The “NEW” South Africa

As I type this thoroughly scathing cunting about the “new” South Africa I’m reminded of one major thing about rainbows, there is of course no white in a rainbow, you hear the easily led of the Marxist persuasion saying how awful Apartheid was.

Well in the “new” kaffer controlled South Africa they in a way have still got apartheid, because if you happen to white, you’re not African despite being born there, some of the Boer families go right back to the 1652 settlers.

Meanwhile in Blighty you fall off a rickety dingy and you’re pretty much made for life probably with fast track citizenship, and wo-be-tide any cunt who doesn’t agree, apparently the thick cunts have learnt nothing from neighbouring Rhodesia (called Zimbabwe now or something), chase off whitey, fucking starve and then beg them to come back.

I know a few white “saffas” and I can say they’re the most straight talking, honest and welcoming people I’ve ever met, white farmers are murdered on an almost daily basis, not just shot but tortured for hours by hoards of “tar brush cunts”. But do we hear about it on MSM, fuck no because they don’t give a flying fuck about whitey as long as M’Tebe doesn’t have to drink bison piss or walk a few miles for it,

I don’t know if it’s true but the late Rhodesian prime minister Ian Smith is rumoured to have “I told you so” engraved on his tombstone, the man knew the African inside-out and knew they were incapable of sophistication to pull off a first world economy, but was villianised by even their own kith and kin in Britain, so I’ll finish by saying the “new” South Africa what an absolute cunt to man and beast!

Nominated by: Captain Quimson

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  1. I went to SA in the mid 90s. Mandela was president, world cup won and we were full of optimism. It was all downhill from there. Elections meaningless as they will vote for a chimp if it’s ANC. And boy are they stupid, savage and corrupt. They could have prevented the Zim shit in 99 by pulling the plug on the cunts but didn’t, resulting in millions of refugees and even less law and order than before. Thieving and corruption are now the norm. 7 Rand to the £ in 95 is now over 20 Rand. The infrastructure is crumbling and they are worse off than under Apartheid. The transport staple, the mini taxi, is run by gangsters. The state industries have been milked dry. Murder and rape are so common as to hardly be reported. Driving standards are unbelievably bad.
    There are still good people there – white, Indian and coloured. But the majority are beyond redemption.
    The new SA. Soon to be the new Nigeria.

    • If you want to see a sweeping contract theres pictures of south African cities/ town before and after comparisons ,
      In the 50s and 60s a smart bustling presentable place on the rise to nowadays….
      Just a fallen statue of liberty away from a nightmare.
      “Get your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape”.

      • Afternoon Bertie.
        Yes, I saw it this morning and replied.☺
        Admin deleted it all.
        I asked him if his first wife left him due to him being boring or because he was on the sex offenders register.
        I like CS hes funny!

      • Did he mention his girlfriend is from Jamaica and black as the ace of spades 😂

      • Not this time Sickie,
        He hinted I was a toilet trader in the 70s!
        Cheeky fucker!😁
        I was born in 1970 so id of been a early developer, I’d not even got a beard back then.
        He does know where I live quite well though so he must be a outcast northerner.

      • Everyone knows New Mills MNC 😂

        I have been through there on train a couple of times but never put a foot on the platform.

        I got the impression that he isn’t that old, maybe in his 50’s but It was just a feeling.

      • Dunno, the pub he mentioned I know but dont remember a public toilets so maybe older than me, maybe in his 60s?
        He makes me laugh Sickie, right knobhead isnt he?😁

      • Yes you are right, need a degree in BS sometimes to understand what the hell he is on about 😂

  2. Take any country in Africa and it will be a war torn poverty strike shit hole. Europeans tried their best to civilize it but when they left the Africans went back to the dirt. Africa is so rich in natural resources yet president umbugo sells these of for a quick buck so he can build another Palace. They then have the cheek to blame whitey for colonialism. Get a grip pull your socks up and stand on your own two feet.

  3. It seems that as soon as de white bwana is driven off, the place goes to rat shit.
    Always complaining they’ve had their lands and livelihoods taken away. When in control of them and left to their own devices, they either can not, or will not look after themselves.
    The Kaffirs want that which the white man provided, but will not lift a finger to achieve it.
    Ok then, ship the white to the UK, that should please them, and in return we can ship those in the UK that identify as African back to them.
    Problem solved.

  4. My parents lived just outside of jo’berg in Edenvale I think then in Durban just south of Umdloti from 1990 to 1998 ish. They loved it out there and would have settled if my fathers job hadn’t been scuttled by the Affirmative Action and new government.
    The ANC promised everyone who voted for them a brand new beemer in the townships ( how they would have run the cunts went over their heads somewhat)
    Dad worked in the petrochemical industry and some of the stories he has are fucking priceless.
    One was how they light the gas powered tower or something, there is a name but fucked if I can remember, anyway there are loads of gas outlets that need lighting and it’s done in sequence.
    Open valve – light gas – move onto next one.
    So on and so forth till circle completed and all are alight then get the fuck out and turn up to full.
    This person of colour who got given the job after two weeks training decided that doing it one by one was far too time consuming so one morning he went round and opened all the valves up before lighting them.
    On the last valve and upon lighting a match his face must have been a peach when all the escaped gas ignited in one go creating a fire ball the likes no one had ever seen at the plant. He went down in infamy ( or up you could say) all they found where a few bones and a pinky ring and some teeth.

    • Mate of mine from Zim told me that two “workers” on his uncles farm broke an anvil!! Told this tale years ago still cannot fig out how to break an anvil. Swore the story was true.. Wonder what would happen if a rib full of poor white South Africans turned up on the beach at Folkstone

  5. It is about time someone challenged the MSM for its anti white bias.
    Now concerning South africa, white liberals, ( the same sort who run the media) wanted apartheid abolished.
    So thanks to them in the new bright South africa , thosands of whites are killed. Atleast during apartheid whites contolled the army and police, so where able to protect the population.
    Now thanks to are white liberal cunts whites are very vulnerable.
    Remember when mugabe was killing white farmers, Thabo Mbeki in South africa said fucking nothing. His silence spoke volumes, of what would eventually happen in South africa. Blacks often talk of white silence, well what about mr Mbeki ?.

  6. I have mentioned before but it bears repeating. A vast number of white SA sportsmen are leaving the country and heading for The U.K., Oz or NZ for the sake of their families. Hampshire CCC is very SA heavy. I have met a few of the lads , good blokes,enjoy a beer, love the game and are sickened by what is happening in their country.

      • You didn’t have to say Perth,Oz. Who the fuck would try to escape a shithole with the aim of getting to Jockland?

  7. Difficult for me to comment on this cunting without sounding like a white separatist but I’ll try.


    Nope best I keep silent on this one.

  8. Sub Saharan cunts are incapable of forming complicated stable societies. Wakanda will never exist, as they are far too thick ,and now the yellow cunts are taking over

  9. Excellent cunting. I’ve South African friends who are lovely people. They come over here every couple of years and are now looking to move permanently because their country has gone to shit. I’ve never been and would never want to visit a place where you’re encouraged to stay within a gated compound for safety. A friend married a South African and after staying there for 6 weeks said ‘it’s actually not bad, in six weeks we were only mugged once’.

    It’s tragic that we constantly have to hear about ‘diversity’ in this country, yet in SA it’s acceptable to be anti white. Some of the acts of violence against whites is truly sickening and we hear nothing. The white race built SA and made it into a thriving wealthy country, it looks as if it’s going back to being another African shithole.

    • Cunta its also acceptable to be anti white in the uk. It is never challenged. If a white bloke farts there is mass hysteria, yet not the other way around.

    • I think we may have found our solution to the white BLM supporters.

      Ship them off to South Africa and import the white South Africans on a one in, one out basis.

      Go and live with your pets ANTIFA. you will have a life expectancy equal to that of a KFC bucket at Diane Abbott’s place.

  10. With its size and natural resources the African continent could be the richest in the World, but tribal infighting, greed, incompetence, dereliction of duty, corruption, violence and religious brutality makes sure its people are constantly in hand to mouth day to day poverty, just like before whitey showed up.
    The Western World does not care as long as they keep buying weapons and expensive cars, and hand over our money, involuntarily, to fund islamic savages and warlords so western Governments can take the moral high ground.
    Shut the borders to the west, stop aid payments and let them rot until they run their Countries properly – doing what we have done has not worked.

    • Africa left to its own devices will always be a shitshow. All the white man’s fault, of course.

      • Apparently so if you believe the likes of Françoise Marie.
        Never knew Jesus was supposedly Ethiopian. Puts a different perspective on the Lords Prayer “Our father, where the feck are you? M’tebe is thy name?” etc.
        Loads of clap like this on t’internet. A re-write of history you could call it except most of the dârkie “facts” weren’t written at all. It’s all unsubstantiated bollox peddled by the usual racist black studies agitators. Most of Africas history is based on thousands of differing oral tribal tales & traditions which are as reliable as an e-mail from Lagos saying send £5000 now and they’ll send you your winnings from the Nigerian state lottery you never entered.

  11. ‘Until they run their countries properly ‘ I think that you will be waiting a very long time for that to happen.

  12. The most telling point in the nom is the fact that after 350 years white South Africans are not regarded as indigenous. Why? Because they are not.

    If it applies there then surely it follows after 60 years there’s little chance of non whites being seen as Brits by a large portion of our own indigenous population.

    It would seem to be the same all over the world where there is a large influx of migrants.

    In South Africa today black South Africans are not so welcoming of black migrants from other states.

    Seems it’s universal for resentment to build when a large influx of migrants arrive from other countries. This was a driver of Brexit. Locals fe up with the amount of Eastern European’s flooding into the country.

    Draw your own conclusions, maybe xenophobia is a natural reaction to mismanagement of immigration?

    • Spot on! 350 years of whitey in South Africa but they don’t belong despite improving every aspect of the place. Third world shit arrives here, drains resources of the welfare state, contributes sweet fuck all, cannot be bothered to learn the language or accept our standards and yet Whitey is racist for pointing this out. We are meant to bend the knee and chant ‘Diversity is our strength ‘ . Fuck that!

  13. The majority of the murders and practically all the rapes in SA are black on black. The BLM cunts should reflect on that.
    When Zulu clans fall out, which happens regularly, the killings include children and grandparents. Perhaps BLM might want to look at that too.
    Black immigrants from further north – kwerekwere – are routinely murdered in horrific ways. More food for thought for BLM.

  14. Get a South African bloke in my local occasionally. Been here twenty years, can’t loose the accent….

    Bleck lives metter….

  15. My goodness you must be constipated again uncle. You should eat more vegetables.

    • Wow….what a devastating comeback…it’s well seen that you’re too clever for Mensa…don’t know if I can recover from such a cutting retort but this thick yokel’ll give it a try…
      After your last attempt at being smart (The Irrelevance of The Labour Party..if anyone wants a laugh) I actually felt sorry for you and decided to stop making you look any more ridiculous than you make yourself appear. You,however, like so many stupid yappy little dogs, forget your manners and decide to push it again…well,that’s fine by me.

      I have noticed that you can learn a lesson…your tedious accusations of incest and child abuse seem to have dried up….or do you save them for when you get in a Farmer’s face and tell him that he’s a “Cunt” ? LOL

      • Why are you so worked up? You sound off on here all the time against “plebs”, “fat birds” and “homós” (especially homós – sometimes methinks you doth protest too much) yet go apoplectically sensitive on anything bumpkinesque.

        I never said I was too clever for MENSA, merely that they have some odd members. I’ve said this before but you conveniently ignore it. Could you try to remember it, please.

        Furthermore, this talk of “defeating me” is embarrassing, isn’t it. Are your delusions starting to affect your senses? Come on, you’re a grown man (or woman).

      • Will you two behave? You’ll wake admin up, no one wants that. We don’t abuse other cunters on here, there’s a corner for that.


        Go and shoot some wildlife, it will relax you.

        Captain, some nut cake may help?

      • I may rant on about plebs,fat birds and homos but I don’t wish them dead….as for the “sometimes me think you do protest too much”…I certainly don’t rant on as hard as you used to do ( before you made a fool of yourself and had to beg Admin for another chance) about child abusers and incest….does your “protest too much” apply to you in the same way ?

        I quote from your Mensa nom…. “Recently I had an invitation to a MENSA pub gathering in London and, as I always found those daft tests unchallenging (which shape is next, foodstuff anagrams, doable maths), I went along.”
        No,of course you didn’t claim to be too clever for Mensa,eh?

        Let’s be honest,you’d have been crowing too if you’d managed to make some pompous blowhard with an inflated idea of his own intelligence cry,wouldn’t you?

        You now tell me that I should act like a grown man while also suggesting that I’m a woman? Yep…really grown up response that from yourself.

        Seeing as you’re so shy about your occupation, I’m going to guess….not a teacher but in education ?…

      • Ha ha, no, not education. Christ’s fat cock, who in the right mind would go anywhere near that leftie mafia.

        I don’t understand how your quote from the MENSA nomination corroborates you. Surely most people can identify the odd one out of shapes and numbers sequences. Can’t you? Perhaps you’re in MENSA and feel a lickle bit slighted.

        Noticeably you don’t chastise others when they talk of killing or ovens so your clutched-pearls indignation is embarrassingly selective. Are you so easily offended?

        You’re a trifle odd when you lose your humour and character and act all portentous. You should get out. Leave your caravan old chap, and go for an evening stroll.

      • “. Surely most people can identify the odd one out of shapes and numbers sequences.”….what a shame that the Mensa testers aren’t bright enough to see that. Imagine putting something so ridiculously easy in a Mensa test,eh?….Perhaps you can explain to them how stupid they are? ( maybe get in their faces and tell them what “Cunts” they are too…..just like you do with Farmers LOL

        You’re right that I don’t chastise others….because I don’t find them as pompous and arrogant as you….it really is that simple.

        Again the “caravan”…it really does bug you that Farmers have a better lifestyle than you,doesn’t it ? Sitting in your shitty Barratt-box, working some dead-end job (although given your reticence,I’m beginning to wonder if you do work…probably been fucked off from every job for being a know-all blowhard) and the only time you get out into the countryside is on your pushbike….having typed that I’m actually beginning to understand your jealousy of farmers.

        Go down to your B+Q shed..adjust the saddle on your bike to the angle that you enjoy…sit on it and quietly seethe about how unfair life can be.

      • Still on the MENSA nomination. So that’s where the shoe pinches, is it. Hmm.
        If you still don’t comprehend it, perhaps you shouldn’t apply for MENSA.

        Having a bike is the only thing you’ve said that’s correct and that’s only because I’ve mentioned it. Your conjecture is awful. Sometimes funny though.

        Why are you so níggled about the caravan. It sounds rather picturesque, your rustic meal for one in the old van, a supper of old sheep’s head and lonely pigs’ trotters in cold, grey gravy. Embrace it, uncle.

      • Of course I’m still on the “Mensa”….your attempts to wriggle away from your initial arrogant statement of how easy it all is amuse me and again prove that you really are a long way from being as clever as you like to think.

        My conjecture may well be awful……how about you put me right about your “job” then ?

        If I did live in a caravan…well it would still be better than some shitty 25 year lifespan eggbox which is mainly still owned by the mortgage company.
        You are right about it being picturesque….lovely views and guess what ? I own it all and have no need to be jealous of anyone…bet that just really bugs you,eh ?

      • It doesn’t bug me at all. Your fiction is thoroughly entertaining, except when you lose your character.

        Did you fail your Mensa test? Is that why you’re bitterly chewing this bone? It’s not worth it. They’re sad individuals. Loners, alkeys, odd creatures, gay bachelors, weird anchorites bereft of friends. Hmm.

        As I’ve told you before, I own several properties and two still have mortgages though not for long. Be delighted for me, uncle. Don’t wrap it up in envy and crooked malice nourishment.

      • So now I failed the Mensa test ? Earlier you were suggesting that I was possibly a member….”Perhaps you’re in MENSA and feel a lickle bit slighted.”…’re easily confused for such a genius aren’t you ?

        ” They’re sad individuals. Loners, alkeys, odd creatures, gay bachelors, weird anchorites bereft of friend”…..was this why you attended ? To try and make new friends?….Did they find you a complete blowhard too and tell you to “Fuck Off”?…..How disappointing when you rush along to attend a group where you think you might finally fit in…and even they can’t put up with your windbaggery.

        I’ll treat your claims of property ownership with the same seriousness as I treat your fanciful claims of calling farmers,to their faces,…”Cunts”

        PS…Are the mortgage payments high on garden sheds ? That’ll be as much “property” as you’ll ever own.

      • I was questioning whether you’d failed the Mensa as you continually obfuscate the nomination. Actually I think you’d fit in well.

        A shed? Ha ha, is that because of your caravan? Dear me that’s dreadfully poor. Is it too late and your imagination’s waning?

        Farmers aren’t frightening in the slightest. Chubby, little gammon-faced cunts they usually cower behind hobbledeehoy labourers with half their teeth missing, barely able to ride their quad bikes. No contest there, just dreary bores.

        You’re not a farmer anyway.

      • Well you’d certainly know whether I’d fit in at a Mensa meeting….you’ve attended one, I haven’t. Did you know what strange people they were before you went or was that the appeal? Perhaps you only went to show them all how thick they were,eh ?

        “Dreadfully poor” ?….you may well be right,but it still knocks most of your comments out of the park,doesn’t it “? Since you had to crawl for forgivness and couldn’t wheel out the incest and suicide shit you’ve got nothing, have you ? Accusations of me living in a…hard-hitting stuff indeed.

        Farmers aren’t frightening,eh …so come on tell the truth (not like your property claims) and tell us what happened when you last followed through on your proud boast that you call farmers “Cunts” to their faces ?….Did you stain your pushbike seat with shite as you furiously pedalled off ?

        I actually agree that I’m not a farmer…as I’ve said before, I let the land out….not a farmer..but certainly a landowner and homeowner which is a sight more than you’ll ever be, I suspect.

      • PS….Seven posts from you and still no mention of your “job” despite questioning mine…’re not ashamed of what you do (or don’t do) are you ?

      • Is that it? Ner ner ner nerr ner, you’ve got a pushbike? Is that all you have?
        Banging on about your “land” in some turgid, marginalised part of the world? Wow. You think that’s success? Look on your works ye mighty, and despair. Christ. Your dusty, inherited acre is embarrassing. You’re embarrassing.

        You’ve changed your tune though as you once said you collected wood for a living. Coppicing little sticks off trees wearing your cape and boots and supping Guinness. Or was that another fantasy? Psh.

      • “Banging on about your “land” in some turgid, marginalised part of the world? Wow. You think that’s success?”….it’s a lot more success than you’ll ever achieve though isn’t it ? That’s what bothers you about farmers. I’m proud of where I live and aren’t,unlike you who continually bangs on about being overrun by “dosshkas”, ashamed of where I live.

        I do “.collect “wood for a living..and I’m proud of
        it….obviously more proud than you are of your “job”….easy to be sneery about other people’s jobs when you refuse to say what you actually do yourself. I’ve never “changed” my tune about what I do…I’ve always said that I work in forestry after trying farming when younger.

        As for the ‘”embarrassing”…an interesting take on bursting your over-inflated bubble. You should have a look at your childish screaming about incest and suicide (followed by your grovelling apology) if you really want to see “”embarrassing”

    • Goodness, please calm down. You sound ever so shrill. It seems to infuriate you that you don’t know what I do. That continues to tickle me. Therefore I shall persist.

      I’m a bit bored now. You seem to have run dry and apart from sounding as if you’re yelling, you’re becoming a tad repetitive. I look forward to more stories of your cape and your boots, striding into “town”, shooting grouse with your .22, snagging a hare with your Lee-Enfield, blah blah blah. It’s all gone a bit stale, uncle. A bit bland. You’ve started to sound like badly-written Tom Sharpe pastiche. You’re boring.


      • I never doubted that you’d would rule out all your sneery posts about other people’s jobs if you had to admit that your own “job” really is as inconsequential as I suspect it to be.

        I’m sorry that you’re bored…I’m not….there’s nothing on here that I enjoy more than showing you up as the arrogant blowhard that you really are.

        I’m glad that you enjoy my Tom Sharpe pastiche…I like to think that it is a welcome change from your dull whining and attempts to be “clever”…..although I suppose in their own way they are amusing.

        Night-night, Brainbox.

        PS…which of your many properties are you sleeping in tonight ? LOL.

      • You see what I mean about repetitive? Same words, same drab insults.

        When have I insulted people’s jobs? You’re confabulating on your previous fabrications. Don’t allow your solipsism to completely govern you.

      • I thought that you were bored? Not so bored that you can’t resist one last despairing attempt eh ?

        If you can’t sleep why not try writing another of your brilliant noms about the only subject that you dare raise these days…religion ? They certainly put me to sleep,perhaps they’ll do the same for you.

        Give it up you, you dull windbag.

      • Check my list of nominations, there are plenty that aren’t religion. Nonetheless, now that I know it irks you I’ll scribe some more.

        Talking of noms, your last one was dire. A fat girl who sings in a choir? Possibly the worst I’ve ever read. Truly wretched stuff, ha ha. Awful.

      • Ah…the one that got 114 replies? I wonder how many yours about some obscure God-botherer received? Was it in the low 40s?
        Yes my noms are nothing compared to your brilliant diverse contributions,are they ?

      • I’ll even write one for you….

        ” Pastor Whoever is a Cunt,isn’t he ?…..Blah,blah blah”….there you go job done….and you accuse me of being repetitive?

      • Ohh, so itself a popularity contest with you. Right. That makes sense. You’re not concerned with the quality of writing clearly.

      • Well, I have to take off. Thanks for reading my noms so meticulously, and scratching around for quotations you creepy, little oddball.

      • Concerned about the quality of writing ? No,I’m not. Noms can be (as you’d sneeringly consider) poorly written and still be interesting..or do you think that only you can pen a decent nom?….what a typically arrogant attitude.

        I do court “popularity” if by that you mean that I try to write something interesting/amusing.

        I had no idea that you had nominated any other subjects…but your noms tend to be so unmemorable that they are quickly forgotten….unlike my own,apparently.

      • Bye-Bye Captain…it’s been a pleasure..can’t wait for your next nom….wonder what new topic you’ll so cleverly raise this time….no,just kidding.. I know it’ll just be more of your pathetic mewling and whining…as ever.

        Why not try noming yourself ? They do say that a touch of self-examination is a wonderful thing and you certainly qualify for a …Is A Cunt nom.

  16. South Africa is a great place, especially Cape Province and white South Africans can look after themselves believe me. Not only are many armed but they employ private security companies that practically dare criminals to attack them. I know a lot of whites, including some of my relatives, have left but the police and military still have a high number of white officers and ordinary cops and servicemen. Whites also form a large section of the population. There are over 4 million of them and over 4 million coloreds, who usually see themselves more as white than black.
    In my experience, black South Africans hate black immigrants from places like Nigeria, Mozambique and Zimbabwe more than they do whites. Having said that, unfortunately there is a younger generation that is starting to become anti-white in a way that would be regarded as racist if they were white. For example, after the roof of a school collapsed last year and killed three white children, some extremist scumbag said they had paid for the sins of their ancestors against blacks.

  17. I said it before and, like the repetitive ageing cunt that I am, I’m going to say it again.
    Do a swap, all blicks from the UK exchange with all whites from S.A., then wait twenty years to see how many have and how well they have assimilated and how prosperous the country becomes after the great swap.
    Take your time answering, let’s not rush to judge too hastily.

    Libtards don’t ‘do’ facts, it interferes with their proxy suffering.

  18. You cant take the nig out of the nog. Every white person should leave South Africa and sit back with pop corn and enjoy the collapsed on TV. Schadenfreude season 1 coming soon.

  19. I remember meeting a nice South African chap who told me he had to start escorting his 2 young daughters to school after a group of dark keys tried to throw them out of the carriage of a moving train.
    He wisely boarded every day carrying 2 Browning pistols.
    He decamped altogether a few years later.
    Give the dark keys a tap to run and they will fuck it up or murder each other.
    Useless cunts.

    • They couldn’t even have a tea party at twycross zoo without spilling most of it. Even then they had to have a white woman there to oversee proceedings.

  20. Old Africa hands had a saying. “Build a 50 foot high wall around the place. For 50 years, nothing goes in or out. After 50 years, go and look for the 50 survivors,”

  21. Why does the honky still get blamed for Africa being a shit hole? Why didn’t Hong Kong or Singapore have the same issues after we left?

    Feel sorry for the young white Safas. They have no home. They can be found all over the planet flitting between temp jobs in different countries, looking for a home.

    I think the rest of us honkies in the west might be in the same boat soon enough though.

    • Oh, I do wish that I had thought of that- Singapore brilliant success, HK about to be fucked.

  22. Maybe I have been unlucky-I have never met a White South African I like. Even the women.
    Arrogant, loud, aggressive or devious cunts.
    I have tried, helping friends of friends in the past by offering gainful employment-to a few. They always showed the above mentioned unpleasant characteristics.

    Apologies to any in here-just based on my own observations.

    However-I really fo have sympathy for the plight of S/A farmers now, I mean: how would you like that dreadful cunt Katie Hopkins hanging around?😂😂😂

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