Liverpool fans

Ok, they won some championship title thing, don’t know about it, not interested in football – but in the middle of the pandemic, what do they do? They all flock in their thousands to the stadium to celebrate, all leaping up and down and hugging and going on about how it’s the greatest day in their life and how special it is to their heart yada yada…Just like the Bournemouth beach invaders yesterday, a load of ignorant irresponsible cunts.

Oh and Sky news are also cunts (as per usual), for making this their lead story and going on about it for about ten minutes.

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Liverpool fans

Are cunts. To be honest, anyone still watching the Premier League is a cunt due to them doing the black power salutes. But I digress.

One of the reasons given by many for not finishing the season yet, was that the Liverpool fans would break the rules and gather at the ground once they won the title. If you went on any football forum or thread before (and during ) the ‘restart’ , every one of these scouse cunts was saying, ”We’re not fuckK(goz)in’ stoopid laa, weez not gonna do dat yer just sayin’ it coz yooz just a sad ‘canceller’ innit calm down calm down deydoododondeydo” etc.

Well lo and behold, as soon as the fucking whistle blew to confirm the title, the fucking scally cunts turned up at Anfield in their thousands, as predicted by every cunt with more than one brain cell. Of course, that scouse cunt MP/Mayor or whatver his is (my research is flawless, but it was some scouse cunt) will be moaning again about how it’s affecting the scousers more than other soon once these pricks pass it on to other cunts.

Same with other protesting mobs lately and those asstwats at the beach. I don’t want to hear our ‘government’ moaning about the inevitable upcoming spike in the next 5-8 weeks or so. Perhaps if they’d forced the gutless cops to wade in and smash a few skulls and tell them all to fuck off home, a few thousand lives might’ve been saved? Just a thought, you useless cunts.

Yes, we need to get back to work and all that shite, but fuck me. This country is asking for it when the government allow this insanity to continue. No fucking point in any of this lockdown shite if this is allowed to go on because ‘racism’ or ‘celebration’ or ‘street party’ (lol). I might organise a mass protest because Wagon Wheels keep getting smaller. Who’s with me?

Piss off.

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  1. The actions witnessed the other night isn’t just a Liverpool thing though, it’s all due to an utterly embarrassing “lad culture” that we have in this country which revolves around heavy drinking and generally acting like a cunt and when somebody calls them out on their behaviour they try and make the same old excuse “it’s just banter”

    No it’s not just banter it’s a loutish subculture which has been an embarrassment to Britain for years, grown men(and women) whose lives revolve around binge drinking and vulgar behaviour.

    I used to work on the doors and I used to witness this behaviour every Friday and Saturday night, god help the country when the fucking pubs open this weekend and these twats are all out on the piss.

    • If I worked in an A&E department I’d be tempted to book annual leave. Dirty fucking cunts need higher odds of carking it.

  2. Does anyone else check their pockets when they hear a scouse accent, or is it just me?

    • Spread by pigs apparently. I told them there’d be consequences of going down on one knee.

      • Evening Bertie, congratulations on Pool winning the title, not partying too hard I hope.

      • Greetings LL. ‘Tis indeed a grand time but I can only agree with others about how brain dead some of the fans are. Who do you support – Grantham Town or Boston Utd? As a boy,I used to support a non league team and we used to play both clubs.

      • I live near Grantham now but am from Peterborough, so The Posh, if you have ever visited London Road …er..well…at least its in the city centre.

        Fiddler and the Cap are having a right ding dong on the other nom! Make a note not to put them on the same table at the end-of-year IsAC COTY’s.

        Alas we’ve had to step in and call it a tie. Play nice please – admin

      • I must go back to update. It’s been going on for some time hasn’t it? Two cunters at the top of their game! 😀

      • Evening again, LL. So a Posh fan, eh? Good lad. I lived in Sawtry for a few years way back. Me and my mate used to go to see Posh play. Back then they had some young lad keeping the punters entertained before kick off by playing keepie uppie. He was actually quite good. Used to love the games versus Cambridge Utd. Feisty is not the word.

      • As of 10.36pm they’re still arguing back and forth.
        I mean it’s entertaining and everything, but it’s not going to end well.

        I can’t quite understand what the fixation is with caravans, rabbit hutches and shitting in a bucket though and trying to guess each other’s job.

        Bit like an IsAC version of Guess Who:
        Is he a farmer?
        Does he live in a caravan?
        Does he shit in a bucket?

      • Cap’n made a crude swipe at farmers and Dick came straight up for the fly. Farmers can be a sore point here, one or two other professions are also off limits!

      • ‘one or two other professions are also off limits!’

        Which ones? So I don’t ever put my foot in it.

      • It’s like watching two heavyweight fighters box themselves to a standstill! 😅

      • I do like the language being used though.

        I’ve been a member of a few different forums over the years and nobody has ever used such words as apoplectically, portentous, conjecture , hobbledeehoy.

        I wonder if Fiddler is secretly Ritchie Blackmore. The 15th Century pilgrim hat and cape fits.

      • Only reason any Englishman should take a knee is to propose, be knighted or if hes found a pound coin.

        Theyll never live that act of submission down

      • Taking to the knee and raising a fist is the 70s Black Panther Black Power symbol👎 Just like sheep they all now follow it 👎Fuck them all don’t do it 👎
        Englishmen don’t be sheep be Lions 👍👍

  3. If Liverpool is so great, why was one of the Liver Birds Welsh…

    And why are Liverpool shirts red? Is it so you can’t see the opponents blood splatters?

    I liked football when I were a lad. I lived next door to George Cohen. Ron Harris had a paper shop down our road. Can’t see Beckham selling papers, can you?

    I think that sums up why the game’s gone tits up. Money…

    • I lived near Sammy McIlroy during the 70s. A top bloke who always had time for the fans. Stuart ‘Pancho’ Pearson owned a newsagents near us in the 80s (again, a great lad), and my dad used to drink with John Fitzpatrick, Brian Kidd, and even George Best on occasion.

      Man City great, Neil Young was our milkman for a while too. They played football these men, but they were normal and decent blokes just like our dads. Now they are over inflated crybaby bellends. With every whim indulged and a penchant for chasing skanky orange skinned prossies. What’s more, they can’t even play the game that well or take a bollocking off the manager. And the taking the knee and black fascist salutes were the final nail in the game’s coffin.

      And one of the Liver Birds was Welsh. I quite fancied Nerys in those days.

    • The Liver Bird on the LFC shirt originally belonged to Everton. But, guess what? They nicked it.

  4. I’ve not been one for watching footballery on the television.

    When I was a child I’d kick a ball about occasionally with friends, jumpers for goalposts etc but didn’t much watch it or go to see it played at stadiums.

  5. A shame these brain dead mongs are behaving like cunts. As it’s the best side LFC have had in years I wonder what Shanks and a certain Mr Paisley would think of these wankers?

  6. Wonder if they’ll say the The Sun is lying about these antics?

    And there’ll be people in Turin watching their TVs and wryly going ‘Yeah’.

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