Sophie Khan (2)

Sophie Khan…Who?? Well, fellow cunters, if you haven’t heard, just get this.

Mizzzz Khan is a solicitor. So far, so good, but incredibly, this fuckwit has come out in defence of machete wielding nutter Muhammad Rodwan, who’s just been banged up for 16 years for his vicious attack on PC Stuart Outten. In spite of the very serious injuries that Outten sustained, he managed to subdue the animal Rodwan using a taser.

Khan has stated that Rodwan acted ‘in self-defence’ in the face of ‘excessive force’, and went on to say that she was ‘surprised that the Metropolitan Police haven’t started disciplinary action against PC Outten for assault and battery against Muhammad Rodwan’. Yes, it appears that Khan views the thug Rodwan, who’s got previous for rape and assault, as the ‘victim’ in this case.

Disciplinary action??? This officer deserves a fucking medal. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d say that this so-called ‘legal professional’ has brought her profession into disrepute with her vile and ludicrous comments. I really don’t think that I need to say more. If ever there was a case of a cunt cunting herself, this is it. Okay Khan. You’ve had your 15 seconds in the spotlight, now fuck off and don’t come back, you piece of shit.

Nominated by Ron Knee

Sophie Khan…

A cunting for this useless parasite, sorry, ‘lawyer’, please, for stating that PC Outten, the copper that had his skull fractured by Mohammed Rodwen, who he stopped for having no insurance on his van, a cunt with previous convictions, including rape, used excessive force and should be disciplined for having the cheek to save his own life.

This utter, utter cunt’s not fit to lick the blood off that brave bobbys boots. I hope that one day she meets the likes of Rodwen in a dark alley, so they can have a chat about his rights.

Nominated by DCI Gene Cunt

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  1. Another parasite eating the UK from the inside out. Notice how she attaches herself to another parasite who’s also harming the fabric of our society.

    Whata cunt she is.

    • Yeah goes without saying a cunt, but looks like Lol creme from 10cc?
      Doesnt like the police does she,
      Or cricket..she loves it yeah..

      • Looking at her Miserable, I can definitely say . . . . .

        “I’m not in Love!”

        Great group BTW. You’ve probably got me playing their stuff for the rest of the day. Didn’t they record their stuff near your way?

        • They did indeed!
          Strawberry studios which they built themselves, and they and other stars recording there drank over the road in the pub called the Waterloo.
          Its near the sight of the stockport plane crash in 1967 and a now gone club st peppers where Jimi Hendrix played.
          Great band wasnt they 10cc!👍👍

      • She was walking down the street, concentrating on trucking right
        she saw a dark face beside her there
        and she looked round in a state of fright
        she saw a dark face, the man, the muslims from the gutter
        she looked him up and down a bit, this machete nutter
        and wondered where all the Police had gone..
        Hopefully when the delightful Ms Khan needs the Police they will of course be falling over themselves to help – “sorry Madam we can’t attend in case we look at you in a funny way and get accused of assault – perhaps your peaceful friend with the machete could help”?

    • Is this the same Sophie Kahn who was sacked from the Law Society last year for bullying? She called an official ‘A white woman’. She is appealing against the judgement but one does get the feeling that her dismissal over this incident might be the culmination of a series of similar events.

        • Aw! Give the poor girl a break! Its not nice to see IsAC chasing, harassing and persecuting this girl.
          Oh, wait a minute. Isn’t this what she does for a job?
          In that case, fuckin’ go ahead.

          • It WAS what she did for a job BBTC, she is just now commentating as an irritating r*cist bitch as she no longer has a licence to practice law – sacked in 2019, and forcibly removed from the Houses of Parliament by the Police in 2019 after her security clearance was immediately revoked.

          • Interesting! She’s still described in the meeja as ‘a solicitor’. Can she refer to herself in that way? I wonder why anybody in the meeja even bothers to ask her opinion on anything then.

        • Sophie Khan sacked in 2019 for racially aggravated bullying – the specific sacking offence was for calling a white official a “White Woman”, nothing in itself you would think but a culmination of a lot of reports of bullying and a number of alleged instances of racist behaviour towards white co-workers.
          How surprising.

  2. Tell me this isn’t race motivated.
    Cops white, rapist thug’s a key and the lawyer a sand dweller.

    Cook in hell….both of em.

    • Need to change the law – a full life term for terrorism, no re-offending there, and a shoot to kill policy for the filthy murdering b*stards on the street.
      Strong words, but needed.

    • Keep the law out of politics. All this rubbish about what it’s legal for democratic countries to do, whether inside or outside their borders, really fucks me off. There’s no such thing as international law, only force, and what a government does depends on a democratic mandate not unelected judges. Parliament is the law. As long as the people retain the right to vote them out if they don’t like the law the government can do what-the-fuck-ever parliament votes for.

    • All the lords…..cunts.
      Bulldoze the house of lords, preferably when they’re in sitting.
      These twats are living in a fantasy world.
      Would this enormous cunt say this if he’d been hacked at with a machete? I’m gambling not.

    • Sorry RTC, wish I could. But the slow embers of a very serious fire are being fanned with every incident of this nature – operation fightback.

    • A worse punishment – make her share a cell with our “peaceful victim of Police brutality”!
      Or take a shower!
      Rats, need to be gone, foxes are good ratcatchers.

  3. They’re at it again today, coming out saying Boris’s attempts to keep the fucking Islamist terrorists locked up is illegal. When will the madness end. I’m almost glad I’m getting on, I can’t imagine what will become of the country in 30 years.

    • If that’s the case, there’s a hell of a lot of laws in this country that need to be and must be changed. The balance between protecting citizens and individual freedoms needs a radical overhaul.

      • Next to Brexit, Boris’s main aim should be as a radical, law reforming government.
        Urghh! That’s not going to happen is it with lawyers controlling government?
        And herein lies the problem.

  4. Yes, because of course all reasonable, level-headed, law-abiding citizens keep a fucking machete in their van, don’t they?

    What a fucking asshole of a cunt this woman is. A total disgrace for someone who is supposed to be an advocate of THE LAW.

    • Yes Nurse before i go out i always check that i have everything.
      Wallet: check.
      Phone: check.
      Glasses: check.
      Machete: check.
      Doesn’t everyone?
      Anyway if your name is Khan you just can do no wrong in this country these days.

  5. Excellent cunting RK and DCI – perhaps if Ms Khan had children who had been gang raped or blown to pieces she would have a different opinion.
    This insanity has gone too far, we are under daily attack from all sides. A convicted criminal is stopped for having no insurance and tries to hack the Police Officer to pieces with a machete (which I presume he was carrying to prune his roses) – and this filthy little rat lawyer claims he is the victim.
    As the shit of Khan has not deigned to grace me with an explanation I have now taken this issue to the legal Ombudsman (don’t waste your time complaining to the SRA, these rats protect their own) by means of a formal complaint – these people need naming, shaming, calling out and to be made very aware we will no longer have this, and raising protest by complaint (then taking it to social media when there is no response) is a very good tool which I highly recommend fellow IsAC’ers take advantage of.
    Sophie Khan? Cunt, and let’s hope there is a copper willing to attend when her “peaceful friends” come calling. (or not).

  6. Only one thing I can guarantee with this – she will win the cunt’s case for him and we will be paying his compensation. Nobody will dare to veto it against the poor downtrodden Muzzer. Oh and as a maybe the copper will be prosecuted and lose his job. Madness.

    • As she was sacked from her role as a solicitor in 2019 she has no official remit or authority to represent machete Man – I used to work in law (evil vampire b*stard I am!) and it is virtually impossible to get fired from a job as a solicitor, you would almost literally have to commit m*rder!
      And just as an aside she managed to get right on the tits of both Johnson and Cummins and was hoofed unceremoniously out of Downing Street by the Police – result!

  7. Looks like she’s trying to out-cunt Gina Miller on the legal front. It does the raise the interesting legal question – everybody is entitled to legal representation, but where do you draw the line when the defendant is as guilty as fuck?

  8. Coonzy defending HRH Meghan Markle, American blacks eulogizing over black rapist Kobe Bryant, Khan defending rapist/3-time machete attacker Mohammed…these people are shameless in their blind defence of anyone from their own tribe. ‘If they aint white they’re alright!’

  9. Stormdrain defending HRH Meghan Markle, American blacks eulogizing over black rapist Kobe Bryant, Khan defending rapist/3-time machete attacker Mohammed…these people are shameless in their blind defence of anyone from their own tribe. ‘If they aint white they’re alright!’

  10. Hello Cf, the first thing to do is email the law firm McMillan Williams Solicitors, who are her employers, if they do not respond email a second time to the managing partner at McMillan Williams, if still no response send a third email informing them you require a response and a stance, if nothing still you can take it to the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) – who are f*cking vermin, investigate themselves and never find anything wrong. Second complaint to the SRA, then a third, then a deadlock letter to issue with a formal complaint to the Legal Ombudsman.
    Solicitors HATE this tactic because they have to respond and they are greedy b*stards so hate the fact they have to do work without being able to charge some poor f*cker for it. Quite a grind but generally worth the effort – I am with Shakespeare on lawyers.

    • I’d have been happier if his quote had been ‘Right, that’s the lawyer cunts all in a big hole, covered in petrol and burning nicely. I feel all warm inside.’

  11. This piece of trash is the self appointed “director” of the Police Action Centre, a group of libtards with an agenda. If I may quote Ms Kahn…..”swapping guns for tasers won’t stop the police killing black people.”
    That’s how these cunts see it. You can draw your own conclusions, this bunch of champagne socialists and race warriors certainly do.

    • They take the same point of view as muslims who regard terror laws as islamaphobic purely because they ‘disproportionately affect muslims’ – Rather than shamefully reflect that muslims commit more terror by far than any other group, they blame the law for trying to stop them. And this group rather than be ashamed that black people commit more street violence than any other group blame the police for trying to stop them. They must be identified and called out as demented, chauvinistic, and dangerous.

    • I was trained not to see the colour but the threat. If black people/white people – any f*cking people set out to injure and kill take them down, send a hard message – that you fight force with greater force – it teaches the buggers!
      As a bunch of chappies who went to the Falklands on holiday some Years ago said in a message to the invaders before striking – we are the Paras, we are coming – evacuate or die. Some were foolish enough not to run. (And according to a former squaddie we shall call “our kid” – the Falklands are freezing cold, filled with sheep and f*cking shit, avoid unless you are blowing holes in people! 😉)

    • I might well get moderated for this but I’ll give it a try – in my opinion.

      In my opinion, The association of Moose limb Lawyers is to the moose limb terrorist what Sinn Fein was to the IRA.
      It attempts to give terrorism an air of political respectability.

      That’s probably the most profound thing I’ve said on IsAC amongst all the other crap I usually spout.

      • Correct BBTC – one of a number of organisations whose sole purpose is to undermine us and pervert decency, justice and common sense – the enemy within.
        We need a British constitution worded “You give allegiance to the United Kingdom, you agree to obey its laws, respect its people, its traditions, customs and way of life”. All sign, so no false accusations of waycism or “islamophobia” can be levelled, any not signing can rightly be regarded as enemies of the state.
        This is needed. Now.

      • Which is the most powerful body? . . . . . . . . .
        The Association of Moose limb Lawyers OR the National Black Police Association.

        There’s only one way to find out . . . . . . . FIGHT!!

        Come on you rozzers!

      • St Patricks Day in America – official annual invite to Sinn Fein from the US President, state reception for them and NORAID b*stards walking down the streets outside carrying fund raising buckets with “Give a dollar to k*ll a British Soldier” written on them.
        Fucking vermin

  12. In the words of Dirty Harry after being told by The Mayor not to cause more trouble “When a male is chasing a female with intent to rape, I shoot the bastard that’s my policy”. Mayor, “Intent, how did you decide that?” Dirty Harry, “When a naked male is chasing a female with a butcher knife and a hard on, I figure he isn’t out collecting for the Red Cross”. Maybe one day Miss Khan may be in a similar situation. Do you think she’d be then thinking about the villains rights or would she want a nearby copper to club or tazer the bastard??

  13. Much of British law is based on what is reasonable; the man on the Clapham omnibus etc. I would dearly love to see someone who has been injured or lost a loved one in a terrorist attack to take HMG to court for failing to take reasonable care of U.K. citizens. I do not give a flying fuck about ‘asylum seekers’ and their rights. U.K. citizens can expect not to be attacked by a machete wielding sack of shit whilst going about their lawful business.

  14. I’m not usually one for wishing someone injury or death (very little in real terms is worth killing for, and lowering yourself to cunt level just makes you a cunt), but for this, i’ll make an exception. Let’s hope this fuckknuckle falls down a flight of concrete stairs and lives. However what a shame the tazers spikes didn’t stick in Mr Rodwans throat.

    • Off topic- BBC sweating after compliants over misidentification of black dreadlocked fat Mp ‘crosseyed Marsha’ as Dawn Butler.
      Comes a week after misidentification of failed helicopter pilot Kobe Bryant using the image of LeBron james another basketball player.
      Considering how kneejerk they are over race, think theyd get the names right wouldnt you?

      • BBC Further sweating after my complaint of age discrimination and breach of my Human rights went to OFCOM – f*cking loving this, twisting an extra notch on the rack every day 🤣
        I hate the BBC.

          • Perchance a “Twatwah”! Joking aside, I am pushing them all the way using the same bulls*it legislation they f*ck us over with, I am a cold f*cker and pretty good at these things! 😃

      • You can take the Man out of the gutter..
        Helicopter jacking – I ask you! Five Police choppers trying to perform a PIT manoeuvre on the fleeing Bryant!
        Perhaps “they all look the same” to the BBC!

  15. Khan, you are a cunt, I wonder if she is part of the defence team for the brother of the Manchester Arena bomber.
    The case has started, it will cost a fortune, the cunt is just as guilty as his bastard brother who destroyed the lives of hundreds of people.
    He helped with acquiring all the bomb making equipment and knew what was going to happen, so there will be weeks in court costing millions, better just ‘let’ him escape and then unfortunately have to shoot him when attempting to recapture. Everyone a winner!!!

    • It’s not difficult to see why most muslim countries are police states. It’s unaffordable to give ‘people’ civil rights when the cost to the state would bankrupt the nation with so many animals their midst.

    • And this “Man” will be released early to murder again.
      Sure as night follows day.
      And never anyone’s fault.

      • And never anyone’s fault……
        Generally followed by’ We have changed our working practices so that this sort of thing could never happen again’.

        • “We have not learned lessons, but you f*ckers sure have! Now who’s for a candlelight vigil”?..
          But our de-radicalisation programme is working – ask anyone the newly released have recently murdered if you don’t believe me!
          Progress – yeay!

  16. In Trump land this wouldn’t be an issue. The cop would have emptied his clip into this neanderthal and then the state would have given him a medal for protecting the public .
    It’s called common sense .

    • Good British common sense Sir – take these savages out (and not for dinner and dancing this time, won’t make that mistake twice – cost me a fortune and B*n L*den didn’t even put out!🤣)

  17. This fucking Khant needs to be struck off or preferably struck repeatedly with a large blunt instrument.

  18. My fuckin’ body is shot to pieces(excuse the pun). Can my big mate ,Miserable do my fighting for me?

    • I know! I do let him go home in the evenings. He’s just helped Mrs B and I move house. The man’s a monster. He carried two wardrobes, one on each shoulder!

  19. It’s all just a game to them.

    The snobby condescending uncaring ruthless cunts will stop at nothing and try absolutely anything to make a name for themselves and as much money for themselves as they can. Fuck anyone who cites common sense or dares to get in their way. Nothing is off limits as highlighted so articulately in this nom.

    Meanwhile the common people continue to serve only as pawns in the ridiculous joke otherwise known as the British justice system.

    • I gather that the Khan cunt has got herself a bit of a reputation as an ambulance chaser. It would make my day if she went to see the animal Rodwan to try to work up a case and the nutter fucking decked her good and proper. Too good a scenario to happen in real life sadly.

    • Q: What’s the difference between a prostitute and a lawyer?

      A: A prostitute will stop fucking you after you’re dead

  20. And in breaking news, parts of Soho have been sealed off after the discovery of an unexploded WWII bomb. Police and bomb disposal experts are attempting to neutralise the device, but are being hampered by the fact that a would-be jihadi has tied himself to it.

  21. She the “lawyer” looks ugly and looks like a bad transvestite or a bad transsexual. She ought to be struck off for holding and spewing these perverse beliefs.

    My prison / deportation vessels are waiting for Sophie Khan and all the chicken shop cunts, to begin a program of daily massive deportations. Deportations is the only good way.

    I particularly enjoyed the video footage where the good PC attached the taser to the cunt and simply left it running. Should have connected it to the van battery and places it across his temples or his testicles.

    These alien criminals are not or should not be free to breathe the good British / European air, and must be banished thousands of miles away, it’s the only fitting course of action, prison is too good for them, and it’s wrong that the British public should be spending good money on their prison places.

    I suppose Sophie spends her entire career defending foreign criminals, I don’t think they deserve legal representation, lock them up on a rudderless prison ship.

    Happy Cunting

    • Definitely, they can either fund their own defence or ask their fucking country to pay for it.

  22. postscript: I believe that it is right and it is human nature that we the people ought to resist, repel and fight back, and support law enforcement and emergency services, in fighting the good fight ….. Fighting the good fight against violent crime, any crime, pedo rapists, Islamists, aliens, immigrants, peacefuls, chicken shop friendlies.

    It truly beggars belief, that very many of these problems have been imported / allowed to come into the UK.

    I still think that the Government, the cabinet, law enforcement, police, I think that they could all do far more.

    Islamist communities claim to be peace loving (don’t believe it), they “allow” their community members to commit these acts. Criminals should be lynched by their communities as well as processed by British law enforcement.

    We have no mandate to provide prison cells for foreigners, it’s an irregular use of public funds, they Cunts have to be banished from shores of UK and Europe permanently.

    NB: watched the most recent Farage program last night, excellent. On some old footage, on a question-panel, with Farage, Mandelson, and a few coons and lefties, Farage quips to Mandelson ” you’ve been rubbing our noses in diversity ” it was a brilliant moment.
    Like Nigel the brave says, Britain under the watch of a few governments has been allowed to degenerate radically in a short space of time. Massive immigration and massive multiculturalism is responsible for the ruination of Britain and the betrayal of it’s indigenous peoples.

    Sadiq Khunt, “Terrorism is an inherent part of living in a large modern city” I completely reject this soundbite. It is unacceptable for metropolitan leaders to state that it’s a part of daily life, one can never accept the problem. It’s Khunt’s brothers that commit the offences, he’s part of the fucking problem.

    • I agree with you, back in the day (pull up a sand bag) the Arab Mujaheddin moved into Bosnia, as fighters they were excellent but when they tried to stage an internal coup they became “persona non grata” with the Government in Sarajevo.
      There is still a rather pathetic presence of Issil support in the area.
      But sharia was not welcome.
      There is rather a good paper written on the subject ( it is complicated and goes back to the Sanjak rebellion)

  23. This curry munching daughter of a punkah whalla needs to fuck off back to the kitchen.

    Those naan breads won’t cook themselves
    Get us some chaai,love.

    I had a row with her on LBC once. I suggested she gives her copy of the Guardian to a police officer. They could use this instead of a baton!

    • I think police should have rubber truncheons, you may think I am soft but if you see one at work, well you would be surprised.
      actually hold on that, go for the cz ones with the CS canister in the handle.

      Hope you are holding out ok at work Krav.
      I could make suggestions but they would probably not be constructive.

  24. The police federation should stump up for a civil case and sue the fuckwit for defermation.

    • As Del Boy would say; ‘luvly jubbly!’. Doubt it would happen, but it would be great to see people refusing to take this shit anymore and fighting back. The likes of Khant have been getting away with gobbing off for far too long, precisely because we are by nature a tolerant and undemonstrative people.

  25. On the subject of Khans

    The Right Honourable Sadiq Khan

    Rarely right and never honourable.


  26. Khan = Khunt.
    It’s part and parcel of having that surname. Look to Sadiq for confirmation.

  27. It’s a shame poor didn’t have a 357 magnum, he could have blown this cunts head clean off, and I think all these attention seeking solicitor s should get the same same thing, fucking vultures…

  28. This filthy Khunt has directly accused the Met of institutional waycism on Twatter. Fuck knows why the Met doesn’t take out a lawsuit on this fucking Neanderthal-featured bag of monkey shit.

    Didn’t Godley and Creme sing about her in 1970, pre 10cc days? “I’m a Neanderthal man, you’re a Neanderthal girl” etc.

    Fuck off.

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