Conspiracy Theories

A posting on the 5g nom (07/04.) has me putting forth mine. Thus,…BIG SPECTACLES ON WIMMIN. YES BIG SPECTACLES ON WIMMIN !!!

Heres how it works: Before people started getting ill and dying from the chinky bat soup coup there were some wimmin on tv with big gregories. Now, folk are ill and dying,there are wimmin experts popping up everywhere on tv and to a man (so to speak) they all have BIG SPECS!! (This does not make them appear intelligent,it doesnt, just twattish)

The virus is spread down the tv wires from their spectacles and infection transmitted onwards to a 5g tower, thence on to the brutish british populace. The expert wimmin are of course immune due to the BIG SPEC saver immunity for wimminz .Now, it is being established that men are more likely to succumb and die from the flumanchu , specs or not!! Wimmins immunity see?

Further, how many rinky dinks have you seen wearing specs, big or otherwise. Damn few eh? eh? eh? They started this and got the worst of it initially. Should have gone to spec savers eh wot the dirty cunting fuckers.

What are your theories esteemed cuntmeisters?

Ps I have BIG SPECS and feel fine, but then again I am a cunt and pissed a lot of the time lately.

Nominated by the cunt of montybisto

136 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories

  1. Call me a conspiracy theorist but all i’ve heard from Johnson and Hancock today is……..immigration, immigration and more immigration.

    • Yeah… but Johnson has never hidden the fact that he’s pro immigration. Brexit for him was always just a means to an end. Mind you, compared to Starmer he’s virtually Nigel Farage!

      Hancock is only there to make Boris look Prime Ministerial.

      Evening Freddie.

  2. One of the most hilarious ones was from that asylum fodder fat cunt, Spivey…
    He claimed that Rolling Stone, Brian Jones did not die in his swimming pool in July 1969. And that Jones later resurfaced as -wait for it – David Bowie.

    The fact that the Stones (including Jones) were once seen in the same vicinity as a young Bowie around 1967 or 68 seems be lost on the demented fat fuck. Also the fact that there is no similarity whatsoever between the two men (apart from their surname) doesn’t sway the demented attention seeking fat pig…

  3. ‘Rinky Dinks”……..list my shit at that beautiful phrase! Thank you, the whole cunting was good, but that wee phrase is pure gold and I love you for it!
    Cheers n that x

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