch of filthy bin dipping bastards. Thirty years since they won the league. Then they all go and mingle in the middle of a pandemic. Yeh good one. They were gurning their eyes out when people died from covid after the Atletico Madrid match. Lets hope it doesn’t happen again. Maybe they should have a referendum to leave the UK and found the People’s Republic of Liverpool.

  10. I am with you on the wagon wheels cuntybollocks, I can remember when they were at least 50% bigger

  11. Jurgen Klopp in that picture looks like he should be on a ‘Person of Interest’ Maddie McCann missing poster and Arsene Wenger is going for Best in Show at Crufts in his poodle years.

  12. I’m a Scouser and proud of it, although I don’t support LFC ,I was a blue, but after this BLM shite they too can fuck off
    I also drive a truck for a living and have worked All my life , indeed supporters are CUNTS

    • Yeah in 1990 he was still falling over in nappies before being sent off for his nap time.

  13. As Sir Alf Garnett said of them many many times, “Bloody scouse gits.”

    They are either whinging or boasting. 30 years of hurt and now they act like they are permanent champions. The current mayor is as bad as Derrick Hatton in the 80s thinks he runs a Republic.

    We are now in for an insufferable period of the lording of Liverpool, Klopp, the Kop, Tarby, Doddy, Fab Four, Uncle Tom Cobblers and all. Cunts.

    • Doddie apparently has two lesser known Diddy men – Diddy Pay and Diddy Fuck.

      Heard tonight the the footie cunts are going to set up a scheme to bring more BAME trainers into the game. This is apparently to promote equality.

      White men need not apply. The hypocrisy, irony and stupidity know no bounds…

  14. Amid all the BBC arselicking let’s not forget that this cunt club tried to furlough 200 employees before they were embarrassed into a u turn.
    Let’s also not forget that their wimminz team has just been relegated from the Superleague and most of their players left because of lack of financial support from this cunt club.
    And, of course, never forget Heysel.

  15. A lot of the dislike of L.FC. is envy from fans of smaller clubs. As there looks like no credible opposition, that envy won’t be going away for a few years. They have won the league and congratulations. Football isn’t in a good place and generally has suffered from this Black Vandals Matter shirts, empty stadia, salutes for the ex-con Floyd junkie, and genuflecting on the pitch like a Keir Starmer weirdo.

    • You can even buy those shirts with Black Lives Matter emblazoned on the back now. No football fan would wear one.

      • Pity. Black Lives Matter is a quality player. That volley he scored from Black Lives Matter’s assist was something special.

    • No a lot of dislike of LFC is down to the last 30 years of them going on and on about their history. Then there’s Heysel, Hillsboro and the issues Liverpool fans cause everywhere they go. The media love in with LFC, the 2014 champions shirts the cunts had printed up. Most of all they are the worst fans for saying we did this, we did that, like they think they even exist as far as the players are concerned.

      Another special night at Anfield….
      All the neutrals support LFC (no we fucking don’t)

      Sorry to the LFC fans among us that are not cunts but your team attracts cunt fans by the million.

      But that said LFC gave me one of my favourite moments of football, Stevie Me slipping over 😄

      The team has been brilliant this season they are deserved champions*.

      *In 2019/2020 season the world was hit by a pandemic, 500’000 dead at time of writing, no decent person gives a fuck who won the title.

  16. Wagon Wheels have always been a favourite of mine. And yes, they’re much smaller now than when I was a kid. Penguins too. Also, WWs used to come in 3 flavours. There was white marshmallow, chocolate and strawberry. Not sure they still make all three. Then there was the switch from being chocolate covered to a chocolate flavoured coating. Not the same thing at all. I think they may have gone back to chocolate again, if memory serves. I blame the scousers. 🙂

    • Afternoon IY, have you converted to US chocolate or can you get old favourites from Blighty over there? Yorkie bars for me – ‘Its Not For Girls’, imagine the shitstorm that would create today if they hadn’t scrapped it.

      • Afternoon LL –
        The Yanks can’t do chocolate. In the same way they can’t do beer either. Or cars. They make some radioactive brown sludge and call it Hersheys and claim it’s chocolate. But it’s not. It’s shite.

        Worked in a Yank office years back when they were going on and on and on and on and on about making smores with Hersheys chococrap. Next day I challenged them to a taste test. A section of proper UK Cadbury’s Dairy Milk versus a section of their swamp sludge Hershey’s. Everyone who took the challenge agreed the Cadbury’s was way better. Some said it was too sweet, but most agreed it was creamier, smoother and just tasted batter. So there you have it – conclusive proof UK choccie treats are better.

        Yorkie bars came out when I was a kid. Loved the ones with bits of biscuit inside. They don’t make them the same way now. Cunts. I blame the scousers. 🙂

        • Evening I.Y.

          Wagon Wheels, etc, aren’t really smaller than when you were a kid. They only look smaller cos you’ve got a lot bigger.

          It’s an optical illusion.

          That said, Jaffa Cakes are definitely smaller than they were 5 years ago.

          And kitchen towels have lost an inch in width – I had to buy a new kitchen towel holder thanks to such cuntishness!

          I might nominate them.

          • Evening RTC. How goes the battle?

            Optical illusion, eh? Sounds to me like the old joke about small hands make your cock look bigger. What can I say about my 2″ cock? Some girls like it that wide.

            You buggers are testing me today. Mentions of Yorkie bars and now Jaffa Cakes. It’s torture I tell you. Torture!

          • My cock has been a great disappointment to me lately I.Y.

            One thing I would add, however, is that McVitie’s milk chocolate digestives are pretty much the same as ever, which is something to be grateful for in these troubling times, I think you’d agree.

            Now off to cook tonight’s blowout. I may be some time….

          • RTC – I see you correct re. McVitie’s choc digestives. Mrs. Yank has recently developed a hankering for chocolate Hobnobs. They appear to be the same as when first introduced.

            Like your self, I too mourn the shrinkage of Jaffa Cakes.Single bite size now. For shame. For shame.

    • I’ve got to say, Penguins weren’t half as nice when they switched from chocolate flavoured coating to real chocolate coating.

      • But what about the sherbert fountains!

        Sherbert dib dabs and big dipper sherbert.

        Not to mention rainbow sherbert at 15p a quarter.

        You bloody sherbertists!


  17. Yu wot ! Heysel woh waz da ? We neva charged an killed any eyeties by breakin da wall down. The bizzies le tu many in a Hillsbora, every Liverpuul fan ad a ticket honess.
    Thick as shit, even set fire to their biggest landmark celebrating.
    Yaaaaaaaawwwwn. 🤔

    • They have a landmark?

      I mean, apart from the historic pile of TWOCed and burned out cars?

  18. I’m surprised that wagon wheels haven’t been labelled as “black wheels of slavery” considering the frontier imagery and all that. Yeehaw.

    • That’s a good point, Cuntflap. I must be a racist for eating them. I’ll turn myself in immediately for re-education and punishment.

      • Of course, there is whiteness inside each one..
        Fuck, that doesn’t sound any better does it?

      • See Film 4 are showing “Girls’ Trip” tomorrow. It’s ok for darkies to white up, but not for whiteies to black up. Have I got that right?

        • Yes. The hypocrisy is part of the message. As is, only white people can be racist. Didn’t you get the memo titled ‘Whites Should Feel Guilty For Breathing’.

  19. The one question to shut these work shy, drug addled, wide eyed fuckers is this – when will there be justice for the 39 ?
    The ones not in the know will just scream about how they won the league. The ones in the know will say they had nothing to do about it. It was Chelsea fans etc

  20. I am from Liverpool and support LFC. Anybody who doesn’t like this is clearly a racist. I feel a claim coming on….

    • Do you have support for a shit football team that isn’t your fault? Then simply call LawyersUnited4U for free on 0800 14 30 61. It’s no win no fee, and we can provide you with top class counselling and major financial compensation for your dreadful affliction.

  21. It doesn’t matter which franchise of overpaid cunts wins, the outcome would be the same.
    These franchises are fuckall to do with the cities they inhabit and everyfucking thing to do with greed and disparity with the dull cunts that pay to watch whether by robbing TV subscription or ticket. They will let the clubs that really matter to their community go to the wall, such as Bury, as long as they can keep their snouts in the trough.
    They fucking sicken me. A plague on the cunts. Some cunt should use the fuckers as water cannon practice as they take the knee in honour of a fucking criminal.

  22. The sound of tens of thousands of milksop Liverpool fans wailing “You´ll Ne-ever Walk Alone” makes me want to puke. However, what infuriates me even more is that my team, Celtic, decided to “adopt” this dirge as well a couple of years back. If you think it´s painful in Scouse then be thankful you´ve never heard it “sung” in broad Glesga. Mind you nothing is as bad as the Alexander Brothers – the Liverpool link is that Jack Alexander is a ringer for Kenny Dalgleish – singing “Nobody´s Child” even the Sydney Devine version. If you don´t believe me listen to this.

    • You truly have my sympathies Polly. I’d rather listen to the Flabbot having sex than listen to that.

      • You have my sympathies for following Celtic. Those paedo harboring, Provo worshipping shitcunts need their own fucking cunting.

        • The floor is open to you Flexy but I reserve the right of reply if you support the Huns.

  23. Could Andy Murray be any more of a kneeling, band-wagon jumping Scotch git?
    Come to think of it, I’ve just realised that the Williams sistahs haven’t said anything* about BLM since this j1gga-lovin’ fest began.
    You’d have though they’d be first in the queue.
    * I saw a sooty spouting on which could have been Serena Williams. Or Anthony Joshua, they look the same.

    • Evening Thomas, maybe Mr T didn’t think it was a good look to be shouting about being an oppressed black while being a multi-millionaire tennis player, fashion designer, working mom and all-round fabulous sassy sista. But it hasn’t stopped Lewis Hamilton. Or Anthony Joshua. Or Raheem Sterling, Stormzy and Michael Jordan.

      • Evening LL, I wonder if Lewis Hamilton’s mum is upset that he doesn’t ackowledge that he’s half non-cannibal, the ungrateful mulatt0 cunt.
        The only non-uppity savage in the UK in 2020 is Floella Benjamin. And probably Derek Griffiths.

          • Good point RTC.
            I’d much have him in the country than some ghastly white jobless council-house type.

        • Derick (Derek) Griffiths=fucking legend. Do you reckon he was banging Hamble or Humpty?

          Just to prove I’m not a total cunt, in my hoof I would have banged that lil’ black Sista off Blue Peter -Diane?
          Do you reckon she would have given me a Blue Peter badge if I made her “sploosh”?
          Looked good next to my Jim fixed it for me badge- but that’s a whole different story!


  24. They have been cunts for years.

    Watch this clip thousands of fans turning up ticketless. Watch the surge as one fan makes it in. This was 1986.

    It’s as if Heysel had never happened and Hillsborough never could.

    Blameless in either, no. Totally guilty for one certainly Is one forgotten totally. Have a wild guess which one. Did thousands of ticketless, Liverpool fans turn up on April 15th 1989 And exacerbate any problems almost certainly if Wembley 86 is anything to go by.

  25. ‘Yeah there’s a virus going around killing people, but what does that matter when we’ve won the league?’
    No-one searching for intelligent life on Earth would seek out football supporters, and that goes double for scousers, They used to talk about their fairness and sense of humour, but I’ve been on their ground when they were losing to my local team and I can tell you it’s a load of crap.

  26. The actions witnessed the other night isn’t just a Liverpool thing though, it’s all due to an utterly embarrassing “lad culture” that we have in this country which revolves around heavy drinking and generally acting like a cunt and when somebody calls them out on their behaviour they try and make the same old excuse “it’s just banter”

    No it’s not just banter it’s a loutish subculture which has been an embarrassment to Britain for years, grown men(and women) whose lives revolve around binge drinking and vulgar behaviour.

    I used to work on the doors and I used to witness this behaviour every Friday and Saturday night, god help the country when the fucking pubs open this weekend and these twats are all out on the piss.

    • If I worked in an A&E department I’d be tempted to book annual leave. Dirty fucking cunts need higher odds of carking it.

  27. Does anyone else check their pockets when they hear a scouse accent, or is it just me?

    • Spread by pigs apparently. I told them there’d be consequences of going down on one knee.

      • Evening Bertie, congratulations on Pool winning the title, not partying too hard I hope.

        • Greetings LL. ‘Tis indeed a grand time but I can only agree with others about how brain dead some of the fans are. Who do you support – Grantham Town or Boston Utd? As a boy,I used to support a non league team and we used to play both clubs.

          • I live near Grantham now but am from Peterborough, so The Posh, if you have ever visited London Road …er..well…at least its in the city centre.

            Fiddler and the Cap are having a right ding dong on the other nom! Make a note not to put them on the same table at the end-of-year IsAC COTY’s.

            Alas we’ve had to step in and call it a tie. Play nice please – admin

          • I must go back to update. It’s been going on for some time hasn’t it? Two cunters at the top of their game! 😀

          • Evening again, LL. So a Posh fan, eh? Good lad. I lived in Sawtry for a few years way back. Me and my mate used to go to see Posh play. Back then they had some young lad keeping the punters entertained before kick off by playing keepie uppie. He was actually quite good. Used to love the games versus Cambridge Utd. Feisty is not the word.

          • As of 10.36pm they’re still arguing back and forth.
            I mean it’s entertaining and everything, but it’s not going to end well.

            I can’t quite understand what the fixation is with caravans, rabbit hutches and shitting in a bucket though and trying to guess each other’s job.

            Bit like an IsAC version of Guess Who:
            Is he a farmer?
            Does he live in a caravan?
            Does he shit in a bucket?

          • Cap’n made a crude swipe at farmers and Dick came straight up for the fly. Farmers can be a sore point here, one or two other professions are also off limits!

          • ‘one or two other professions are also off limits!’

            Which ones? So I don’t ever put my foot in it.

          • It’s like watching two heavyweight fighters box themselves to a standstill! 😅

          • I do like the language being used though.

            I’ve been a member of a few different forums over the years and nobody has ever used such words as apoplectically, portentous, conjecture , hobbledeehoy.

            I wonder if Fiddler is secretly Ritchie Blackmore. The 15th Century pilgrim hat and cape fits.

      • Only reason any Englishman should take a knee is to propose, be knighted or if hes found a pound coin.

        Theyll never live that act of submission down

        • Taking to the knee and raising a fist is the 70s Black Panther Black Power symbol👎 Just like sheep they all now follow it 👎Fuck them all don’t do it 👎
          Englishmen don’t be sheep be Lions 👍👍

  28. If Liverpool is so great, why was one of the Liver Birds Welsh…

    And why are Liverpool shirts red? Is it so you can’t see the opponents blood splatters?

    I liked football when I were a lad. I lived next door to George Cohen. Ron Harris had a paper shop down our road. Can’t see Beckham selling papers, can you?

    I think that sums up why the game’s gone tits up. Money…

    • I lived near Sammy McIlroy during the 70s. A top bloke who always had time for the fans. Stuart ‘Pancho’ Pearson owned a newsagents near us in the 80s (again, a great lad), and my dad used to drink with John Fitzpatrick, Brian Kidd, and even George Best on occasion.

      Man City great, Neil Young was our milkman for a while too. They played football these men, but they were normal and decent blokes just like our dads. Now they are over inflated crybaby bellends. With every whim indulged and a penchant for chasing skanky orange skinned prossies. What’s more, they can’t even play the game that well or take a bollocking off the manager. And the taking the knee and black fascist salutes were the final nail in the game’s coffin.

      And one of the Liver Birds was Welsh. I quite fancied Nerys in those days.

    • The Liver Bird on the LFC shirt originally belonged to Everton. But, guess what? They nicked it.

  29. I’ve not been one for watching footballery on the television.

    When I was a child I’d kick a ball about occasionally with friends, jumpers for goalposts etc but didn’t much watch it or go to see it played at stadiums.

  30. A shame these brain dead mongs are behaving like cunts. As it’s the best side LFC have had in years I wonder what Shanks and a certain Mr Paisley would think of these wankers?

  31. Wonder if they’ll say the The Sun is lying about these antics?

    And there’ll be people in Turin watching their TVs and wryly going ‘Yeah’.

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