Bent Influencers

A pink and fluffy with frills cunting please for this bunch of weirdos, poofers and lesbians who describe themselves as “influencers”, but are really exhibitionist freaks.

Shame on the Evening Standard for lifting this particular paving stone of society to see all the camp little freaks crawling and mincing about underneath it. They almost make Julian Clary and Eddie Izzard look like Arthur Mullard.

Nominated by: W.C. Boggs

42 thoughts on “Bent Influencers

  1. These are the young millenials that have followers on facefook and fall from high places taking selfies arent they?
    Must be a generational thing because even as a young cunt I never wanted to be a camp hairdresser a shrill tranny or a daft yank who says everything is awesome.
    Why would you follow if you could lead?
    Be different dont Agree with everything,
    Be a non conformist,
    Think for yourself.
    Dont fall off high buildings or cliffs for a photo of yourself,
    Dont take the knee,
    Dont go vegan,
    Tell others to fuck off.
    Dont know if youll have many followers like,
    But youll be the real you.

    • I always wanted to be a shrill tranny but haven’t got the legs for it. Settled for being an obnoxious cunt.

      • Afternoon cuntstable,
        Yeah never acheived my youthful dreams either!
        Wasnt cut out to be a munchkin.
        Fuckin height restrictions.

    • It was fun watching her sniffles and eye dabbing, why I almost shed a tear mice elf.
      Parasitic cunt at that, get a job snowflake.

    • “I’m nothing without my followers, I’m noooothing” sniff, sniff.

      Absolutely fucking petrified she’ll have to get a normal job because she doesn’t want to go back to being a prostitute, and if trolls bad mouth her on soshal meejah she’s finished as she makes all her money as an influencer.

      That is a world that I just don’t recognise. I watched that clip and the kid looks like she could commit suicide on camera. She’s even sitting in the dark. It was truly disturbing and sad.

      • I don’t want to burst her bubble (actually I don’t care) but even with followers she’s nothing.

    • Sadly the rise of influencers is more evidence that the youth of today are to fucking lazy to think for themselves.

      The cheeky little tart got what she deserved…. although I would have been a little more economical with the reply, Fuck Off would have sufficed

    • Is that the silly little cunt that fit so superbly “counted” by Gerald Pauchsman?😂

    • 87,000 subscribers is nothing on Youtube.

      She’s a lazy toad-faced chav trying to blag free stuff.

      As for Stenson, his White Moose Facebook page was one of the few decent reads.
      Shaming fatties who complain about the food after cleaning the plate, as well as idiot vegans who were never there.

  2. Afternoon Wanksock!👍
    Good for him,
    Fuckin freeloader!
    Swanning through life without paying your way,
    Thats for royals and MPs only!

    • Evening MNC

      We mustn’t chat on here or KiwiCunt will get cross with us, but I hope all is well with you.

  3. There often a strange mix of uppity oil riggers, vegans and other assorted outcasts, the kind of cunts who make my arsehole grow teeth and my nose shutdown with the smell of tofu and cabbage falafel!, utter cunts to man and beast!

  4. Self obsessed poseurs who don’t know if they’re Arthur or Martha. I expect to see them all on the BBC before very long.

  5. The one in the middle looks like a trans Elvis impersonator at his/hers/their/they’s
    first bull fight in Pamplona – bad choice colour of outfit if that is indeed the case.


    What possible influence can these unemployable, degenerate w@nkers have on normal people?
    Who in their right mind would take note of anything freaks like the above might do or say?
    In my humble opinion they are clearly deficient between the ears as are the millions of cretins who follow them.
    Reopen the lunatic asylums and crank up the voltage on the ECT machines.

  7. A month on Dartmoor with a hairy arsed drill sergeant would give them a different take on life.

    • A month in Dartmoor sharing a cell with big daddy bear don’t know what it would do to them but the noises at night would be well funny.

  8. Never seem to influence anything of any importance. Load of bollocks and sad that some people are “influenced by these arsewipes. Fucking waste of resources should get exwankon extinction onto them. Plant a few trees on their patios or something radical. Sometimes it really does seem like a total waste of time…

  9. When the most interesting thing about you is that you are gay, you are one very dull cunt indeed

  10. Not all gays wear blouse’s and talk like they’re having their gonads twisted..
    Some of us are more Babs cabs.

  11. This lot have almost certainly been visited by the “Mental Elf”-life expectancy on a par with an ice sculpture of Enoch Powell at a faculty garden party hosted by Primacunta Gopal in Cambridge😂

  12. To me, there’s nothing wrong with poofery if you keep it behind closed doors.
    Ban pride marches and panto dames reading to schoolchildren.

    • P.s. I meant to say homosexuality. That clip of Windsor Davies makes me laugh.
      “Lovely boy” haha 😀

  13. The Evening Standard, the paper that describes Nicky Minaj as an Incredible lyricist.

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