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A nomination for pop culture.

I know it’s subjective, and i used to think Will Self was being his usual sneering gargoyle persona when he said it was objectively crap (he was referring to rave culture and what followed). I agree with him about rave culture in some regards, but ‘objectively’ crap? It entertained some and involved some young adult behaviour.

I think his statement is a bit more accurate these days. Pop culture struggles to even entertain its target audiences, let alone rising to a level you could call art, be it chart music, films, games, comics or TV.

It’s a sea of uninteresting mediocre wank suited to gormos on social media, what the commentator Paul Weston called ‘Epsilon Semi Morons,’ with their foetal understanding of the world and desire for more episodes of Love Island and Pixar ‘films’. These are not just the Zoomers or Millennial cunts, but Gen X cunts older than myself, crying over trailers for blockbusters like StarWars and Sonic the HedgeCunt.

I understand the desire for escapism more than most but, fuck me, must it be a cartoon (and not an adult-orientated one)? Must it be a film with a script written by a man-child where stuff happens just because it’s ‘cool and intense’ (JJ Abrams on Cloverfield)?
Must it be woke dogshit with no plot and cast with ridiculous ‘types’; the young black girl who can do everything and knows more than a 40-year old white bloke?

Must it be a game – be iit computer or tabletop- where you pay for upgrades to your character or team in real money with no end goal other than ‘levelling up?’

Must it be books aimed at 12 year olds with special covers for adults, or books so poorly-written and bogged down with references to eighties crap it has no narrative flow or literary style (see Ready, Player One, a ‘must-read’ for hipster cunts of my vintage).

Perhaps. If you find it entertaining. But please not because every cunt is doing it. This stuff is for fucking kids.
Pixar, superhero films, Candy Crush and other bleep-blop shit, Harry Potter books, comic books, online video games with ‘pay to win’ elements, those shoddy cartoons on Netflix.

It’s all for fucking kids, but it’s gobbled up by cunts, and a lot of them are too old to be called millennials. They have kids of their own. They use terms like ‘adulting’.
They’re asking for endless abuse.


Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

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  1. Popular culture has always been wank, right back to the boomers and the Beatles. It’s gotten worse, with greed, computer technology and auto-tune exacerbating things, but a pile of shite is still a pile of shite afteralll.

    Wrap it all up in newspaper and shove it right back in Will Self’s arsehole.

    • Video games have really gone downhill. The novelty of fun gameplay wears thin if there’s no purpose to it (bad/no story)

      • Definitely. Even the magnum opus of GTA V, which cost $265 million to develop and looks incredible, still has really bad design and replay value.

        The original Super Mario games are the gold standard for me. Fuck the fancy graphics.

  2. They are the cunts tearing down statues without a clue that an actual hero doesnt wear his pants on the outside. Cunts.

  3. Let’s face it people, it was always crap, we just matured (got older) and don’t have time for crap.

  4. “It’s a sea of uninteresting mediocre wank”

    I think you sum up well the state of entertainment today Cuntamus, now that it’s largely in the hands of anyone that wants to have a bash at it. The decline actually began well over a couple of decades ago before computers, TV and the internet had evolved to what we have today. I’m going back to when we still had just five channels to watch and the TV companies no longer wanted to spend money hiring professional entertainers and documentary presenters etc and made Joe Average the star. It was a novelty at the time to watch a team of cameramen follow some cunt around doing his or her job and picking out the drama bits but then obviously a massive lightbulb lit up in the minds of the producers. “Hey, the viewers seem to like this and it’s cheap” before long Joe Average and his wife were queing up to be the next reality star at 8pm and suddenly, ordinary life shit was deemed to be entertainment.

    Twenty five years later of course, TV no longer has the monopoly in viewing entertainment does it. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok now means any useless twatt can make a video (programme) or do some ‘dad dancing’ in their living room in hopes of making some ad revenue.

    There’s too much of it, there’s no minimum standard required, or to maintain, it’s cheap, some of its downright embarrassing or dangerous but it doesn’t matter eh, because Joe Average is THE STAR. Whoaaahhh!!.

    A sea of mediocre wank exactly.

    • Dai, I think it is way over 2 decades since “reality” tv appeared. I think the first of resembling todays sh*te was “The Family” based on the Wilkins family of Reading. Just looked it up and can’t believe it dates back 46 years to 1974. Glamorous Kardashians they definitly were not.
      Even older, but not quite the same reality genre, was “Seven Up” / “Up” documenting the lives every 7 years of fourteen 7 year old kids. Unbelievably that dates back to 1964.
      Even the Fred Dibnah reality series started 42 years ago.
      Gôd, it makes me feel as old as I really am😩.

      • Yes, I remember Fred Dibnah up a chimney too. Wow, as far back as that!
        Very interesting character was Fred I thought. Went on to have his own series much later on about steam engines. Don’t remember the other two thankfully, so I assume reality TV was shown as a bit of a treat those days😏 Took them a while before they fully realised they could dump variety shows with American singers and just show wannabe celebrity cunts talking about their failed willy operations for a fraction of the cost eh Lol!!🤣

      • Fuck The Simpsons, Only Fools and Horses and some Royal Wedding or confession on Eastenders.
        This site is definitely in Fred Dibnah’s corner for Greatest TV Moments.

        Having seen him in action I can only agree. Up there with Bronowski for riveting documentaries.

  5. I stopped reading at Will Self because I instantly got wound up, sorry.

    If you want to see how big a cunt he is, watch how he treated a well meaning Karl Pilkington when he turned up at his to do a show on intelligence. Because Karl is working class and didn’t go to an elite ‘yooni’ or private school, ‘socialist man of he people’ Self, treated him with utter disdain. Like he was shit on his fucking shoe. He pretty much kicked him out of his house in the end.

    I’ll read the rest of the now I’ve got that off my chest. I bet he’s been cunted a few times, thinking about it now.

      • Self has always been a smug, patronising twat. This clip’s a perfect illustration.

      • It was so funny Jo Coburn trying time ignore it…..

        The cunt got it half right, I voted Brexit and I am a racist bigot, but I didn’t vote Brexit because I am a racist bigot. 😂

      • That distinction is one that the left wing simply can’t get their collective head around.

      • Mark Francois should have given him a left hook, then watch as the bird doing the interview starts screaming ” leave him Mark he’s not worth it “

      • Interesting that the clip was posted in March 2019 and has no comments. I would have commented, but I think youtube would have deleted my comment that Will Self is an up-his- own-arse cunt.

    • Sometimes I think he plays a character. A sesquipedalian but not that quick on air. I don’t believe he’s as clever as he’d like us to believe. He came unstuck in a radio debate against Richard Littlejohn several years ago. the subject was immigration and Littlejohn’s book. Nick(y) Campbell was the host.

  6. Do we have a culture anymore? It seems to me that it’s a mish mash of all sorts of foreign shite. When I was at school the big deals were Bonfire Night, Christmas and Easter. Nobody had heard of Diwali, Ramadamadingdong or “trick or treat”. Britain led the world in modern music and fashion , now all that shit is imported from the US……their “movies”, their trash tv, their language, their hip hop bollocks…….fucking hell we’ve got a whole generation crying and weeping and rioting in the streets over a dead Yank shitbag criminal!!
    Multiculturalism means what it says. You can’t just pick the bits you like. You’re getting the whole multicultural package and the cunts that come with it. Suck it up, as our Yank friends (and now us) say.

    • English /European culture was dominant for hundreds of years up to the last century. We had a pretty good run. Now it’s the Yanks. Cultural evolution, fuck knows where it will be 50 years hence…

      • China probably once the ‘cultural revolution is complete, or the Middle East if we’re really unlucky, were fucked either way by these cunts!

    • If it allows me to eat Lamb samosas and chicken pakoras i’ll wear a nappy and bang bongos with a spoon.

  7. I wonder if the model had to stand the whole time whilst Michelangelo chiseled away at the block of marble creating the statue of David.

    • My missus has just made a pertinent comment on the subject. Reading over my shoulder, she piped up with ‘I’m glad your dick’s bigger than the one on that statue’.
      Cripes darling, that makes two of us.

      • The Agony and the Ecstasy with Charlton Heston as Michelangelo Rex Harrison as Pope Sixtus the …can’t or member. The conflict between them. The Pope wanting him to finish the painting of the Sistine Chapel when he would have preferred to sculpt.
        Cut to it the scene I am thinking of his back aching from painting upside down all day he makes his way back to his lodgings utterly knackered, all in.
        I switched the channel a programme about BrtArt. They looked the same- utterly fatigued, knackered, all in.

        After their Partying.

      • Michaelangelo said something like he didn’t create a statue but chipped away to find the figure already in the block of marble.
        Strange thing to say.

        This is ‘The horny Jew’


        Supposedly Moses had horns.
        Strange things in the Bible

        He also (the story goes) when he finished the sculpture struck it on the knee (the mark is still there) and said ‘Now live!’

        I see they have toppled The Ten Commandments in America somewhere. The AB of Canterbury says we need to look at how Jesus was portrayed and some of the statues will have to come dow

        We’ll have justice when we’ve destroyed everything it seems.

      • Is that Priapus the chap who bludgeoned a donkey to death with his phallus?

  8. Pinched from the esteemed JC Clarke-

    beauty aids, commodity art
    and things that are for things
    Tea’s Maids, cushions that fart
    The Lord of the Rings

    (Gimmix, which I think is relevant now as it was 40 years ago)

    • Dunno if ive got the gist of the cunting, but I like 70s pop culture.
      Makes me nostalgic .
      The lettering, art, music, advertising all of it really.
      Im a bit detached from modern pop culture as decided to not take part,
      So couldnt name a song in thr charts in the last 10yrs, whats fashionable,
      Wouldnt have a clue.
      Maybe as your older it just flies under the radar.

  9. Talking of pop culture, baggy-eyed, moon-faced, school truant Greta Thunderbox has, apparently, just come around to the fact that politicians want to be pictured with her to improve their standing.


    Let’s face it even the most physically challenged specimen will look good when stood next to Greta who looks like she is missing one of the full 22.

    Thunderbox now knows her popularity is waning – she is nothing more than a produce of today’s pop culture. This latest pubescent whine is nothing more than someone desperate to cling onto their oxygen mask of publicity. On your way now, young Greta.

    • Her ‘team’ have written that little speech for her, gives her a bit of an edge to keep her in the spotlight.
      Just wait until she catches Covid 19 (oh but she thinks she has already had it)

    • I’ll never forget when Donald Trump just walked straight past her like she wasn’t even there.

    • Maybe she can visit gary glitter and have a photo opportunity with him, or a quick holiday to Portugal with Kate and Gerry McCann…every one wins..

  10. Anyone born after 1990 are essentially a cunts, the level of cuntishness has increased steadily since then, in10 years there will be so many cunts ISAC will be overwhelmed 😂
    Ash Sarkar (I am literally a communist) will become insignificant in terms of cuntishness, the next generation with make her look like a rank amateur 😂

    • There’s still hope Sick of it, my son is 12 years old and without prompting told me it was was wrong what the rioters of blm were doing.

      • There is indeed still hope, your boy has looked at what is happening and made a sensible conclusion, as long as he doesn’t get brainwashed over the next few years he may be safe from the woke virus.
        Sadly there will be many who buy into things like BLM without ever questioning why.

    • Yeah I’d support that notion, but then I did just make the cut off 😁 I think the corporatization of the internet is what separates my age group from those younger, and the drying up of all the sub-cultures and avenues of non-conformist thought.

      The death of Camden signalled it. It’s a faggy trendy hipster hotspot now. It was dying when I was 16 but it still had loads of mohawks, rockers, assorted weirdos, grow shops, hidden cannabis cafes. Now it’s all trendy shops, it’s total gash.

      • The 1990 was a slightly arbitrary date and is definitely linked to the rise social media and the internet in general.

    • The word on the street (internet) is that the zoomer generation (1996-2010) are rebelling against their millennial elders and are more conservative and find woke shit laughable.

      I think that might be wishful thinking from the likes of Sargon of Akkad and Paul Joseph Watson. If not, we’re all fucked and e wont have anyone to give us sponge baths, unless we move to Korea or Japan and robotic nurses can do it.

  11. Since one got rid of the television set, I’ve noticed that pop culture doesn’t bother me in the slightest, celebrities or Z list slebs (15 minutes of fame) are just irrelevant, I suppose reaching 65 has shown me the world is shit, but it always was but we were to naive to see what a cunt the world was, this disgruntled Rhodesian has seen it all, nothing shocks me anymore!

  12. Last time pop culture was really good was when The Jam were in their heyday and The Police were ace before Sting went up his own arse and when Joy Division were on the verge of greatness before Ian killed himself.

    It was probably at its peak with Small Faces, The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Move, Syd’s Floyd, Hendrix and The Stones all at the height of their powers.

    But it has been shit for years. The largely substandard Britpop bollocks with two joke bands – Blur and Oasis – at its forefront. The manufactured shite that was ‘Girl Power’ with the Spice Cunts, the whinging smacked up whining of Cobain and that smelly grunge slacker bollocks,

    and as for shoegazing? The prototype for today’s softarsed whining student cunts

    Now? Either recycled 80s shite with acts doing bad early Duran Duran or Human League impersonations, crappy films where millennial knobends think that everyone in the 80s had hoodies, played Space Invaders and rode BMX bikes like in that overrated ET shite (and like the aforementioned Ready Player Bollocks), and then there’s the supposedly ‘edgy’ stuff. Cartoon punk wankers and laughably manufactured ‘rebels’ like Green Day, Ladyboy Gaga, Marilyn Cunt Manson, and that Billie Eilish cunt. All middle class knobheads and all pre-packaged and processed more than a packet of Kraft cheese slices. And anyone who colours their hair with luminous dye and actually pays for trousers with holes and tears in them is a fucking cunt.

    • Norman-are you my long lost Uncle, Norman the Bastard, black sheep of our clan?
      Been told I am turning into him- the older I get the less tolerant of cuntishness I become.

      Top post Uncle😀

  13. Like Captain Q I have just reached the stately age of 65 and I essentially agree with his comments about useless celebs cunts.

    However, back in the day you generally had to have a modicum of talent to be famous even for 15 munites. Now you just need a foul mouth or a boob job. This is surely the age of mediocrity.

    And 70s LP covers were works of art. To me that was true pop culture.

  14. I am indeed a lucky chap- the throwaway, celebricunt pop culture of the last 30 years has gone straight over my head-I have never watched those celebrity-reality shows, the talent shows, the shows that give cunts 15 minutes-fuck me I didn’t even watch Diana’s Y shaped coffin-I would rather work, get out with the dog or read.
    Hit the “off” button more. You will be a far happier person😀

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